Monday, December 27, 2010

Meeting the Twins.........and Some Mares.........

Surprise has the white blaze. Trouble has just a small snip on his nose.

Part 1

After we left the hay barn and Percy behind we headed around to the outside of the barn to the shedrow like stalls that wrap around there. The first horses we came across there were Surprise and Trouble. Lytha needed no introduction to those two. She recognized them immediately informing them "You are famous. Did you know that?"

Of course, Surprise and Trouble not only know they are famous, they believe they absolutely deserve to be. If there are any horses on the place with an attitude as big as Rhet's, these two would be it. My feeling on the subject is INFAMOUS suits them much better. Their twin heritage makes them just a hair on the incorrigible side if you ask me.............lovable.........but incorrigible none the less.

The two horses vied for lytha's attention. Their cute little faces peering over the ledge with expressions so sweet you'd think they were innocents but believe me, innocent is just not a term that applies to either of these little monsters. They have that "equal sized twin" mentality that drives each to be in charge. The issue of dominance has never been and probably never will be decided between these two. That's why I keep them separated for turnouts.

Lytha openly drooled over Surprise's exotic little head. Black horses just do not photograph well and I doubt any picture will ever show the beauty of Surprise's face. She is definitely a princess and she knows it.


Trouble looks like his mother. I think I could take pictures of each and put them side by and and no one would be able to tell who is who except probably me. Even then, I'd be searching for the one little part of a marking that is different. Since Vee is stabled right next to Trouble lytha was able to get the total affect of their resemblance. The whole time Vee was trying to get lytha's attention turned away from Trouble and Trouble was trying to make sure that lytha did not move on. Lytha was definitely welcomed by the horses.


Once we did move on past the twins and their mother, the next horse we came to was Echo. Something about this mare reminded lytha of her Baasha and I don't know if Echo sense the connection or what but she sure took a liking to lytha and she was determined not to let her go.

Lytha did not remember reading anything about Echo on my blog. I haven't posted much about her because she's the same age as the twins and the twins pretty much commandeered all the attention. The only real posts I did about Echo was back when she was a yearling and injured her leg More Life Lessons - an Arabian Filly Injured The filly would not leave her wound alone and things turned out to be quite hairy getting her healed up. For a long time she did not trust me to touch her leg at all. She's finally over that and has turned into a love muffin and she sure turned it on for lytha.


Next door to Echo is Gypcy. The two have modified their stall wall so that they can visit. Lytha came with me into Gypcy's stall which actually gave Echo better access to her. The silly gray mare was reaching through into Gypcy's stall begging for attention.

Gypcy is on the timid side. She doesn't usually warm up to strangers quickly but something about Echo wanting to keep lytha focused on her made Gypcy decide that maybe she wanted lytha all to herself. Hope, who is right behind Gypcy joined in and lytha pretty much had three mares all seeking her out at the same time.

Normally I would think that might intimidate most. With the walls in between things were definitely safer and the mares weren't doing anything aggressive but they were certainly all trying to be sure that lytha understood each wanted her attention.

It was somewhere along this time frame that I'd mentioned to lytha that I was hoping we'd have the time for me to get on Legs. Then maybe even lytha might take a ride on him depending on how things went. I hadn't ridden the horse since just after the clinic so I wasn't totally sure what to expect. He normally is always good but you just never know. If he behaved as I expected I knew that anyone would be safe on him but it also really depended on how lytha felt about it.

To be continued.....................

The Gray Mares and a Familiar Face

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  1. I have been enjoying this virtual walk-thru of your barns. I have been following your blog for quite some time & love reading about your horses. Hearing their names reminds me just how many you have. And how many is that? LOL! Love the pics & good to see the twins again.

  2. if echo had a star between her eyes, and longer ears, she'd have looked just like baasha at 3. my mom saw her pictures and said, "oh my! she's identical!"

    wish i had digital photos of my son at that age.

    the twins had such fine features and teacup muzzles. i look forward to more youtube videos of your horses.


  3. i just asked my man about the status of baasha's mane, he said, "tangled" i said, "well you worked on it at some point?"


    oh geez. poor sonja (his sister, our housesitter), she's gonna have a mane to work on. problem is, the show sheen is frozen solid. oh dear!

  4. I would expect Lytha was busting out of her socks for an opportunity to ride Legs! I know I would be! The twins are lovely and all the rest. You clearly have a well thought out breeding program there

  5. Tammy, I'm glad you're enjoying the tour. the number would be *choke* thirty *choke, choke* That's my all time top number I will not cross. I really need to get back down to around twenty or so.

    lytha, Echo does have tiny little ears for a mare, that' for sure.

    Videos won't be coming anytime soon. I have some here on discs that didn't get finalized or some darn thing so are unusable. That really sucks.

    Show sheen freezes here sometimes but I think it takes longer for the Cowboy Magic to freeze. Still it's been so cold at your place, I'm sure CM would be popsiclized too. Poor Sonja.

    Fern, I'm not sure what lytha thought about riding Legs. If she replied to my offer, I missed it. LOL There was just so much going on.

    TY for your thoughts on my breeding program. I'm pretty opinionated about what I think an Arabian horse should look like and I've tried to stay within that scope.

  6. I've just gotten back online and found your barn tour. I'm really enjoying it. You have a lot more horses than I thought you did and such beautiful faces they all have.

  7. From the angle in the photo of the twins I can see Trouble's teacup nose and extra-dishy face. Beautiful head. Surprise is straight on, so I'm imagining the same thing, but with the stripe.

  8. smazourek, I'm glad you're enjoying the tour. I try not to think about how many of them there are. It makes me a bit nervous. lol

    Nuzz Muzz, I think that Surprise's face is more exotic than that of her brother but have yet to capture it in a photo. I think that lytha would agree with me about that.

  9. Well, I'm sure enjoying the 'tour'. It's very nice to get to 'meet' everyone.

    And...don't feel alone sista...I think we are at 26 ourselves and have 2 more expected in the spring.

    I have 7 with me, but after I get things moved around and set up around here, I plan on being able to keep 10 head with me. All riders. That means I have to get my butt in gear this year and really focus on riding...from sun up to sun down, I have a feeling. :-O

  10. And the beauty pageant continues with these beautiful mares. Just gorgeous.

    I did like the way you described them "modifying" their stall wall so they could visit. I think we all know what that means.

  11. I love seeing pictures of all of your beautiful horses. I'm especially partial to your many chestnuts trimmed in white, so pretty!!

  12. I am loving the tour also. I think there are approximately 30 horses at the barn I ride at. I've been there for five months now and still don't know all their names. Maybe learning them should be a New Year's resolution. The horses don't seem to care as long as I bring carrots...

  13. I am so enjoying the tour through your barn and seeing all of the pictures. Just gorgeous, all of them! I would loved to have been going right along with you guys.

    Your night before Christmas poem is wonderful. It did bring tears to my eyes the part about seeing your mare again and her nickering to Tango.

    We are digging out from the blizzard, what a mess! You wouldn't believe how high the snow drifts are. Good thing that I like the snow! ha!

  14. Thank you for sharing the barn tour. I feel as I'm walking along right beside. I'm sure Lytha was beside herself with joy, surrounded by all the mares vying for attention. I know I would have been too, albeit slightly intimidated.

    I saw the photos of the "modifications" over on Lytha's blog. Boy! They should be carpenters. hehe!