Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Jessica

 Part 1

I figured the way Jessica had operated up to this point that she would wait to come home until after I had gone to bed for the night so I waited up for her. The only problem was she didn't show at all which only made me too angry to sleep. Instead I tossed and turned the remainder of the night thinking about how I was going to deal with Jessica.

About 9 in the morning, I sent her a text message telling her she had until noon to be home. She claimed that was impossible because they had ridden with another couple and that those people had already paid for the room for the weekend. According to Jessica these were nice people and she was supposed to be making new friends. She thought she had worked hard all week long so what was the harm of taking the weekend off.

She tried guilting me into letting her off the hook but I was having none of it. She had managed to avoid her responsibilities here even after getting out of rehab so I found her thought process that she had earned a weekend off pretty ludicrous. Instead  I told her if these people really were good folks they would understand the importance of her coming home to fulfill her obligations. When Jessica couldn't manipulate me into giving in she responded by saying I had ruined everyone's weekend but "I'll come home and be your slave!"

If jessica thought that bratty remark was going to accomplish anything productive she was terribly wrong. instead it reinforced how selfish and egotistical this young woman is.

I responded to those words with this:

"If that's how you see it, don't bother(to come back).  You are not welcome here if you cannot see the sacrifices we have made trying to help you.  We are not asking you to do anything unreasonable. We take care of you like you are our own daughter but you do not contribute like Lindsay does. Yet you take advantage of us like you are entitled. It's not going to continue. We cannot afford to support you but that is exactly what we have been doing for months.  For someone in such a precarious situation (being homeless) you cannot afford to be so ungrateful."

Again she tried to twist my words to get me to back off but I  was done. Everything she said was about trying to get her way and avoid her responsibility. Her narcassistic behavior and lack of empathy and compassion were plastered across every text. I could see Jessica was beyond help so I wasn't going to waste anymore of my time trying to help someone who really didn't want to be helped. The fog of the last months lifted and I saw Jessica for the taker that she is and I wanted her gone.

I remembered that Jessica had taken forever to move her stuff in despite the fact it was stored all over in various people's homes. She had taken her darn sweet time with no regard to the inconvenience she was causing anyone ....because it was all about Jessica. I was bound and determined that she wasn't going to do that to me. I had put up with all of the crap I was going to so I gave her an ultimatum. If she wanted her things, she must pick them up by Saturday. It had to be accomplished in one trip and by Tuesday she had to set up an appointment with date and time for this to happen.

She responded, "You can't do that. You know the law." but boy was she wrong. I knew exactly where we stand as an agricultural endeavor with tenancy connected to the completion of farm labor. The fact she was not fulfilling her obligations meant we could remove her from our property immediately and I let her know that, quoting the applicable law. I was dead serious about getting Jessica gone.

Of course Jessica did not return home but I was not surprised. To assure I could get her out of our lives, I spent what energy I had packing up her things.

The bedroom was a disgusting mess. There was rotten food and dirty dishes all over the place. They had hung a plastic bag on the door handle for garbage and it was so thick with fruit flies the bag itself was barely visible. Of course, the fruit flies were not restricted to that bag, swarms of them were present anywhere fruit or drink had been left exposed. Unfortunately these were not the only type of insects finding this room as an appropriate breeding ground. We had bugs I had never seen before, or since, that had taken up residence in that room.....and that wasn't the worst of it. There was plenty about this room that told the truth about Jessica and how truly calculating she is.

To be continued......

Jessica's Secrets........


  1. We are alike in this aspect...If I think there is an ounce of redemption for someone, I'll help them out all I can. But when I'm done...I'M DONE!! Get your crap and get out!! ;-)

  2. Well played Mikeal, not a gal to be messed with once you are DONE! Sickening what she did and how she took advantage

  3. Good for you! I was that you would ask her to go and keep your foot down. I tend to be overly naive and forgiving for people too, and that wouldn't have been easy for me. How gross, though! She sounds like a delightful young lady. I do hope that she does straighten up soon, or I'm afraid her life won't be getting much better. :(

  4. I think you knew that there was no redemption left through you when she said "I'll come home and be your slave" . No Employee would ever say that out loud to their employer. That is what they call insubordination, and calls for immediate dismissal.

    You called it right.