Wednesday, October 2, 2013

a Scandalous Rose.....

I posted this picture a couple of days ago just because it shows what a character of this mare never dreaming she would provide me with the perfect story to use it.

Today, however, she did a typical Rose thing. Lindsay overlooked Rose's stall when she was cleaning them but she noticed when she was feeding horses tonight. She finished the feeding and then came back to clean the mare's stall. In the process she moved Rose's hay so she could clean thoroughly but the mare wasn't happy with this intrusion during her dinner so she stomped her foot, raised her head while pursing her lip and looked down at Lindsay, just like in this picture, clearly wanting Lindsay to know exactly how she felt.

Lindsay laughed so hard in sharing this story, she sputtered. It took at least two repetitions for me to understand what she was trying to say. Anytime there is laughter associated with stall cleaning is a good day. Thank you, Rose! I love to hear Lindsay giggle.


  1. How funny! Glad Rose was able to make a chore into something fun!

  2. A very opinionated mare indeed! Glad Lindsay got a chuckle out of her attitude.