Thursday, December 30, 2010

Visiting the Rest of Solidare's Get Before Moving on to Ride......

Part 1

Before we could get on with our ride there were just a handful more of horses to meet. The first of those was Solidare's youngest daughter, Rhapsody, who was stalled right next to Bey Aana. While still immature, I believe Rhapsody is the most exotic of Solidare's daughters.

Unlike Dancer who has been viewed by many as a star right from the start, Rhapsody has been more like Dare was back in those early days, overlooked as anything special and only seen for what she is once she reached maturity at about eight years old. Yet, I know in my heart Rhapsody is the most special of the three if such a thing can even be said about Solidare's daughters. Each is a jewel in the crown that makes up the best of the Arabian breed if you ask me. Someday I hope their foals with prove that fact.

There is one thing about Solidare's daughters that doesn't need time to be proven. They are people horses through and through and devoted to their humans just like their mother. There was no hesitation from Rhapsody once lytha stepped into her stall. The mare was right there to claim all the attention she believes she deserves and lytha did not hesitate to shower affection of her.

Straight from Rhapsody's stall we went to see Dare. The little bay mare with the big heart is very special to me and she's earned that affection both by her behavior towards me and the way she's cared for her brother, Tango. The image of her mother in a bay suit, Dare soothes my aching heart over the loss of Solidare. I know I will always be able to see the beautiful gray mare in the mannerisms of her children especially this bay version whose as bonded with me as her mother ever was.

During lytha's visit I couldn't resist the urge to smoother Dare's tiny little muzzle with lots of kisses. The mare didn't resist my advances instead she stood there quietly soaking in all the attention. She turned her heart over to me back in those early days when she was still a bent crooked foal and I suspect we will always have that strong connection. I get her and she gets me. That's just the way it is. We're as one as a horse and a person can be but then that's the way it was with Solidare and me.

It's no surprise I have that kind of bond with all of her daughters. I suspect the connection is deeper with Dare only because she is older so I've had more time with her. As the others are started under saddle I know that bond will grow and flower just as it did with Dare. I would guess from what was said that lytha could feel the connection with Solidare's get but only she can answer that for sure.

We couldn't visit Dare with then visiting Tango. The two are stalled right next to each other and we'd walked right by the colt to get to his "mother." While he was curious about what was going on, he wasn't really sure that he wanted to meet lytha up close and personal.

This colt is as bold as any of Solidare's foals have been. He just has not had the one on one time that it takes for all the barriers regarding strangers to be gone. At eight months of age with all the comings and goings with the vet, that is more than understandable. The colt still isn't sure if a stranger is going to love on him or poke him with something that really really hurts.

The last time I visited Tango before this I had shoved a wormed in his mouth so I really wasn't his favorite person either. I had to move him around some to even get him to look at me. Then I still had to "chase" him down in the corner and wrap my arms around him so he'd stand for lytha to get a look at him.

Funny thing about this colt, the whole time he's avoiding me, he's not showing any real concern. Sometimes I think he really enjoys the game of being pursued. He's just not sure it's more fun to be with me or to play the game at this point but I suspect he'll get it figured out soon.

Tango is far more secure about his judgement of people than Rhythm ever was. I've said right from the start he's very much Rhythm in a bay suit. That means he has just as big an attitude without the hot of that red head. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for him.

Once I had my arms around this colt, he did not struggle. He just stood there with his head up in the air studying lytha. His tiny little ears locked forward and his cute nostrils flared as he tried to figure out who this strange woman in his stall was.

Lytha couldn't help but be drawn in by the big black eyes set so wide apart and the smaller than a teacup muzzle standing there confronting her. "Pictures just do not do him justice!" she said and I had to agree. Why do you think you don't see more pictures of him?

With the last of Solidare's get out of the way, I decided to leave the two three year old stallions inside the barn until after we returned home from our ride. I handed lytha a halter and lead rope and asked her to retrieve Dandy while I went to get Legs. Then I checked my horse trailer for the appropriate tack and we headed off to the park for a trail ride.

To be continued....................

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  1. I love reading about the bond you and your horses share. It always encourages my hope to have a horse myself one day, knowing what the reward can be.

  2. Man oh man! Lucky Lytha!!! I would so love to meet them all , but Tango and Dare especially, maybe they touched me because of the bond or just when I started reading but...

  3. Thanks for the detailed visit with your horses. I love all your descriptions. Maybe one day I will get to visit your beautiful herd too.

  4. I enjoy reading about the special relationships you have with your horses. Are there any that you just don't connect with?

    I'm always impressed with the people qualities that Arabians possess. They may be the pretty and popular cheerleaders of the horse world, but they are certainly much more approachable than the human version.

    You are very naughty for stretching this along, MiKael. I figured today would be the day that you and Lytha rode together....but no...just another 'to be continued'. gah!

    You are very good at keeping us all on the edge of our seats. hehe!


  5. Your horses are absolutely beautiful. Interesting that you write of their people friendly personalities. I have no experience with Arabians, but I suspect my foster filly is part Arabian and she is THE MOST people friendly horse I've ever met; always approaches me and seeks out attention and follows me around when I'm working in their paddock/dry lot.

    How fun to meet a fellow blogger and fellow Arabian enthusiast!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Can't wait for the next installment. I don't know which of your horses I'd be most eager to meet, they all have such interesting stories. Maybe Legs...
    Happy New Year!