Monday, February 14, 2011

The Fork in the Road........... The Worm Turns....

Part One

By this point it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where this was headed but I wanted it to be perfectly clear what BG meant. I wanted him to admit he was keeping my horse and not doing anymore work for me AND more importantly that we HAD a contract.

Now I was thinking of those things I would need if BG really did try to get out of paying for Storm. I very carefully worded my emails to extract all the information from BG that I could get. I was after anything in writing that might help me prove that he was breaching our contract and anything that would reflect the true intent of this man.

I still responded to this email as I had the others. I went point by point down through his response addressing him with my honest thoughts and feelings about them as well as making sure I included specific references to what had already happened on FB and anything else I could think needed to be substantiated by him to work in my favor.I was careful not to go places he hadn't yet travelled not wanting to expose my hand. I figured if I played my cards right, I would be able to use my emails in court if it came to that.

Once I was finished with thie email I sent it off to BG. He responded once again in email. This time when he came back to me he had altered his methodology of responding. Instead of writing his information in the top portion of the email for the response, he added his "answers" to the lower part that was my email. At the end of an item he was addressing he added his answer in bold.

This following section is that second email with the two intermixed emails so you are seeing my email right along with his response. I suppose that will make it easier for you to follow as well. The only thing I have altered is those same changes from names to my chosen acronyms and, of course, the use of italics for my portion. I did not continue the italics in his portion because I thought it was too confusing. His response show up more distintively being in bold without the use of italics.

I compose in Notebook. When I did the cut and paste from the email it dropped the bold connotations. I have hand added them in so I hope I didn't miss any. If you think something is odd that looks like it was me, ask and I missed putting something in bold. After a while my eyes gave out working on this so it is possible I missed something. Here goes:

So let me get this straight. You are telling me that you are no longer working my horses and that I am no longer welcome at your arena to work them either. Is that correct? We need to resolve these issues first

If that is the case it sounds to me like you are accusing me of taking my toys and going home. Somehow that just does not make sense to me when you are the one making the decision to no longer work with me. Reference was more about taking me off facebook

There are underlying issues here, that were clear from WF's comments as well as the others. A public forum was not the place to be discussing them. It would not have been good for either one of us. You seem to disagree and yet you talk about all the people watching to see how this comes out. While you might think there was no harm happening with those comments, that's not how I see it. Why can't we agree to disagree and continue?

You should know me well enough by now to know that I prefer to work differences out in private. I have never spoken to you about issues between us in front of other people. I am not comfortable with confrontation as it is. I find public displays of it directed at me to be humiliating. With feelings of humiliation for me come some baggage that is more than I believe you would inflict upon me. I protected myself from that by deleting the comments as well as terminating their source.
Which this might have not been the best reaction. terminating this makes all concerned, looking bad.

You may think that I "should" be able to tolerate such things. Is that any different than me thinking that you "should" be able to read what I wrote as I intended it? Isn't what is important here how we resolve these issues.......and not where we do it?

I had no intentions of avoiding the issues, I just didn't want to do it in a public forum.
Maybe it should have been stated to take it off line. I knew when I deleted "your barn" off my friends list it would stop the public discussion on the page that is supposed to be about the horses. I also knew that I could reinstate the friends status once we worked things out. It was never my intent to be permanent with the deletion. But it felt that way. I was very taken back by this. Considering my feelings about such public confrontation, that should be understandable. Evidently it is not and you are terminating our relationship. Yet we are supposed to be friends. I could say the same thing...we are supposed to be friends.

This is all very confusing to me. I am not responsible for your feelings, I am responsible for mine. I cannot control how you or WF reacted to what I wrote. I can only control what I did. I meant no harm. I think no one really mint harm it was just taken very wrong. WF was defending me and all the work I had done. She had seen me work long hours, on 12 different horses, hauling your horses for you when you couldn't , bred your horses for you when you were out of town, help you at the shows and even go to a show we were not even attending for you, keeping one of the horses boarded here for 5 mos. or more (and was to be taken off the balance of Storm.) ...and also get hurt. She was just reacting. WF is not very knowledgeable on face book and didn't know how to read past postings so this might have come out wrong.

I am a very competent writer. If I meant to criticize the amount of time you have spent working my horses these past months, believe me it would have been stated clearly and consisely. There would have been no doubt in any reader's mind that I was being critical. You must admit I have a knack for making things very clear so that people understand.

Being critical was not what the post was about. It was about updating people on the status on the horses. I wanted them to know the horses have not been worked. I spent paragraphs detailing what I was doing that prevented me from working them and yet somehow that isn't even considered. My intent seems to be limited to one small paragraph stating you hadn't worked them either and I found myself criticized for what, criticisizing you and taking advantage of you?? Did it ever occur to anyone that I might be protecting you?
I can now see your point. If people assumed you had the horses in training all of that time and they had not progressed, they might assume that you are a lousy trainer. I sure didn't want that to happen. It was important to cover all the bases so that people didn't assume anything. Yet, my intent was assumed to be about complaining. What really is at the bottom of this defensiveness? I think I deserve to know. Part of the problem might also lay in your other blog. (My clouds my storms)

"Donna, I have to laugh just a bit about the comment about women. My "source" is a man but there is a woman behind him that's for sure. I'm beginning to think the things I have been told may not be the truth or have been elaborate to such an extent the truth is barely visible.......... a little stirring of the pot. " So maybe you can address this for me.

You seem to think that what I have done is totally about me. That I am not interested nor do I care about you. Well, nothing could be farther from the truth. I have said repeatedly I believe what was developing in the comments was not good for either one of us. You seem to disagree. Yet there were other issues influencing those comments you know nothing about. WF's comments were feeding into them and there would most definitely have been harm to my reputation and to that of my horses. I believe there would have been harm to you and WF as well. Those people who understand where I am coming from wouldn't have seen you in a good light either. Both sides of the coin need to be considered here......and I did that. Have you? I address that above and it should have been taken off line. Or are you so convinced that everyone in the horse world sees me as some kind of kook that I am that the only one that would have suffered from a continued public display? I really don't think that is the issue If that is the case, we have serious problems in our relationship.I think

It is clear from your email that you don't really get me at all.
I disagree with this. Some times its really hard to know YOU , you have to admit that sometimes I'm dealing with different people. For me NONE of this is about me (except my feelings about being confronted in public, I will certainly own that), it is ALL about the horses. I am dedicated to the Arabian horse. Pretty much everything I do is based on that dedication. I do agree to this, you are committed to the Arabian bred, you do live and breath it.

If this were about me, I would never leave the property. I am not comfortable out in the world. I prefer my privacy. I literally hate being in crowds. I would be content to stay at home with my horses for the rest of my life and be a recluse. I don't say this to be amusing, it is the God's truth.

However, I have been entrusted with great horses like Legs, Reflection and Rhet and some equally great mares. I see that as an obligation. It's important to the breed that such horses are able to influence future generations with their genetic code.

In the wild it would happen because they are great horses and they would dominate. With the horses being raised in captivity it is up to the owners to see that it gets done. In these horses case, that leaves it up to me.

It is not about me being known as a breeder of great horses for my names sake. I would be happier if no one knew I existed. It is about the preservation of the breed. It is about making sure that these horses get the opportunity to make their contribution to the breed.

That can only be accomplished by me being successful with them in the show ring. For some reason this community is not willing to give a great horse its credit without that nor are they willing to participate in utilizing these horses of mine in their breeding programs. That means this herd of mine is closed. It offers no input to the genetics of future generations.

I force myself out of bed each morning to get the job done. I spend hours working on the stupid blog and the networking it takes to get the job done. I made a dangerous trip across the country by myself when I was absolutely terrified of doing it at all, let alone doing it by myself because of my dedication to this breed.

I don't care what people say about me because of how it affects me but because of how it affects the success of my horses. I care what they say about my horses because obviously that affects whether these horses will get the opportunity to contribute to the gene pool or not. I believe that this breed needs to be protected so that future generations can experience the same healing effects of their companionship that I have known. That will not happen without maintaining the integrity of the gene pool.

I also believe that integrity will not happen unless small breeders like me make sure their horses influence the future generations as well as those popular horses that are backed by big money. Many of those horses breed because of their ribbons despite major defects in their conformation and difficult dispositions. And they breed large numbers of mares. Their daughers are everywhere. That means they will have a huge impact on the genetics of the breed. The genetics available in the gene pool are in jeopardy of being limited to a very few bloodlines.

It's important that the great horses of small breeders get the opportunity to have their influence as well so their genetic code remains in the gene pool. With the Arabian horse having the most closed of all gene pools in the equine, it is more susceptible to genetic anomolies than any other breed. In order to assure the intergrity of that gene pool it is imperative that the small breeders have their influence. Without it, the outcome could be catastrophic.

I realize that genetics are probably not your thing. I only go through this so maybe you can see what I really am about. As I said before, it is not about me. It is about the Arabian horse. An Arabian horse saved my life when I was a small child. Arabian horses keep me alive today. I will be forever in their debt and I will do whatever I can to be sure I repay that debt.

Whether or not you are a part of that, is up to you. The ball is in your court. While I will never promise you that I will be able to tolerate public confrontation because I know I cannot, I will promise you that I will do my very best to act with honesty and integrity. I have and will continue to do what I believe is in the best interest of our relationship. I believe that what hurts me hurts you and vice versa. I will always try to act accordingly.

If it makes this being about me because I cannot tolerate the attacks that were levelled at me, then I guess we are at an impass. If you think I was not attacked, then you don't know PF. However, I do and I know her agenda. It is not a paranoid reaction to some perceived threat. I experienced her agenda first hand at Region 5. She would like nothing better than to see me go down in flames. I doubt she cares others might go with me.

You tell me all the time that you cannot change who you are. Now I will tell you I cannot change that aspect of my personality that makes public confrontation humiliating for me without extensive and painful therapy. I am unwilling to do that. I have suffered more in my lifetime than anyone person should have to, I will not reopen those old wounds. Either you accept that as one of my character flaws or you don't. That's up to you.
Agreed we both need to accept each other for who we are.

You probably think if I can't deal with public confrontation then I shouldn't post a blog. My blog is not about me either. It is yet another part of my devotion to the Arabian horse. I started that blog for the purpose of introducing people to the Arabian horse as I see it hoping to dispel some of the myths and misconceptions about the breed as well as to introduce people to my horses personally. Why that is important I have already covered above.

I understand that you aren't interested in the "what" that makes me the way I am. I will respect that. Unfortunately along with that "what" lays the key to who I am as an individual. It might be easier for you to understand why I do what I do, if you understood from where I come.

I have the benefit of knowing from where you come. You have shared a lot of history with me........both childhood history and adult history. While you have not openly shared your feelings about those things, I can imagine what it must have been like for you. I see the effects your history has on who you are. That helps me to understand things in your behavior that might otherwise be difficult for me.

I wish that you had the benefit of same. Again, I understand you have chosen not to know those things and I respect that although I suspect it affects who you perceive me to be.For me that is what relationships are about. Understanding peoples differences and accepting them for who they are instead of expecting them to live up to my standards.

I would appreciate it if you would answer these questions. You have been good at skirting around any questions I ever ask you in texts or emails. But I think I deserve to have answers. I believe that answering those questions and maybe you asking questions of your own instead of assuming is the key to resolving this conflict.
I hope I have addressed some of them at least.

Then there is the thing about our contract? It is clear that the contract has become muddied in its interpretation. Not having it down on paper was a big mistake for both of us. Had if been in writing as we'd planned, there would not be confusion now. I agree with this. What I don't understand is back when my mom was sick and in the hospital and I thought I was leaving we talked. You said we were good on Storm, you said that the first year of him showing you would like the Sweepstakes and WF and I agreed with this. So it was our understanding at that point we were good, and that we agreed on the obligation / terms we were even. I have continued to work the horses due to me enjoying them.

You have an obligation to me to work horses to pay for Storm. Address above I have kept my part of the bargain. The horse is in your possession. I have my puppy but nowhere near the amount of training I was supposed to receive. I think you have received eigther all of or close too. I can go back on the records. But didnt feel a need to due to your statement when my mom was sick. I have trusted you to make good on your commitment to me and I expect nothing less.I feel I have. When you count into the training of the 12 horses I worked with, lessons either with you or with others on your behalf, breeding your horses for you , show fees ( helping you at the shows) boarding of the horse for 5 mos. hauling your horses including gas and time it took. I have no idea where you stand on this issue. I would like to know that as well. I think I have address this above.

I suppose me asking about this turns it into being about me in your eyes. Again I will say you honoring your commitment affects the success of these horses. While I might manage without you, things would certainly be easier with you. Also, if we had not made this bargain the odds are I would have been able to sell the horse for money that would in turn have furthered my goals for these horses.

I don't know how much longer I will be able to continue trying to hang on hoping something will happen. I know I am tired and quitting seems inviting but I would never be able to live with myself if I gave up before I accomplished my goals. I hope that you will continue to be a part of the plan to do that.

I believe all of these issues can be resolved if you chose to do so. If you do not, as you say that is your choice. I would hope that the time we have each put into this relationship would warrant the effort. If not, it speaks volumes to you true feelings about our relationship.
I feel we need a break and we then need to resolve this and see which direction this will go.

Incase you don't remember which ones I worked with here's this list. Some of them I might have only worked with a few times and some a lot.


Looking back it does not surprise me how emotional I got in this email. This thing with Storm has always been a big deal to me. I really never wanted to sell the horse in the first place but I needed to for my business. It was important to me this sacrifice pay off.

What does surprise me is how blind I was. Even at this time I was still giving BG credit for being a trainer and a friend (that is until I got this email response and saw proof of his real intent.) Had he stepped up, I probably would have gone along believing he was sincere. I also see where I exposed myself emotionally as I had certainly done before. I gave him more information on where I was vulnerable and I pretty much told him how he could push my buttons. Being the "gentleman" he is he stepped right in and took a stab at me.

The ball was in my court and for the first time I could see the real person. If you've been following along and keeping track of the details as they unfolded you will see the glaring things in BG's response that told me what BG's game plan was and kept me focused on what I now knew I needed to do.

To be continued................

Heading in the Right Direction

(Just a little note about this vulnerability, the current troll who there is evidence to suppest reports back to BG with what's going on here, attacked me on the other blog last week. There were references that made me suspect the alliance and a familiarity in the attack so I did a little investigating, hence, my evidence. While I have not posted that troll's comment yet, I am going to do so in my own time. When I do I will address it's content. In the meantime I would like this person to know if you think attacking me will make me stop posting, you are wrong. It only makes me more determined. Whether you like it or not, I speak the truth and time will show that.

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  1. Wow MiKael! I've read your blog faithfully for a couple of years now, and I just want to commend you and give you a hug. Reading through these posts, I can only imagine what it was like for you at the time. You are a true horsewoman. Always know that there are people out there who are cheering for you and your horses! I've learned so very much from your blog, and I want to thank you for that. Stay strong. - Amy

  2. I'm with Amy, it takes a lot of strength to write your story--and I wondered if you were being attacked behind the scenes--so I'm not surprised about that. You have a right to your story--you own it--it's yours. It's clear you love these horses more than life.

  3. interesting.

    "You said we were good on Storm....So it was our understanding at that point we were good, and that we agreed on the obligation / terms we were even. I have continued to work the horses due to me enjoying them."

    He thought Storm was paid for in full in 2009 and he was working your horses for fun?

    "But didnt feel a need to (check the records) due to your statement when my mom was sick."

    Do you remember what you said that made him think the contract was already fulfilled? Maybe I missed that in an earlier post.

    Also, he seems very preoccupied with the facebook thing (see my email). Although he probably thought, "Mikael ended our relationship" (by de-friending his barn), you made it clear in emails that you were willing to keep trying. At that point it was in both your best interests to keep trying.

    Oddly, he thought he was done fulfilling the contract, but when was that - a year before he originally said the end-date (2010) would be? How is it possible or logical - without doing twice the amount of work in half the time? But he admits to being busy, injured, and having things come up, so he did actually LESS.

    He apparently reconciled being "done" in the list of horses worked and services provided that he supplied you via email. Did he conveniently forget that Dandy was loaned to his girls for their experience, as a favor from you, not for you? That supervising a breeding has nothing to do with the contract at all (unless he said at the time, "I'll breed Solidare if you deduct 3 horses from the training list today").

  4. I agree with the other friends of your blog. You've put up with a lot of attacks and dishonesty during this catastrophe and have remained true to yourself and your horses.

    Can't say much about the dishonesty of BG and WF. Where does he get the figures that would prove he worked off his contract for Storm? Sounds like he pulled them out of his...uh, the sky. I have a feeling he's not that bright and WF convinced him of how hard he worked your horses.

    They are both a couple of connivers and must have thought that since they gave you your walking papers you would quietly go away with your tail between your legs like some dog that had been whipped.

    After all the crap they started about you and how they lied and turned people against you I guess they figured you had nowhere to go and nothing to do to redeem yourself in the Arabian horse community. Too bad for them that they didn't realize how committed you are to your horses and that you would never let one of your horses go to people who had not honored your contract properly.

    p.s. I wouldn't let anyone stop me from telling my story if I were you. Truth is always better than fiction. Apparently, these people and their followers like to manufacture facts for their own purposes.

  5. I agree with Amy and Linda! I think what you're doing takes some major guts and I truly think that you are one dedicated and brave woman! I have been reading your blog for a few years now, and I've always really enjoyed it. I think you're wonderful ~ Hang in there!

  6. Uh, a trainer working for "fun" with all the horses he claims to have worked, maybe if you're 20!

    And how much could he possibly charge for board and training if he thought the $30,000 was paid off that fast??? Rhetorical question here;)

  7. Amy, thanks for the vote of confidence and for the comment. I always wonder "who" is out there. It's nice to know sometimes, expecially at times like these which can be stressful.

    Linda, I know that telling the story is not what those involved want to see happen and it's sure not the norm in the industry. But I believe if people would speak up when these things happen, those doing them might think about it twice before doing so again. After all, if there are no consequences why shouldn't they just "take" what they can. And you are right, I do love these horses more than life.

    lytha, yes, you must have missed the post that included his mother being sick. Obviously he thinks this all makes perfect sense but then he's not the one the money was owed to. As for the "services" those will be addressed. Actually all of this will be addressed but you are right, it doesn't really make sense except to them and their circle of friends. Still I can't help but wonder who of them would find it OK to have this happen TO them. I'm very sure if the shoe were on the other foot things would be quite different. In fact, I know that to be the case with BG.

    Arlene, I learned a long time ago I could not keep other people happy no matter how hard I tried. The only real peace comes with being true to myself and my principles. They can't take that away from me no matter how hard they try.

    You are correct about where the numbers came from. There will be more to substantiate the manufacturing of facts.

    JJ, it is difficult to go against those unspoken rules that say you don't talk about things like this. That's for sure.

    horsemom, it sounds ridiculous to you and me, but apparently not to them.

    Thanks everyone for your support. This is a difficult journey and it helps to know that I have people who believe in me.

  8. What gets me... "you said we were OK with Storm" is such a bunch of baloney. Saying "yeah, I get that things are going to slow down for a while because you have family obligations" is *totally* different than saying "hey, uh, I think you've paid for my horse with your work."

    Running your own business is *tough* - hubby and I run one together. We're a small business and I often feel like an outsider (we compete with companies that get tens of millions in VC). I may not know exactly how you feel / felt, but I can see making similar decisions if I was in your place.

    I'm glad Storm is back with you. And wish you best of luck in this next year.

  9. Laura, yes, it is a far cry from what makes sense but as I've said before it only seems to be important what makes sense to them.

    Thanks for saying you could see yourself making similiar decisions. That really helps. I feel I've really made a mess of things and don't know how I'm going to dig myself out of this one.

    I'm really glad that Storm is back here too. He's finally acting like himself again.

  10. Wow, this adventure has whipped my emotions all over the place, I can't think about Solidare without breaking down in tears, and then I read Gray Horse Matters, and I am roflol!! She says: "Sounds like he pulled them out of his...uh, the sky. I have a feeling he's not that bright and WF convinced him of how hard he worked your horses." Stinking hilarious!! What a dis to BG and thoroughly well earned!! hahahaha just can't stop laughing!! I so hope he reads this!!

    And yes, this needs to be told. All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. Not talking about it keeps the evil hidden and allows it to proliferate. Hopefully those of us reading this will learn from whatever mistakes were made and also from the many things that were done right.
    As for the ad hominem attacks behind the scenes,that is their only resort when they have no facts or evidence to support their position. Very pathetic, imo!!
    Bless you, MiKael, you are a woman of integrity!!

  11. Oh, btw, I always told my daughters, if ever anyone wants to do something with you or to you and tells you not to talk about it, you let them know you tell your momma everything!! They've never been molested. Everyone in my circle of influence knows I will talk. I also like to talk about how I know how to castrate a goat with a knife. . . lol

  12. I remember reading those facebook comments to that blog entry and thinking how bad those comments made THEM look! I didn't see anything wrong with what you wrote about the horses not getting worked. Life happens...injuries cause problems make things gets in the way...etc. It did put him in a better light...showing it wasn't his techniques nor skills that were causing delays...but rather life events. I honestly didn't think anything of it other than " happens...even to trainers...LOL!"...until reading the comments on facebook...and THEN...I started wondering what was going on. They were getting way too defensive...which struck me as really odd!! When ya started talking about a lawsuit...I had no idea what it was about...but I had a feeling I knew who was involved...and it didn't come as a shock when it turned out to be them!! I'm glad you're posting this story...because I'm learning a LOT! It's in sharing experiences that will help others avoid the same mistakes in similar circumstances! Thank you!! ((HUGS!!))

  13. dinkleberries, I know that my emotions are all over the place in doing this. I certainly know my email was very emotional for me and to publish it here was quite hard so I can understand the roller coaster ride of emotions.

    BG is not coming directly to the blog to read this and can no longer read it on FB but could be doing so off a feed. I suspect that he's getting reports from the troll based on what she reads and then how she revisits those same posts again. I'm pretty sure if he does know what I'm saying there's a lot of swearing going on and I'm being accused of all sorts of things but that's ok. I knew that would happen.

    They certainly have known all along that I talk about things even when they go wrong. WF told me more than once that I was going to get myself in trouble telling the bad stuff on my blog. MD and GD know that about me as well.

    Not sure I want to see that with the knife but I do get the inference.

  14. Sabrina, I didn't realize you had seen the comments on FB. They were not up there for long. I wonder how many others saw them. I just found a PB from FB that I'd overlooked from someone who'd seen them and then noticed they were gone. She was wondering if I was ok.

    It was the defensiveness that made me realize I needed to take the comments down. She didn't want to hear anything I had to say, she just wanted to prove her point. Since I knew she was not accurate nothing was going to be resolved there and I suspected she was only interested in justifying their behavior. As long as they had the papers on the horse, they didn't think they had to deal with me and they didn't really care how they got them, only that they had them.

  15. Yup...I saw them!! And I know they weren't up for long...because after initially reading them...I surfed the web for a bit...but when I came back to see how things were playing out and if ya needed any support...the comments I'd read were gone! I don't blame ya a bit for removing the comments! I would have done the same thing! I remember thinking "good for you"...and hoping the matter had been taken privately...because those comments were NOT something that needed to be made public. Like I said before...their comments made THEM look bad...and your removing what was said kept them from looking bad to even more people!

  16. My only rule of thumb in posting is something my mother used to tell me - "Never put anything in writing that you would be ashamed of seeing on the front page of a newspaper."
    I find it so interesting that you go into great detail in your e-mail to BG and he responds with one-liners. Most of them don't even answer your questions. His longest comment involves naming your 12 horses.
    I have never read your other blog but it sounds like the trolls there are addressing issues that should be brought up here.

  17. Sabrina, that is what Lori said too. She saw them and then when she went back, they were gone. She worried that it wasn't good and sent me a PM but the notice got lost in the shuffle with all the crap I get from FB. I didn't even know it was there until last week. Then I contacted her and she said she had a feeling it was something bad.

    I didn't really think about those initial comments making them look bad. I was so shocked at the two people joining in that I kind of panicked, I guess. All I could think of was getting it off my FB page because I could see that YW and HM would probably join in and then I'd really be out numbered.

    Thanks so much for touching base. It's been a bad day and all this support has really helped.

  18. I'm sorry you're having a bad day...and I hope your day gets better!! ((HUGS!!)) Ya know...if ya ever need to talk...and want another opinion to bounce something off of...feel free to send me an email or PM via FB. I may seem pretty quiet...but I'm always reading...and sending ya good thoughts and wishing you the best!

  19. Hello :-)

    I've given you a Blogger Award, please visit my page to collect it.


  20. Just letting you know, I've been reading this, and I'm interested to see how it ends. I don't always comment, but I'm reading!! Hugs to you!! What a tough situation.

  21. Wow! that was certainly a clear picture of the direction he was heading ! I for one am bloody amazed the he mentioned so many times about breeding your horses, As I understood he assisted a few times then in the single incidence he was managing a cover on his own made a world class flustercl** of it and essentially crippled a brilliant and beautiful mare!

  22. Ms Martyr, I thought the manner he responded in whas interesting as well. There were a number of things about it that struck me as odd. And the comment by the troll was pretty much about this situation but the other blog is where the comment was left. I have done posts there about the emotional aspects of what I was going through because of this stuff. Guess that opened the door.

    Abbie, thanks, I will check it out.

    Mikey, thanks, it's good to knw you're out there. it has been a tough situation for sure.

    fern, he does present it all like he did much more than he actually did. That's pretty typical.

    To be fair, Solidare was already crippled. Getting kicked in the hock most certainly made things worse and probably shortened her life, but her normal life span was probably already compromised.

  23. Ow, ow, ow...This guy makes my head hurt!

    In a nutshell...He told you he needed to be gone because of his sick mom.

    You (out if the graciousness of your heart) told him, That's fine, We're good.

    And he takes that to mean that he (and WF) are absolved of the rest of the debt on Storm?

    I want some of what that guy is smoking!!!

  24. BECG, Funny, I think that Mrs Mom said the exact same thing back last Jan when she saw this email.

    But then he just happens to add in he did all kinds of things that should have been enough to pay for the horse, that he did "out of the goodness of his heart"

    This has always bugged me. Wouldn't you think if someone DID give you a $30,000 horse that you would have some kind of appreciation of that and that it would be reflected in how you dealt with that person.

    I know it would sure affect me. I would feel like I owed that person something and would want to repay it in any way I could. BG's attitude is more "you gave me the horse, I owe you nothing." Seems inconsistent to me, or am I wrong?