Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Fire - In Lindsay's Words Part 2

Part 1

Upon seeing the smoke and flames in the mudroom, Lindsay immediately put her blanket over her head covering her face. Then she grabbed the dogs' leashes and hooked Sugar up but Delilah had other ideas. She was frightened by the smoke and the blaring smoke alarm so she retreated to the very back of her crate. Lindsay actually had to crawl into the crate and pull Delilah out.

Lindsay is not 100 pounds soaking wet and I'm pretty sure that Delilah is at least 65 pounds if not more. How petite little Lindsay managed to drag a frightened Delilah out is beyond me but she did. Thankfully once the Siberian Husky was no longer in what she believed to be a safe place, she began listening to Lindsay and there were no more issues with obedience as the three exited the burning house.

Once outside, Lindsay stopped on the front sidewalk to make the call to 911. Before she could even dial those three numbers, smoke enveloped her so she began to run, not stopping until she hit the front gate. There she only stopped long enough to throw the gates open continuing on to the street before trying again to make her call.

 She dialed 911 as we had practiced but our practicing had been flawed. We had not taken into account the extensive hearing loss that has happened over the past few years. Lindsay normally only uses her phone to text because she can't hear well enough to talk with anyone. Now she was on the phone with 911 only hearing well enough to distinguish they were talking to her but she could tell what it was they were saying.

By this time curious drivers were stopping on the road to watch the burning mobile home. Unable to distinguish what the 911 operator was saying Lindsay walked up to a driver who had his window down telling him, "My house is on fire. I have 911 on the phone but I am partially deaf...."

To be continued............

Some folks have asked if we have a donation account aside from this one at go fund me  The answer to that question is "Yes." There is a savings account at Chase Bank, South Hill Fred Meyer Branch. Those who would rather donate through it, can do so by requesting the David Caillier rebuildingourhome account. The advantage of that account is they don't take out fees like Go
 Fund Me does.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Fire - In Lindsay's Words.......

To be honest,  I don't really remember clearly what happened when I got to Lindsay's location next to the mailbox lastn Thursday afternoon so I have asked her to tell me what happened that fateful day. Because of Lindsay's traumatic brain injury (due to her treatment for brain cancer when she was a child) it is common for it to take days, weeks and sometimes even years before all the pieces of an incident come together so it was no surprise to me that her telling this evening had much more detail than it had on the day the house burned.

Lindsay had been taking her lunch break at the usual time, sitting in the living room watching the television.  She was wearing her typical stall cleaning attire (old grubby, sweats) and the sheepskin slippers she'd received for Christmas the year I'd worked for Fred Meyer. She said she felt cold so she decided to retrieve her favorite fleece blanket from her room before General Hospital got started. That made the time somwhere just before 1 PM.

She described the air as being somehow misty or something as she made her way down the hall. It didn't smell like smoke yet but it was somehow just odd, heavy maybe,...odd enough for her to notice but not enough for her to be alarmed yet. 

At some point in her journey down the hall, Lindsay heard what she described as a shot. There was no sound from the smoke alarm so she thought she was safe. Her first thoughts were that loud sound was the neighbors shooting guns again so it didn't dissuade her from continuing her mission. 

She grabbed the golden blanket covered with horses wrapping, it around herself making her way back to the living room to watch the soap opera. It was when the lights flickered that Lindsay knew she needed to get herself out of the house. Still there was no sound from the smoke alarm, there had only been that funny feeling air, the unidentified explosion, and now those flickering lights.

Being right by the mud room door, she decided she would grab her boots before she made her way outside. Only when she opened that door, did she know what she was facing. Thick black smoke spewed from the furnace and flames liked at her boots. Only then did the smoke alarm sound.

To be continued.............

Some folks have asked if we have a donation account aside from this one at go fund me  The answer to that question is "Yes." There is a savings account at Chase Bank, South Hill Fred Meyer Branch. Those who would rather donate through it, can do so by requesting the David Caillier rebuildingourhome account. The advantage of that account is they don't take out fees like Go
 Fund Me does.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Fire - How the Day Began

I had a physical therapy appointment at noon last Thursday. The office is about 4 miles from our farm so it only takes about 10 minutes to get there. I left the house with just that much time left before noon. I really don't like leaving Lindsay home alone so I try to make sure I am gone no longer than necessary.

A couple of items  had sold from my eBay store overnight, so I'd packaged those and took them with me. I hate having those things hanging over my head so so I planned to kill two birds and drop them off at the post office on my way home.

At the end of my appointment the therapist decided I should have some time with heat packs on my abdomen. When  she brought them in, she told me to lay there as long as I liked, she needed to move on to her next patient.

I doubt I laid there for even a minute. I looked at the time and decided I rather get home to Lindsay than lay there. I did drop my packages off  at USPS. Since I'd purchased my postage online, I bypassed the line leaving them on the counter. My little side trip took all of 2 minutes.

As I came over the top of Graham Hill, I could see the smoke. I knew immediately from the color of it, something was burning that shouldn't be. That road is flanked by lots of fir trees and other Pacific Northwest greenery so you can't see my farm from it until you actually turn the corner onto 288th. Still I hit a point in the road that I could see the smoke crossing the highway. It was heading across Meridian like it was some kind of freight train running from the west to the east side of my road.

My heart began to race since there were few options to the source of the horrible smoke. I tried to convince myself it could be the neighbors on the corner or maybe even farther down the road, but something told me it was my farm that was going up in flames.

Even as I turned the corner and saw the maze of emergency vehicles stretching from one end of the road in front of my farm to the other, and even spilling over onto that of the neighbors' on both sides, I tried to tell myself it could be a wreck with a car on fire or something..........anything but it couldn't be my place. My daughter was there, home alone.

The denial was brief as my brain flicked through possibilities as fast as any computer. My eyes darted for a place to park the car because there was no way I was getting any closer on foot.

I struggled getting the car's transmission into park. Then the key didn't want to come out of the transmission. It felt like my feet were running before they even hit the ground. I stumbled but willed myself to my feet even though my knees were trembling and my mind racing. I was searching for someone who might have answers before I was even stable on my feet.

I ran to the nearest fireman asking if my daughter was OK. He asked if I was the home owner and when I confirmed I was, he told me a young woman had escaped with her 2 dogs. She was up by the mailbox as we spoke.

There were so many rigs and so much smoke, I couldn't even see Lindsay but knowing she was safe allowed me to stop running so I could reach her without falling. It had been a gruesome physical therapy appointment and it was nearing time fro my next dose of pain medication,this new stress was already taking its toll but no way was I going to allow myself to fall.

I found Lindsay standing right where the fireman had said. She had a death grip on the leashes of both frightened dogs, despite the fact passers-by had offered to help her with them. My daughter was taking no chances she might lose anything else that she loved. Even as I reached her, she would not relinquish either one of them.

To be continued............

The Fire - In Lindsay''s Words

Some folks have asked if we have a donation account aside from this one at go fund me  The answer to that question is "Yes." There is a savings account at Chase Bank, South Hill Fred Meyer Branch. Those who would rather donate through it, can do so by requesting the David Caillier rebuildingourhome account. The advantage of that account is they don't take out fees like Go
 Fund Me does.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Early Fire

Early Fire Picture

Too exhausted to write but finally figured out how to retrieve this picture. It was taken by Sara Lamrouex who is now co-ordinating relief  efforts on our behalf.

I will try to post at least pictures daily and details as I can.

I would like to thank the four young women who came today to help Lindsay with  the stall work. There  is so much to do related to this fire, the added help allowed her time to let down a little and recoup.

Donation account  at   

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Post No One Wants to Do - House Fire at Rising Rainbow Arabians

I haven't posted in a while because I wanted something nice to post butat life is having none of it. I won't go into the past year's stuff now because I need to post about the current events. Thursday at approximately 12:30 PM, the electric furnace in our home exploded and within mintues our entire home was fully engulfed in flames.

Lindsay was home alone since I was gone to physical therapy but our many times practicing what to do in the event of fire paid off. She was able to get herself and both dogs out safely and call 911 or help.

Unfortunately the fire spread quickly. By the time the fire department arrived, the double wide mobile home was engulfed in flames. Pretty much everything we own is gone. (These pictures are the good side of the of the bad side to come.)

We are still waiting on information from the insurance so we have not idea what that's going to cover Due to the age of this mobile home, replacement insurance was not an option so we're going to be in a world of hurt for a roof over our heads.

A donation account has been set up at  The Go Fund Me page has more information about our story and I will be posting more information as my brain catches up with my life .

Sara Lamrouex, phone  number 253-307-3879 (who came out of nowhere to offer aid to me and my family) is co-ordinating donations of goods and services. She's has pertinent and timely information on our needs as we discover them (believe me, that's an ongoing process) and our sizes, etc, since all we have are the clothes that were on our backs.

We will also be setting up a bank account for direct donations. We thought we had that done today but the bank called late today saying that it was done incorrectly so that information will have to follow.

I will end by saying we are so gratefuly to be alive. Had this ire happened at night, the outcome would have been very different. Later posts will explain those particulars but for now sufice it to say angles were and are watching over us.  The horses are all well.....the dogs are well...........our one loss, my cat, Squeaker.............