Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another Update

Grey Horse Matters asked how my tests Tuesday went. Truth is I have not posted an update because I still have no answers.

Nothing was found on those tests but my doctor decided when I woke up after wards in excruciating pain that more tests were needed. Originally he thought Tuesday's regime should be enough for now but his expression when he came in afterwards seemed to portray alarm.

We discussed the pain I was experiencing and I suspect he saw my situation with new eyes. It is one thing to hear a patient describe pain and another to see them first hand with an episode like I had. Unfortunately, this was not random for me. I usually begin each morning exactly like this so today I had more tests but my doctor won't have results for several days.

For now I feel like a pin cushion with 5 attempts to begin 2 IV's at 2 separate appointments. I have drunk somewhere in the neighborhood of 128 ounces of disgusting fluids and my GI tract is so out of whack from all the weird crude, I think it will be gurgling for days. None of which has been conducive to writing.

The only thing I know for sure is more tests are likely if nothing turned up in today's scans.  We may just be eliminating potential causes and it is entirely possible nothing will turn up.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to update us on what's going on. I hope they can find a solution to your pain and you can get back to a normal life.

  2. Knee mails continue from our corner for you MiKael. We love you!

  3. Mikael - i had adhesions from a surgery back in 2001 that they ended up cutting away in 2011 when i had the debulking surgery. Now its pretty evident those adhesions have returned and they are in my lower left abdomen; I have found a liquid meal replacement (it has small amount of fiber, not a lot!) twice a day instead of breakfast and lunch has totally eliminated the attacks i would get - as in "sweaty, stretched out OMG id rather have kittens" pain - for the last 11 months. I have a regular meal at supper, and i have been regular like clockwork every morning now...I went on a small trip this summer and didnt take it - boy did i pay for it in spades... So anyway Doc tells me keep doing what im doing as everything else is looking good - i go in for another scan in a couple of weeks...

    just a thought - adhesions? They really cant be visibly seen on tests - they reveal themselves when they do a lap or surgery...


  4. I'm hoping all the best for you and that it comes soon.

    Prayers from my corner of the world, that all is soon well.

  5. oh my! Test to find out what they have been ignoring all along?? At least this doc seems to grasp how bad the pain is . Rest my friend! Hope you get some relief soon