Saturday, January 1, 2011

What Does This Look Like to You?

Well if it doesn't start with a T and spell rouble..........then you don't really get this picture.

I know I am supposed to be posting about my ride with lytha but I am copping out just a bit here. This pic is part of our ride but that's all I'm going to post for right now. I'm still having problems with my stomach and right now I am having one of the worst episodes I've had in quite a while so my brain just is not working to write about lytha's visit. Instead I want to spew obscenities at the lunk heads that caused me so much stress my stomach began this acting up. Since such behavior is not what I normally do on this blog, I thought it best if I just tease you with this picture and have you tell me what you see. I'll be back tomorrow to tell you what I saw..........

Pushing the Limits......Tacking Up

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  1. I can hear what happened next I think! hopefu;;y it was just a noisy moment! Feel better girl!I hope the stressors are not too big this time

  2. FV, Stressors are not the cause of my stomach at the moment. It's just that it's never really healed after that whole thing lawsuit thing. Today's bout is from coughing I think. Something really irritated my lungs at a party last night and I am still struggling with fits of coughing. My stomach began churning about the time the coughing got bad. I suspect it won't settle down until the coughing quits. We'll see.

  3. Hope you feel better soon.

    If I were an optimistic person I'd say that the horses were having a nice visit and nuzzling each other in a friendly way. However, I'm not that optimistic, hope it all went ok.

  4. I can just about hear the squealing and see the paws striking.

    I hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. hope the stress and stomach issues clear soon. look forward to hearing the story on the picture. have a great day.

  6. Here I go again, cod liver oil will help heal the lungs!! Good health is all about good nutrition. People all over the place are very sick. Most of the nutrients are processed out of our food. The Hunza people in Turkey are some of the longest lived and healthy people on this earth and that is because their gardens are watered with glacier milk which is water laden with fresh ground rock (minerals). Modern farming practices do not restore the minerals to the soil. You will continue to have all kinds of health issues if you won't build up your mineral reserve. Read Barefoot's book, 'Death by Diet'.
    I only bother to tell you this because you are living a dream of mine, and I love reading about your daily adventures. But I HATE that you have been having so many health issues, which is spoiling the adventure. The solution is not that complicated.

  7. I hope you feel better soon.
    That doesn't look like too friendly a nudge to me.

  8. Absolutely looks like trouble. I can't wait to hear more about your ride. Meanwhile I'm sending you healing thoughts, hope your stomach feels better soon.