Monday, September 2, 2013

Finishing Up with Jessica

 Part 1

Of course Jessica did not make the required appointment to pick up her things but by then I knew her dirty little secrets. As angry as I was at her blatant disrespect of Dave, I was even more appalled  with the malice of forethought she had when she placed everything I have worked for at risk by selling drugs from my property. I could now see we were nothing but marks to her. Just as Angie Miller, Richard Galarza, Kelly Panowicz, Crystal Baker, those to follow, and even my own daughter(Colleen Walker,) Jessica was a con artist who had seen me as a means to get something for nothing with no regard for the harm to us. There was no way I was going to give her anymore consideration than she had given me so on Wednesday I sent her another text message.

"You have not made the necessary arrangements to retrieve your things as I requested. Obviously you don't realize my attempt to return your things to you was a courtesy, it was NOT a requirement under the law. You see the law does not allow your continued exploitation of my good will for your personal gain. Because of  your intent, which can easily be proven, we are under no obligation to you. The law is actually set up to cover situations exactly like this and assures we don't have to be turned into your personal storage facility and we have the right to dispose of your things however we see fit including selling them to recoup unpaid board, damages and any expenses we incurred due to you and your friends presence here.

We also have recourse under the law to seek remuneration for the above. I have always told you I would not tolerate your bad behavior nor would I enable it so you have known all along I would hold you accountable for what you did here. I realize you thought you were smart enough to get away with your subterfuge but you really blew it much bigger than you even realize. I have the full picture of what you have been up to.

If you or your friends make any problems for me or my family or cause harm in any way to us or my property you can count on the fact you will face legal consequences. I have already taken the steps to guarantee that will happen if you cross the line in our direction again.  You have no legal rights to the things you left here and I am going to dispose of them as I see fit.

You are not welcome on our property and if you show up the authorities will be called. This includes any of your friends.  If you want your things you will have to pay all the fees, damages, etc you owe us by law and you will have to notify me immediately of your intention to do so. If you do decide to do so the requirements will be specifically laid out and strictly laid out. I am done with your games."

Jessica responded immediately. She tried a pity party to sway me: she barely could find a place for her and her dogs without finding a place for her things too, no car, no job, all the usual poor Jessica con.  Anything she could try to evoke compassion from me she tried but I was so far beyond that. I'm sure she probably thought she had me when she  claimed I had everything she owned. Things that had worked before now rolled off deaf ears and I'm sure she must have been confused.

I had been so easily drawn in by her dire circumstances. As sick as I was I'll bet she thought there was no way I would catch on. I doubt she had any idea I would even consider going into her room. I had been respectful of her boundaries but that had been just another thing that had allowed her to take advantage like she did. I had respect for her that she did not reciprocate instead she used it to her advantage. I see that now. Things here for her had gone from welcoming to total rejection in less than a day. I'll bet it gave her lots of fodder for the next person she moved on to scam but she was not taking advantage of me again. The only way Jessica was getting her things back was by reimbursing us for everything she'd cost us and what she'd stolen too.

When she realized I wasn't going to budge, she expressed an interest in knowing how much it would take to get her stuff. I didn't figure up an actual total. Instead I gave her a guesstimate of what I thought she owed. It did not include the kind of damages the law would allow. When I texted the amount, there was no response from her but I figured it was not over.

I didn't hear from Jessica for another four days but when I did, I had to laugh at her ridiculous attempt to trick me into returning her things.  She had taken a page out of Richard Galarza's book of fraud. She sent me a picture of a page of her calculations, approximately $4000 worth of trumped up credits  claiming work never done or monies never paid.

One of the items showed the names of those men who had individually been here to help Jessica      (although these guys did the work) fix part of the stall mats or clean a few stalls right after Kelly Panowicz had been here. I don't recall the exact number of times any of these men was even on my property but it was only a few. When a man was here it was never for a full day's work, more like a couple of hours or so on any given day. This happened weeks BEFORE there was any talk of Jessica moving in, yet, there each man was shown with a dollar amount after his name for a total of over $2000 she figured she was entitled to towards the return of her possessions.

Considering how outlandish this amount was,  I am surprised she didn't try to include a charge for cleaning out my flower beds.  She had pushed Jimmy to promise he would do in that for me in the spring.  At least that promise was made after she moved in even if no work was ever happened.

The remaining two grand she claimed as rent paid, food stamps and money supposedly provided by Jimmy, the actual total of these was closer to $300 but she had learned well from her time working for Richard, her numbers  were every bit as ludicrous as his on the accounting. he had provided to the court in the lawsuit. Also, like him she had claimed more than the amount actually stated as owed. Maybe she was covering her bases for damages but whatever it was, it was absolutely ridiculous. 

I responded with this text.

"Unlike you, I am not dishonest and I do not need to manufacture records to make things look like something they are not. I suggest you think about it before you continue on in this. You are engaged in a number of illegal activities including your exploitation here. If you continue to cause me or my family stress I will press charges. I have had all of your dishonesty I can take and I am more than willing to expend my energy seeing to it you are accountable for your behavior.  So go ahead and push me. Just be prepared for the consequences."

Then I made copies of everything incriminating I now had in my possession, saved her text messages and called the sheriff's office. I turned over everything to them that showed Jessica and Jimmy were involved in selling drugs and whatever information that might help them locate these two felons. The officer that arrived said it was quite "an extensive business plan" and he'd be turning it over to the drug task force.

The sheriff's words really stuck with me. That was when I realized Jessica didn't have a job or a home because she didn't want one. She had all the skills she needed to make it in the world so she was making it off the backs of others because she could.....and because she chose to which again is much like her mentor, Richard Galarza. Now I could see why she remained in contact with him when she claimed he had exploited her. They are like minded individuals supporting each other in their unlawful endeavors.

In the process of our text messages Jessica told me she thought my reaction was "pretty harsh." That reaction was just to me telling her she couldn't return here. She said she didn't think she had done anything so bad but then that is what the people like her do. All of them, Angie Miller, Richard Galarza, Colleen and Rachel Walker, Kelly Panowicz, Crystal Baker, Jessica McGehee Thompson and even those to follow, they all turn off their consciences and groom themselves to believe that nothing they do is that bad. They see themselves as honorable and me as the bad guy. That's how they live with themselves while they prey on the vulnerable.

Even though I was done with Jessica, there were others just like her waiting in the wings for their opportunity to take advantage. Unfortunately, I was too sick to see the next couple of them coming but I had learned from Jessica and those before her. The real question was when would I be well enough to put a stop to this exploitation once and for all

To be continued....

Complications in my Healthcare....


  1. Sounds like she wasn't giving up on trying to scam you. Hope the authorities were able to help get her out of your hair.

  2. I think the term is psychopath. People like Jessica do believe the lies they tell. They can't tell the difference between them and the truth.
    I've read studies of street people who are rehabilitated from addiction, given a place to live and a job. Sooner than later they are back living on the street because that is where they feel at home. Any other style of living is too stressful for their comfort level. One reason why so many social programs fail.

  3. Seems the momma bear woke up in you with a vengeance! well done Mikeal!