Monday, March 14, 2011

The New Journey........... Looking at BG's Accounting ..... a Little Talk about Board.......

Part One

As confusing as those statements by BG were, the real piece of work is his accounting sheet. Most of the questionable things on that sheet are not obvious, except to me, but I was pretty sure the practices used to come up with this accounting sheet would not be condoned by the court.

At the top of the paperwork BG made a statement about Reflection that really didn't make much sense just like his statements in the emails. The amount of time he claimed the horse was in training was all wrong and he also claimed the horse didn't "count" but then he said "the below is at 150 days or 5 months which is the max." So which was it? Was the horse's board and training included in his figures or wasn't it?

That statement of 5 months does fit that reference point the man seems to have had in his mind from the emails. The fact it is cross referenced here has some bearing even if I didn't know what. It was up to me to discover it or figure out a way to utilize it.

Putting that aside, the very first thing that jumped out at me when Dave brought this paperwork home was that charge for a full care stall showing up each month through May 2009. The full care stall BG was referring to was for my horse living in a pen. Even if I had agreed to pay board for that horse he'd kept there "for his convenience" (his words at the time), the monthly charge for a pen should have been $225 not $325.

I had evidence to prove that $225 is what he charges for a pen by way of receipts for another client for horse board in a pen there. I also had pictures of different horses of mine and others actually living IN a pen in the arena at the time. Included in my exhibits would also be pictures of the full care stalls by way of comparison so the court could see why there would be the differences in the charges. Not to mention why would anyone agree to pay $325 for a horse to live in that pen compared to the stalls available at that price. I know I wouldn't. At some point I was hoping the court could see my logic about that.

I was also prepared to show why it didn't make sense that board was a term of our contract. I had asked for it to be included but was denied that by WF. She said she couldn't give up the income. She did agree I could take money I had paid for training of Reflection and apply it to board, then adjust the training charges against the price of Storm to cover the extra days of training for Reflection. When I did my accounting, I made sure I added in that training even though it began before our contract because that is what we'd decided would be done.

Then there was the question, Why would I pay for board if I didn't have to? My husband was out of a job and we were barely making ends meet. I could prove that I had been forced to use my credit card to keep Reflection there as long as I did.

I had receipts and the corresponding hay receipts I had paid for their hay with notations on the receipts the hay was for them. Between those receipts and my cancelled checks and the adjustment of training to board, I had proof I had paid all 9 months of board for Reflection.

There's just no way I would have put out that money for board if board was available to me under the terms of our contract. It just didn't make sense when I have twenty some horses to feed etc on a limited income that could go down even more when Dave's unemployment ran out.

If I hadn't thought getting Reflection fixed was super important to getting my breeding farm some recognition that horse would never have been with BG in the first place. I knew I couldn't afford that board but thought it would fix Reflection's problem in just a couple of months. If I could get this horse into the ring it would have been worth that cost but there was no way I would have paid a dime of board if I could have had it used against the purchase price of Storm.

Heck, at this time my daughter was even paying my show fees. That's how broke I was. I hoped the court would be able to understand how using my operating cash and my credit card emergency money didn't make any sense if I could have used board against the contract. Hopefully that information would help the court question BG's charges for board. All I needed was a question in their minds about this.

In addition, BG actually charged me for more time than the horse was there, living in a pen. A horse was not there continually until the mares came home from Boulder Knolls which was April 6. Up until that time, the horse staying in the pen was there on and off when BD had some particular thing he thought he needed to work on. There was an open slot in my horse trailer to accommodate that horse coming home (although I think I did not factor that open slot when figuring my numbers of horses worked after the first of the year because by then I couldn't sort out when a horse stayed and it didn't)

BG justified his charges by stating that he was keeping a pen available for me full time but that was not because of my wishes, it was for him. It wasn't until I brought those mares home that I asked BG if I could count on a horse being there for the few weeks it was going to take to get another stall built. (I have blog posts to corroborate that as well as witnesses)

This amount for board isn't enough to really affect the totals for BG with his $38,000 worth of charges. It comes to a total of under $3000 on BG's accounting. The actual amount for a pen for the time actually used would have probably been more like $1000 or so. What's important is how it fits into the picture of the discrepancies from BG.

BG charged me after the fact for something I had been told was "for his convenience" and "there would be no charge." Then he not only charged me but he charged me more than he charges his regular customers AND he charged me for more time that it was actually used. All of this would have to tell the court something. Wouldn't you think?

AND this is just my first exception to BG's accounting sheet. What do you think that says for the rest of it?

To be continued..................

BG's Accounting......... Perspective on a Credit.......

This picture is Scandalous with Dandy. He was such a cute sassy baby. Just look at that attitude. LOL

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  1. Nothing productive to add, but that photo is ADORABLE.

  2. Very cute picture.
    I agree that you paying board if you didn't have to made no sense at all. The fact you had documentation from other sources for his pen verses stall boarding was wonderful. And I weld hope even nine horse people would understand when they saw pictures.
    A former place I boarded my horse didn't even give receipts, they had post it notes they would leave if you were late in posting but no amounts. Hearing your troubles makes me even more leary of places with no paperwork.

  3. And again keep up the good work!

  4. Sorry that was supposed to read, I WOULD hope even NONE horse people...
    That's what I get for typing in my phone.

  5. Great photo of the baby Dandy! That many discrepencies in his first point Holy dinah! I bet you were hoppin mad. The gist of what I cn see is he jsut seemed to put in numbers to suit his end game. I guess I do wonder if he truly believed it or was just blowing smoke . No matter ,just wondering about the mindset of that kind of person

  6. If nothing else the discrepancies in his accounting statements will give the court insight into his character.

    Adorable picture.

  7. this person is showing his colours .....hope the court is sitting up and listening to you.

  8. I love that sassy little look on Dandy's face.

    My Jaz isn't put together too bad, but he has the worst flaw an Arabian can have: a plain head. Oh, for just a smidge of the "dish" from any one of your beautiful horses.

    You definitely missed your calling into the legal profession.

  9. I agree with you and the others--seems very important to expose the shoddy accounting.

  10. Reading about his accounting scares the wits out of me. Where I board she wants cash and never gives me a receipt of any kind. Plus I buy my own grain for Nick as he has a special kind and it seems to go awfully fast........I'm glad it's only for the winter but my husband would have a fit if he knew I didn't get receipts. If I asked for them I would get the silent treatment from the owner. It's a long story. Again your fabulous record keeping and ways of documenting inspires me!!!

    Thanks for your kind words about Buddy. I know you understand.

  11. Wow that is quite a difference in accounting you got and what he made up!
    That pic is so cute, its so fun to look back and see the baby pics.

  12. Between this and what you wrote about learning in the last post you should have been set in court. I worry that you weren't though...

  13. Love the pic!

    It's funny how when you look at something like the accounting sheet. First you notice one discrepancy, then you look a little closer and they just start popping out all. over. the. place. Nothing adds up. Nothing makes sense and the whole thing ends up being a contradiction to, in and of itself.

    How's that for creative accounting skills?

  14. Dom, that is one of my favorite pics of him. The little snot was shaking his head at me, if you can imagine, at hours old.

    Nicole, I hoped with my receipts and such that I could at least create the question of legitimacy on BG's part about me being charged for board for that pen, because I believed the more discrpencies I could out and out prove added with the questions I might create would help the court see how truly manipulative BG and WF were. I suspect that issue of board for the pne came from WF, that and some other things that fit her type of thinking.

    I have not attempted to leave comments from my phone. LOL I'm doing good just to post my incoming comments from there.

    fern, well, I would imagine part of this he convinced himself was true but certainly not all of it. However, by now he might very well believe it is all true. That is how some of those people function. Either that or the thinking if you can't prove otherwise, then it is true. That was the thinking of Ted Bundy and other very famous sociopaths. Who knows about BG but to manipulate to the point that he has without any pangs of conscience sure makes one wonder.

    Arlene, yes, I figured it would be hard for the court to ignore the issues in the accounting sheet. Between that and his emails and her FB comments, I had some pretty powerful contradictions in their own words. Those gave me the confidence that I could win this case.

    sally, there will be even more showing of colors. I thought it would be hard for the court to miss the fraud that was perpetuated here.

    Leah, me too, Dandy was the most darling baby. Oh how I love that horse!

    Pretty faces are definitely nice to have but Jaz has that wonderful Arab temperment that makes him want to take care of his person. That makes him worth his weight in gold in my book.

    As for missing my calling, I certainly did this OK but I sure wouldn't like it as a job. What I planned to do when I went to college was to become a research scientist. Finding medical culprits in the world of medicine, that kind of detail work would have been right up my alley. Too bad my funding ran out.

    Linda, ya, I believe this aspect really brought the he said, she said down to a perspective the court could see.

    MM, his accounting scared the wits out of me too. Sure made me understand how dishonest people can actually be and what it would take to prevent such a situation from happening. Talk about an education.

    I've learned those people wanting to be paid in cash are usually doing things under the table so they don't have to pay taxes. That's a huge warning sign that such people are capable of cheating others as well. Still you've done business with these people for a long time so it would be hard to know how to deal with that.

    I know here we have a couple of hay guys who want to be paid in cash. We are very careful to create a paper trail for that cash for our tax purposes. If we ever get audited we will have ourselves covered but they may find out their practices didn't protect them like they thought.

    Of course, I understand about Buddy. I shed a little tear each time I see his sweet face because I know what his loss means to you.

    Crystal, it is a huge difference. makes it hard for me to believe that this is just a misunderstanding as WF would have others believe. It's pretty hard to misunderstand being charged for so many many days horses were never even on their property, let alone worked. What kind of innocent mistkae is that? NOT!!

  15. smazourek, there is even more information to come. My concerns were not about the evidence I had so much as how to present it so the court didn't get so bored they were no longer listening.

    CNJ, you are so right about that. The longer I looked at it the more I found. It was very creative accounting just not very sound.