Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Three Gray Mares.......and a Familiar Face.......


Part 1

Once we finally got past the trio of mares visiting lytha as we stood in Gypcy's stall, we moved around the outside corner of the barn and onto the stalls of Legs' three oldest gray daughters.

Those three mares' stalls are faced the direction of the round pen and can be seen easily both from the road and from the red barn where Legs lives. The sight of their three gray faces looking over their stall walls nearly always takes my breath away.

The mare in the first stall behind Gypcy is Hope. She is the mare that asn be seen in lytha's pics trying to reach lytha as she visited with Echo and Gypcy. Hope is the oldest of Lilly's daughters and has championships in halter. She is started under saddle and has several gears at the trot and she absolutely loves being able to demonstrate them.

While Hope is bigger than her mother, the midget mare, she is probably only 14.2 hands and very refined. While Hope has a big attitude she is very ladylike in expressing it. Everything about her screams "MARE!" but she's never had a snippy marish attitude, just a confidence about her that says she a queen.


Stalled right next to Hope is her full sister, Faith. Faith is just a larger version of Hope. She was only shown once as a yearling and despite being so terrified of the crowd she would not stand for the judges she still placed sixth in a very large class of nice fillies. The trainer who showed her was so disappointed in himself because he'd not prepared this filly for the crowd that he changed how he showed youngsters from that point forward. To his way of thinking Faith would have easily won the class had she been able to stand up for the judges.


Then right next to Faith there is another gray mare, Rose. While she is not a full sister to Hope and Faith, she looks like she is Faith's twin. Even I have trouble telling the two mares apart sometimes. The grayer they get, the more difficult it is to distinguish which is which. They are that much alike.

There is some difference in their mannerisms but those things are subtle. Faith is bolder than Rose. When the mares have been cooped up, Faith is usually a little naughtier than Rose too. Rose can be a little stand offish sometimes with people she doesn't know but she can take an instant like to someone and be a pocket pony too.

I don't think that lytha realized how much these mares looked alike until we walked away from the barn and she got that view of the three gray faces looking out over their stall walls. She made some kind of remark about "Imagine being able to look at that everyday..." if I remember right as she snapped her picture.

Walking away from that barn and up towards the red barn, Dandy was hanging his head out watching us. . I've been letting his bridle path grow out because it was getting to be too far back and it's beginning to fall over. It's not long enough to lay down yet, just long enough to fall over and stick straight out sideways.

Poor Dandy looked something like an orphan with his mane flopping over and I felt bad as we walked closer. He sure didn't look like any show horse, I can tell you that. Lytha, on the other hand, spied Dandy and called out his name, "Is that Dandy?!!!" she said "Yes, that would be Dandy...." and I could hear excitement in her voice as she asked me if he was sound. "Oh YES, Dandy is sound." "Well, let's go for a ride............I have read so much about him................."

To be continued...............................

The Broodmares and One of Solidare's Daughters

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  1. Beautiful girls, ans I am looking forward to reading about the ride! Dandy...I like the name

  2. I have not visited your blog for a long time but your horses are more beautiful than ever! "Dandy" was the name of the first horse I had, a broken down Thoroughbred with a big heart that lives on in mine. Sounds like life is good for you and your dream horses~congratulations and Happy New Year!

  3. I am enjoying reading about your herd in more detail.

    Hope, Faith and Rose are stunning!
    Rose is my favorite....something about her just speaks to me.

    The promise of the next chapter is holding me to the edge of my seat.....the same place that Lytha placed me as she left me hanging, with those those same words, over on her blog.
    Lytha riding the famous Dandy?! Woohoo!

    More! More!


  4. I'm a sucker for grays and your mares are beautiful. Dandy is a handsome boy too.

  5. fern,looking back, meeting thirty horses AND fitting in a ride, we crammed a lot in to a half day.

    Oak,nice to see you again. My Dandy is a first for me too, he is the first foal I ever had. He, too, has a big heart with a pretty big space in mine as well.

    As for life, we're getting by in this tough economy but considering that's probably good.
    I'm looking forward to a new year, that's for sure.

    Lisa, lytha referred to Dandy as famous too. I guess I don't think of him that way. LOL

    Details of the ride will come, I promise.

    Arlene, I'm a sucker for grays as well, expecially pretty ones. Funny, with three gray broodmares we didn't get more gray foals.

  6. I love the gray mares. I'm a sucker for a gray too :)

  7. Hmm. My comment was lost in blogger land...

    What a great visit and it's interesting hearing about the visit from two perspectives. The horses are so lovely, and I have to say I've always been fascinated by grays and their ever changing colors.

  8. Your grey mares are gorgeous!!!

    It's so good to see/read about Dandy. I'm hoping that you two did go for a ride, and I'm excited to read about it.

  9. Beautiful horses---all of them. My daughter in Eastern Washington has a beautiful Arabian named Caliope. They reaise beef cattle and use horses for all the work and Cali has more stamina than the Quarter Horses used---but then you knew that.

    Thanks for the visit. MB

  10. All your photos of the horses are gorgeous. Some really great looking animals.
    I think I told you once we have one quarter horse named Monte
    and 3 Canadians.....
    Kai'ah (Comanche for Rare Beauty)

    we don't "show" any of them. Just play with them.
    thanks for your kind words always on my blog.

  11. Mikey, it looks like you're in good company. There seem to be a number of gray lovers here. Mostly I hear about those who don't like grays. It's nice to have ti be the other way for a change. LOL

    Breathe, I hate when blogger sucks comments. LOL

    I think lytha is waiting for me to post about the ride before she goes into that part. It has been interesting for me too to see her perspective.

    JJ, I wish I had pictures that did those mares justice. They are much prettier in person.

    We did go for a ride and both lytha and I will be posting about it. I think she's waiting for me to get to that part before she posts. We had a good time and Dandy definitely made a friend.

    Day4plus, I read about your daughter, her horse and work on your blog and you are right, I did know the Arab would have more stamina than the QH. I have turned many a cowboy's head with the talents of my Arabians, much to their surprise.

    Wendy, I remember that you have Canadians. That's very cool.

  12. mikael,

    i am sorry i have not written more but i have not had a chance to sit down at a computer, i think you can imagine how busy i am with my family and now husband here, and the multiple engagements and plans we have to fulfill.

    i wanted to say that i dreamt about my visit last night. i remember going through your barn and touching soft nose after nose and recognizing them but for some reason i was searching for baasha and i could not find him in any of your stalls. *laugh* i guess i miss him.

    another reason i couldn't post about our ride - the computer with my photos had to go into the repair shop. i sure hope my photos are still there. i have a very nice one of the half-fallen bridle path you mentioned, from above: )

    i sure hope we can find a day to visit again, if i'm dreaming about them at night i should go back and spend more time in those stalls.