Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Baby Boomer Gets on with Her Dream of Arabian Horses Part 2

Before I forget, I wanted to mention that Marvel at Simply Marvelous has run a story about my Arabian horse twins celebrating their birthday I will be running an update and more pictures on the little darlings soon.

Now back to my first Arabian horse, Scandalous, her coming foal and my horse dreams.

Getting on with the Dream Part 1

I just couldn't get over the feeling that I needed to be covering my bases in regards to having a replacement for Scandalous on the ground. The possibility that she might have another colt nagged at me enough that I found myself looking at mares and thinking about what kinds of mares I might cross with a colt by the Khemosabi son, GS Khochise and out of Scandalous.

Down the road from me is a large breeding farm that has breed the bloodlines that are the same mare line as Scandalous, the Virginia Dare mares. Their foundation mare was an Arabian mare by the name of Malia Dare. I had been wanting to visit their farm for years and the opportunity finally presented itself that fall.

I went there specifically to look at Dare mares. These people, a doctor and his wife, have a lot of horses, over 50 at the time I was there. They only show you specifically what you ask to see, nothing more. Well, none of the Dare mares they showed me were what I was looking for so I gently pushed them to show me some other mares as we talked about bloodlines, breeding, etc.

Because Scandalous is by Country Heir, they decided they would show me the horses that were related to this little known but phenomenally talented park horse. At one point they took me to a stall with a beautiful yearling filly who was by their stallion, Krugorr (by Gold Kugerand and out of a Naboor daughter) and out of HFCountryheiress, a Country Heir (by Bask) son.

This filly was gorgeous, Although it was hard to tell in the stall, she looked like she might be exactly what I was looking for. I asked to see her outside, I wanted to see her move and I wanted to see her at a distance. (I am extremely far sighted, not to mention my double vision so seeing a horse from a distance gives me a much better picture.)

As the doctor guided the filly down the barn aisle out into the open, it began to drizzle. The filly had never been outside before and the rain frightened her. The horse refused to go forward, stood on her hinds legs and struck the man in the head. He looked up at her, shook his finger at her reprimanding, "Now, now, don't hurt Daddy!"

To be continued...........

Part 3


  1. OM Gosh MiKael. I have just caught up on the stacks of posts I have missed and you still keep me in suspense!!!! I can't wait to hear what happens from here on.

    Congratulations to Rachel on her performance at the show, I hope it encourages her to greater things and you must be really proud. Poor Dandy he did a great job, he must have been exhausted.

    I am not too sure what to do with the tag you gave me LOL. Do I just post 5 things about myself and then tag 5 more people?

    ((((Hugs)))) hope all is well. We are cooler today thank heavens.


  2. LOL...don't hurt Daddy? Good golly, can you imagine how this fellow would fare with a horse like Sunny?

    Congrats to Rachel, btw, and you too!

  3. LOL! Love that "daddy" part! DH and I call ourselves Diago's "mommy" and "daddy". Although sometimes DH calls himself "stable boy" instead of "daddy" as he does poop pick up duty, carrying tack, holding "D", etc quite often when he comes with me to the barn.

  4. Tracey, actually I can't really imagine doing that with any horse. It was a shock to me. But do you think your Sunny might actually laugh at you if you tried getting through to her that way??

    equinespirit, I had to laugh at the "stable boy," I knew what was going to follow. What was really funny about this was this doctor is a little white haired bearded bald guy wearing a stocking cap looking up at this filly towering over him, shaking his finger. From where I stood it looked like David and Goliath for size. It's amazing he didn't get hurt.

  5. that is a pretty funny post! looking forward to reading more about this filly!