Thursday, August 29, 2013

Jessica's Secrets

 Part 1

At first my focus had to be about those bugs and getting their source of food eliminated so they couldn't continue surviving in that room. Granted I wasn't strong enough to be working at this project full time, but it took me two days to get all the dirty dishes, empty bottles and garbage out of there so I could even think about packing up Jessica's stuff.

The dirty clothes and all our bath towels were piled together quite literally six feet high on the floor in front of the closet. Many of the towels were moldy from being thrown there so wet. Some of them stained so badly, they carry the proof to this day.

The rest of the room was that disheveled too. It was another day before I had it organized enough I could even get near the window.

When I did I had the answer to the huge increase in our power bill. Jessica had the window wide open with the head of the bed blocking it so she could smoke in bed when she didn't feel like going outside like she was supposed to do. She had manipulated the way the curtains hung so we couldn't see when the door was open. Like smoking in bed was not dangerous enough, she had the stupidity to be extinguishing the butts in the track for the sliding closet doors. I not only found evidence in the form of many black smudges of ash but there were actual cigarette butts still there clogging up the track so the door wouldn't slide.

I found more drug paraphernalia and it indicated they had been smoking pot in the room too. An assortment of candles and air fresheners used to help cover up the offensive odors should have been the end of the discoveries but mixed in among them I had to deal with exotic lotions and sex toys as well.

I must admit it scares me a bit to see people as young as this so desensitized they required all this extra stimulation. I can't help but wonder where you go from here when you're still technically a teenager when young love and new relationships should be exciting enough to curl your toes but its not. This might make me old fashioned but it sure seems to me like that's a lot of water under the bridge at an awfully early age.

To dwell on the x-rated aspect of my discoveries would overshadow the most important find in this room. The only reason I shared this part at all is because it has bearing on my perception of Jessica. I had already seen evidence that suggested she used her body to get what she wanted and that she compromised her integrity to do so...well OK I guess that's an over statement since I doubt Jessica has any integrity but using her body as a means to an end is an integral part of how she operates. Such behavior does fit with characteristics of various psychological profiles so I saw this information as pertinent in determining the reality about Jessica. I wanted to take it all, what I did and didn't listen to along the way, to determine what it all meant so I didn't make this mistake again.

Putting that aside, the most unexpected discovery I found was within that day planner I had instructed Jessica to buy so she could better organize her time. There on the pages of the planner were all manner of things not useful to Jessica's cause with me.

The first thing that jumped out at me was she had indicated the day she got out of rehab. It was actually a whole week earlier than when she had called me to say she was getting out the following day. Here was my proof she had been working me directly after rehab.....but even that was not the really big news.

That came in the form of all the dates circled and designated as paydays for Jimmy. On the first one the whole block was circled and filled in with "WOOHOO! BACK IN BUSINESS! Guess that wouldn't have meant much without the calculations for how much money they would make by selling an assortment of different size bags of marijuana.

There was a notebook as well. I actually found it first and it was opened to a page with an assortment of calculations she had made trying to determine what size baggies would make them the best profit. There were names of people they sold drugs to with dollar amounts. Most of the names were those guys who she had clean stalls or fix mats here before she ever moved in.

Looking at this mess I remembered Jessica's remark, "I thought that was only for selling drugs." when I had confronted her and Jimmy about their illegal drug use and the jeopardy to my farm, my horses and my family. She knew all along that risk was real and worse yet, that is exactly what she had been doing from day one...... selling drugs from my property.

The proof was all there in these books and there was other evidence too. Drug dealers living there in my house, eating our food, running up our bills.  I had her dead to rights. She knowingly had exploited my family AND put everything we own at risk for her personal gain. I couldn't believe my eyes....oh and this was no small operation. We're talking about thousands and thousands of dollars. If this doesn't qualify as evil....I don't know what does.

To be continued.......

Finishing Up with Jessica....


  1. Disgusting. I'm very curious to know how this plays out.

  2. Your blog is almost like a book, I look forward to the next chapter but then remember it is your life and wish you had not had to live this. We all go through things that make us smarter but leaves many scars to remember them. We just did that last week to the tune of 5,000 dollars in two short weeks.
    I have read back to see if Jessica is family, how does she fit into your life or family.

  3. Aside from her sneaky drug dealing on your property, she sounds like a nasty pig. Gross!

  4. that is terrible ....not to mention so a complete let down. Hope she is well and truly gone!