Monday, October 28, 2013

An Exit Strategy of Our Own

 Part 1 of the Black Years

Part One of Amanda's Wright's Story
My first reaction to Amanda's claim she didn't want to be one of those taking advantage of me  was, " You have to be kidding! You have been doing exploiting me since you arrived 9 months ago but you don't want to be one of those people. It's a little late for that so what does that really mean? You want me to feel sorry for you? Or you want me to think you didn't mean to?  For what purpose?  I will still be friends?  Or so I don't tell anyone what you did? Or maybe so you don't end up as blog fodder?". Something was behind those tears....and it sure wasn't any kind of caring for me.

I didn't share my thoughts with her because her tears were lost on me. I didn't need to think about this to know how manipulative her exclamation had been. I couldn't get her out of my house and off my farm fast enough so I didn't respond to her comment at all. I just let the conversation die despite the urge to let her have a huge chunk of my mind.

I figured the best way to get her out of here with as little drama as possible was to keep my cards close to my vest. I didn't know exactly how we were going to deal with Amanda and Darryl yet because Dave was at work so I couldn't talk to him but once I did, we would figure out how we would handle this. I was pretty sure once Dave heard Amanda's plans he would be as upset as I was and we would finally be on the same page. I just wasn't sure what the best course of action would be.

After she left my living room, I was really angry at myself. I wanted them gone so I wanted to kick myself that I had even suggested there might be a possibility they could stay. I had not promised her anything. I had only said we could talk about it but I was really wishing I hadn't. The last thing I wanted was to be stuck with them and that motorhome.

Turns out the thought of being stuck with that ugly broken down RV is the last thing Dave wanted too. It would cost us several hundred dollars to get that thing off our property and we could only accomplish it IF we had its title. There was little, if any chance of that because I was pretty sure Amanda told me the title was lost. No one from Craigslist would take it without a title either. We were screwed if they left that thing here. The laws in our state require 2 years to pass before a vehicle abandoned on private property can be towed or removed in any manner. We needed Amanda to get that thing running and get it out of here.

Not long after our talk, Amanda and Darryl left taking their first load over to her sister's place. I don't know if they made more trips or not but I do know that when Dave talked to her that evening she told him there was some kind of problem with them moving to her sister's. She didn't volunteer anymore than that and Dave didn't ask but he did tell her the RV must be moved the next day.

Amanda did not come into the house to talk about alternative plans as I had told her she must if she wanted to stay.  I mention this not that we would have invited her to stay but more in line with the fact she was still playing the same games. I think she assumed she could continue on as she had been but the scare of having that trashy motor-home abandoned here was the final straw for Dave. Everything I had predicted and shared with him about Amanda's behavior here had ended up being true so Dave could finally see there really was never going to be the kind of help she promised in addition he could see if they didn't abandon that RV now, they would when the first opportunity arose. It was only a matter of when.

Dave now wanted them gone as much as I did and he wanted it yesterday.
First thing the next morning he was out there asking Amanda for status on getting the RV running. According to her she ended up at the welfare office borrowing money from some emergency fund to get it running.

When it was, Amanda asked him where to park it and he basically told her anywhere that was off our property. She said they had no place to go and he suggested maybe they could go back to the hoarder's farm. Amanda said she had already asked and he'd told her no but Dave stuck to his guns. He told her after seeing that she was planning on leaving it here, we couldn't take anymore chances. They must leave immediately.

It was easy to see that Amanda and Darryl were both livid. The ugly look I had received the day before was mild compared to that I got when I walked in on him in the first barn. He dropped his head and turned his shoulder like a blocker for football and came straight at me trying to intimidate me. He stepped aside at the last second so only his clothes brushed against me. It was clearly a F*CK YOU, B*TCH! gesture.

Dave was scheduled to work that afternoon and the RV was still sitting here. They were so angry,  Dave was worried about leaving with them still on our property so he waited around. Eventually a tow truck arrived and they left the same way they came.

To be continued.......

Cleaning Up.........


  1. Good glad they're gone, I do hope you never see them again. Good riddance to bad rubbish, them and the motor home!

  2. Freaking good riddance! Good for you and Dave for sticking to your guns. I imagine that wasn't easy (even after everything).

  3. good riddance to bad rubbish but wow! and at what cost to you and your family!