Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Thoughts on this Message...

 Part 1
 To be candid, when I first saw Angie's post all I could think was "WTF! What is wrong with her?"

How does anyone justify attacking someone in my condition? Even if I hadn't been so weak I needed help to get through 2 hours at the horse show, what I had been through the 10 previous months should be enough for a little compassion you would think. What kind of a person kicks another human being when they're down like this?

From the sound of her message, you would think I did something pretty harmful to her when all I did was show up to watch some classes. Nothing about me going there had anything to do with Angie Miller.

The manipulative message portrayed Angie as an innocent victim experiencing some powerful threats when all she wanted to do was help kids, the very individuals that she and Richard actually exploit. The manipulations obvious since much of the content is an attempt to sanitise her attack on a sick woman by portraying herself as some kind of selfless martyrs. What they do is about the kids all right because they are the most vulnerable to manipulation. The very mention of kids nothing more than an attempt to make her look sincere amd caring. How caring can she be when she came after a near invalid just for attending the horse show? This kind of behavior only proves how unscrupulous, vindictive and vicious Angie Miller is. Would you want a woman like that working with your kids?

I can't help but think how a profiler or maybe a Dr Phil type would see the manipulative tactics in her words.  Her narcassistic behavior assumes everything is about her. Innuendo is used to hide the truth and assert some kind of wrong occurred while protecting her from anything specific enough she could be caught in a lie - typical smoke and mirrors techniques. The ISP records from my blog suggest Angie projected her own behavior and her motives onto me. I could care less if she goes or stays in that club. It's a big club and one she has never been active in. Then her choice of the word,  minions,  is particularly telling. It speaks volumes about how she sees others.  It is disrespectful and condescending but a pretty true assessment of how she actually sees others and a dead give away to her agenda.  Such feelngs of superiority and contempt, as expressed by her use of  that word, are a known characteristic for those who exploit others. Angie may have thought employing such tactics were a way to deflect attention away from her and onto me but they actually expose her game. Not one of these tactics is good but putting them all together discloses much about her character. I'm pretty sure I would get no argument about this assessment from those who specialize in analyzing such behavior. My reasoning behind my opinion I will explain later but I will say at this time I did recognise all of the implications of Angie's words at the time even if I wasn't recognising the manipulations of Erin or Amanda.

The impact of this thing was not because I felt threatened by her words.
If Angie thought attacking me when I am down will make me disappear, she is wrong. My daughter and granddaughter already tried that. It didn't work then. It won't work now. If anything it gives me motivation to hang though,  even though life is difficult.

For me these words were an interesting commentary, not only on Angie, but all 8 of these individuals who "liked" this thing which included my granddaughter. Were is the humanity in taking potshots at any person so ill or who has travelled such a difficult road. I have to say, it is a pretty bleak and hostel world if this is appropriate behavior. It certainly isn't the way I taught my children to behave nor is it the type of example I set for my grandchildren.

When I read this update from Angie, I couldn't help recall  the horse trainer who had had cancer some years ago. He was relatively new on the Arabian show circuit at the time but all kinds of fund raisers were done for him.

There are a couple of things that struck me in remembering this man. First thing about this trainer has to do with the fact I don't particularly care for his training methods especially considering my experience with him. As strongly as I feel about this, I wished him nothing but well when he dealt with cancer and I sure didn't do or say anything to him or to anyone else that would have made his life anymore difficult. When he was through this difficult time I was glad to see it both for him and those who care for it should be regardless of our history.

Second thing is since I have been involved with Arabian horses, there have been at least four breeders, all of whom spent years working as volunteers for Arabian horses putting on horse shows, who have had to deal with cancer and not one of them was ever asked if they needed help or had any fund raisers done to defray their expenses. Yet volunteers and breeders are as essential to the industry as trainers. That inequity sucks and It sure doesn't say much for our breed that this has been the norm. This is NOT the way it should be. Then when I think that instead of getting help, I had people lining up, or so it seems, to take advantage of my illness, I really have to wonder where is the humanity in this? It is certainly hard to understand.

To be continued.....

Unexpected Discoveries.....

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