Thursday, October 3, 2013

What Could This Mean?

 Part 1 of the Black Years

 Part One of Amanda's Wright's Story

I think it was the day after the horse show when Amanda called me to tell me that Angie Miller had posted on their Opus Arabians' Facebook page about my visit to the show. From the perspective of someone wanting to establish a very specific connection, the particular content of this post must have been better than Amanda ever could have hoped for when she decided to monitor Opus Arabians for some kind of mention of me. Conspiratorial confidants.... You and me against Angie's harsh words was a pretty strong message especially when you take into account my condition at the horse show. Amanda's motivation was just as convoluted, however, than anything Angie was up to.

I am going to post the content of Angie's message because I think it speaks volumes about her character. It also shows the contrast between her words and the image Amanda was trying to portray. I  think it would be difficult for anyone to be so ill and not be impacted by such a message.

For those who might think Angie's involvement in the lawsuit was only as an unwitting accomplice or merely a misunderstanding on her part even though the accounting sheet from the lawsuit has some very clear indicators in language and detail of Angie's hand, I would hope this tirade addressed to a very sickly woman would show her true nature. While it is loaded with the typical innuendo used by those who employ public attack while trying to avoid responsibility, I can think of no other person she can be referring to but me because of her reference to Daffodil and my heavy involvement in that club's politics for nearly 20 years. You can bet those close to her knew exactly who she was referencing so their "likes" condoning this thing don't speak well of them either.

I have transcribed this exactly as it was written, punctuation marks, capitalizations, mispellings and all and I am including it in its entirety.

"Really wish people would mind their own business... You have chosen your own path... keep the @#% off of mine... I know you have your minions follow my posts, and I know your overly concern about my presence in the Daffodil Association... Regardless what you think, I'm staying, its not about me anyway as much as it is the kids... there are highs and lows... and I'm not perfect... I will work on what needs to be worked on and cherish what doesn't... "

So I'm curious.....what is your take on this? It would be good to know what healthy people think before I share how it struck me.

To be continued......

My Thoughts on this Message.......


  1. call me jaded, but I find post like that that are deliberately "obscure" calling out someone who is not named but is very likely clearly identified to all. childish and frankly I give them no merit,to me you either say what you mean, or say nothing.which in effect sshe has dne, said nothing. the "word salad" does not even warrant my attention

  2. Honestly, a person like that probably has a lot.od enemies. It could have been about another arab person she had an altercarion with at the show.

  3. I would call that "Narcissistic Paranoia"...LOL

  4. In this day and age of technology it seems very easy to attack people through innuendos and bully posting. I would like to go back to the old days where if you had something to say to someone you walked up to them and said it and dealt with your "enemy?" "opponent?" or whatever you perceived a certain person to be. Posting words on Facebook or other media is similar to what used to be referred to as "telephone tough guys". These people don't have the guts to talk face to face and so they are bullying cowards. That's my opinion for what it's worth.

  5. Nothing that you did at the Daffodil show had anything to do with her, except that you happened to walk past her stall area on your way to the car. If that constitutes being "overly concerned" or interfering with her path in some way, then this woman believes that it's All About Her. Besides that, she's vague and defensive, and her grammar is deplorable.

    I would guess that she is still bitter about you refusing to let them steal your horse, and she felt alarmed at seeing you.