Friday, October 11, 2013

A Tangled View of Erin and Amanda

 Part 1 of the Black Years

 Part One of Amanda's Wright's Story

Amanda Wright was actually here much longer than Jessica McGehee Thompson and Erin Johnson put together. I guess it only makes sense that the experience with her would feel as traumatic as it does since it measured, from the point of the initial grooming through the last day here, approximately 18 months. During that time she insinuated herself  into our lives, influenced our reality and exploited my health and my concern for my horses. The mind games played by Erin were crazy and stressful but Amanda's games reeked their own kind of havoc and they were just as insidious,  undermining the very fabric of my family.

As you may have noticed, I tend to find myself writing about Erin and Amanda like they were wrapped up together. Maybe that is because there is overlap with them both making initial contact at around the same time but there are things besides time that tie them together in my mind.

Their styles were very different but their end game much the same although each used my failed desire to train my daughter and granddaughter to carry on my breeding program in the event of my death as a means to hook me into believing they wanted to be mentored. Neither of them showed any interest in learning anything from me once they were actually here.

Whenever I think about Amanda and Erin lots of things come to mind but one thing in particular always pops up. It seems peculiar to me that Erin and Amanda's dislike of each other was as instantaneous as it was intense.  Even though both were working to get their foot in the door during the same time, neither knew much more than the other's name when they actually met. They weren't even around each other but a couple of times for just a few minutes. I don't know if they read the other's body language and recognized the other was a con or if they just instinctively felt threatened but regardless their reactions should have been a clue that neither of them should be trusted.

If neither was up to anything inappropriate and both were claiming they were here to help, their immediate dislike of the other seems pretty unusual. I guess it strikes me like this because there was and is so much to do here. Why would anyone offering assistance be threatened by more help? That just makes no sense to me.

At the time I didn't have the energy to read anything into it. It was just something that made enough of an impression that it has stuck even though it's been over a year since they meet.  Everything I know now suggests their reactions to the other warrant consideration as any indicator of ulterior motives.  Experts say no one recognizes another con faster than a con or no one  profiles a sociopath better than another sociopath.  God knows I have learned enough about users on this journey to have learned there are very predictable traits and understanding them is going to be my protection in the future. I may not know exactly what Amanda and Erin were thinking but I think it is safe to say if I ever see such a reaction again I will be paying attention.  No more discounting the instincts that are my protection if I would just listen to them.

Even though both women initiated contact with me around the same time, Erin was more fortuitous at putting her plan into action so she was come and gone and Amanda was still trying to make it happen but then Erin had resources because of her disability with mental illness. Amanda did not because she was considered to be able bodied and of sound mind, so employable and ineligible for state assistance. Her only income some tribal allotment that was not even enough for her to afford rent.

Money, or lack of, definitely affected her ability to move here but I am not sure it was the only thing. I think there was a much stronger motive for Amanda to come here later, rather than sooner, but I will explain that in the sequence of this story. For now I will just say from when Amanda Wright first contacted me in early 2012, it was nearly 9 months to get here. Was this slow progress lack of funds or a matter of timing for all of the pieces of her plot to fall into place? Only time.....and the story will tell.

To be continued....

Something Forgotten.........

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