Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Journey Begins............

Things were crazy here from the middle of January 2010 when the whole thing with Storm went south. I didn't post about it at first because I was pretty sure where it was headed. If I was right, I didn't want to complicate matters because I'd done my usual and spilled my guts.

I hinted about the fact there was a problem in Life........and Its Lessons That series of posts even had some of the groundwork for how I got sucked in even though I didn't post about it at that time.

I was going to follow up that series with the one about YW because there were certainly mistakes I made with her that carried over into what happened next because I hadn't dealt with them. Then I guess I got intimidated by the remarks on FB between YW and HM along with some directly between HM and me so I held off posting.

It was disheartening to see how distorted they could make things even referring to me as a drama queen. I get that such a ploy is to get the focus off of them and their behavior and onto me but it still hurt. I thought for so many years these people were my friends. I couldn't afford the emotional turmoil their jabs incurred. I needed all of my energy focused on the current situation so I decided I'd just keep what I knew about YW and HM on the back burner for a while.

As the plot unfolded and this thing surrounding Storm consumed my life, I couldn't seem to get the thoughts of what happened out of my head. I decided to maybe clear my head instead of posting at the time, I was going to write it down. God knows I could've used some sleep through this time and I was never going to get any if I couldn't get this stuff out of my brain so I began writing from the beginning to sort things out and for use as later posts.

Here on the blog I made references along the way to issues that probably left readers wondering what in the heck I could be talking about. The first time I really mentioned anything even resembling specific information was after things were really over in Wrapping Up a Difficult Summer........a Big Drain....
Other than that I know I've not shared many details or left many clues except maybe for my long time readers so the best place to start is probably back at the beginning with those writings I began last year around this time.

There are lots of similarities between those things that happened before and this thing with Storm. Looking back over it all, I see things I need to address so I don't end up down this road again. I imagine as you take this journey with me, you might even see some things I haven't discovered yet. What I know for sure is that history does repeat itself IF behaviors aren't changed.

For me the most obvious things I see is I trust too easily and jump in with both feet before I know that it really is safe. I also am not good with confrontation in public situations. From there my list goes on but I suspect these are the ones I need to address most. As I make this journey through the trials of the last two years I will be looking for more behaviors that I need to fix if I expect to be the kind of advocate for my horses that I want to be.

From this point forward I am going to refer to the two major people involved using initials. Most everything I'm going to say is a matter of public record or is referenced there so I really could state names but for the purpose of consistency I'm going to do this instead. The man involved I will refer to as BG and his woman partner will be LF. Other players along the way will be assigned initials at their point of entrance into this story. I hope it doesn't get confusing but I guess we'll see.

There's another thing about this whole situation you should know before I ever get started with the story. My daughter and granddaughter are wrapped up tightly right in the middle of this mess adding to the heartbreak and the stress. How that came to be I still don't "get" it all myself. I thought I should let you know it's coming so when they pop up along the way you'll understand I'm not getting sidetracked. It all fits in together even if it doesn't look this way at the time.

I'm thinking now is a good time to get all things out there in the open. Beginning with the writings I began last year although I have gone in and edited and rewritten these writings as I've realized the parts I'd left out that are important pieces of the story. This process is really what got me through this lawsuit.

To be continued.......................

Making a Move

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  1. It seems you've had your share of bad situations with certain people. I'm sort of the same way as you I usually trust everyone and try to be optimistic. As it turns out I'm more often right than wrong but I've had my disappointments in people who proved untrustworthy in the end. I've found the horse business can be one of the most dishonest businesses. Still I like to give most the benefit of the doubt.

    I should be more like my husband who's motto is: I think the worst of everyone, and I'm usually right, if I'm wrong I'm pleasantly surprised.

    Looking forward to your story. The best part will be the ending because you know you withstood all the heartache and came out the other side.

  2. Good thing you wrote it down as it happened--very smart!

  3. Knowing the little that I have read so far on this it is going to be a heartbreaker I can tell. You are right though , if we keep doing the same thing over and over we cannot expect a different result.
    Hugs in advance ,while I knw telling this will be in many ways healing , it will also be hard , and you are a brave woman for doing it

  4. Hopefully, by telling your story it will relieve your mind and make you feel better. You certainly deserve to have less stress in your life.

  5. And just to be clear, LF is not Leah Fry!

    I think you have been very wise all along in not lashing out publicly. That could have made the legal wranglings all that much more difficult.

  6. Like English Rider said, we're here :)

  7. Arlene, you're right about the best part being the end. I am very relieved to be coming out the other side of this one.

    Linda, thanks, I didn't realize how helpful it would become until later but writing it down really helped me remember all the pieces.

    ER, thanks I appreciate that.

    Fern, there is a degree of difficulty I hadn't really expected but I am sure you are right that there will be some healing in it. Heaven knows I need some.

    Fantastyk, less stress would be good and it certainly has eased since the resolution of the lawsuit. I am looking forward to finally putting this all behind me.

    Leah, oh so sorry, I didn't think. LF was for lady friend, maybe I should change that.

    I rarely lash out and when I do it's not publicly and it is never with someone I don't trust. Odd proably, but true.

    JJ, thanks for that.It will be a long road.

  8. It's always good to write stuff down for reference. I learned that where I used to work. I only had to go to court once but since I was relying on memory, my testimony wasn't given as much credence as it might have if I'd had some kind of documentation.
    Hey, maybe you can turn this into a book and make a bazillion dollars like Pioneer Woman does with her stories.

  9. I have found that writing things down is an excellent way to vent. If nothing else, like yousaid- it gets it out of your head. The other up side of it is documentation if need be in court at a later date. Many times the little things are often forgotten.

    Live well knowing you made it this far and can effect a positive change so it doesn't happen again.