Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Broodmares.......and a Daughter of Solidare's....

Part 1

My mind races as lytha mentioned going for a ride. Would it be dry enough at the park? Did we have enough time? I decided it was worth giving it a try so I asked Dave if he would hook up my horse trailer for me while I showed the rest of the horses to lytha.

I told her as we continued on we were going to have to make this a quick tour if she really wanted to ride. We weren't going to have the kind of time we'd been taking at each stall and still get to the park. I didn't want to be pushy BUT............. we needed to haul freight. We still had ten horses to see and we needed it done in about ten minutes.

Heiress with Andy at her side

The first horse after Dandy was Heiress. Lytha nearly gasped as the mare put her lovely face over the stall wall. Shaking her head she told me I needed to get a "real" photographer to take pictures of this mare because her pictures just did not do her justice.

I had to laugh just a little at this. Heiress is one of the few horses here who've had the benefit of a top notch professional taking pictures. The picture of Heiress from my website was taken by Jeff Little and to my way of thinking he's one of the best. The only difference I can see between Heiress and his pictures is that the mare is ten years older and has gotten more beautiful with time. I wish I could afford to have more sessions with him on my farm.

Heiress is the mare that came to my farm with little handling. Normally I'd have spent some time talking about her issues but with us running out of time, I just moved on by to the next horse.


I kind of knew going in that I couldn't push passed this next mare too quickly. The stall right next to Heiress is in habited by Dancer, one of Solidare's daughters. I already knew that lytha felt a special connection to Solidare's children even though she hadn't meet them. I also knew that Dancer would not disappoint lytha.

This mare has a special place in my heart not just because she is Solidare's daughter. Dancer has earned her right to my affections. She has all the attributes of a mare that I love and she loves me back as fiercely as I love her. I'm pretty sure that lytha could see the moment we entered her stall that Dancer is a people horse and as sweet as mares get.

The dark bay mare did not disappoint. She turned to us the minute she heard the opening door. She watched us approach and stood quietly waiting for the ok to investigate. Dancer was the lady her mother taught her to be and I'm sure that lytha wished we didn't have to move on so quickly...........but we did.

Lucy with Scarlet

The next three broodmares we pushed through pretty quickly. The first was Lucy. The pretty chestnut is special to me. I usually go through how I spotted her as a foal but couldn't have her but there was no time for those stories today. I'm not sure if poor Lucy got much more than a glance and I know I paid for it later. The mare was not happy at being skipped over so easily, she is royalty after all.


The next mare is Faye. We did pause long enough to mention Faye's adventure this last summer. Lytha is the one who brought it up. I guess it would be difficult for anyone to forget such a story but if it hadn't been for that, Faye probably would have been walked by as quickly as her genetic 3/4 sister, Lucy. The mare would have been looking back at us with those big Gamaar eyes wondering what she did to be missed. As it was I heard the stomp of her foot telling us she'd not gotten enough of our time as we moved onto the next mare.


The last of the broodmares we visited on that day was Bey Aana. The pretty bay mare is Storm, Suede and Percy's mother. I don't know if that connection is what drew lytha to Aana or not but it was apparent that she was taken with Aana.

Aana has her own little story about how she came here. We didn't get into it but it was clear from Aana's reaction to lytha, she saw this woman in a different light than most humans.

While Aana will come up to the front of her stall to greet strangers there is always a little bit of reservation in her eye. I saw no signs of caution as she greeted lytha and lytha was immediately smitten with Aana.

To be continued........................

Visiting the Rest of Solidare's Get........

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  1. Dancer is fabulous; she reminds me of Tika! ( that okay?) And I think you did an incredible job as the photographer :)

  2. Tracey, Tika is a lovely mare. Besides what makes you think that mustang's don't have Arabian blood in them? LOL

    I can't take credit for the pic of Dancer though, my SIL took it for me with my camera.

  3. Wow I guess I havent read enough of your blog to hear about all these horses, but they just keep getting prettier and prettier as you go through them!

  4. absolutely gorgeous! you've got some fine horses.

  5. MiKael,
    Your horses are absolutely gorgeous and obviously in great condition, very healthy and well taken care of.

    I'm reminded of some of the flack I recently received for putting my Apache mare in her stall when we were pummeled with heavy wet snow and cold rain. And then more flack for when I moved my mare to the back paddock, which a couple bloggers claimed was too small for proper exercise, although it is bigger than many arenas at 159' x 61'.

    With our recent snow storms the last two days, I've been keeping Apache in during the worst of the storm and turning her out in the bigger paddock twice a day to get her 'ya yas' out.
    Someone asked me how I was able to coerce her back into her stall and they were surprised to hear that Apache is always happy and eager to go back into her stall, all on her own, after her exercise.

    Anyway, with 30 horses, how do you handle turn-out time? Do you let them out together or keep them separate?
    I was just wondering if you, too, also receive impolite comments questioning your choice of stalling your horses and not keeping them out 24/7, and also how you deal with comments like that?
    (You can tell I'm not very thick-skinned, huh? lol!)


    ps Still perched on the edge of my seat to read more about Lytha's visit and her ride on the stunning Dandy! :)

  6. Oh My...I am a Dancer fan! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!