Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Visit Moves On..............


Part 1

Once we were done with Rhet we moved on to Suede's stall. Being his usual aloof self once we came his direction Suede stepped back just out of reach. From there he stood watching us drinking it all in.

Suede was not the only one drinking things in, lytha was studying this young Arabian stallion just as he was studying her. I was busy rambling on about Suede's relationship to Storm and Bey Aana's chestnut get. I doubt that lytha took in any of it, she was caught up in her own world with her and Suede.

I can't say that I really knew what to do with her approach to meeting my horses. I have never had anyone to visit who has not instantly been groping to touch them. That is not lytha's method at all. She just stands there quietly waiting for the horse to come to her. My horses didn't really know what to think about her presence.

Because of her quiet approach I really didn't know what she was thinking or what she needed for that matter. All I could think of was how many horses we had to get through and that if there was going to be any work with any of them, we'd need to go at a quicker pace than we were doing now. I kept looking for something to tell me it was ok to move on.

Suede is not a big horse and he is barely started under saddle. He's always a bit concerned when someone comes into his stall but once he has a halter on he is cooperative and sweet. He cannot try hard enough to do what's right and he's pretty much a ringer for Storm but his personality is definitely different than Storm's. No one is going to figure Suede out in any short amount of time.

Lilly with Hope

Once I saw the horse become distracted by something outside, I figured it was time to move onto the next horse. I switched the conversation up to let lytha know we were moving on and we walked out to meet the midget mare.

Lilly was right there at the gate to her area looking at us in her come hither fashion. There's nothing the mare loves more than human attention and she was going to be sure she got her share. The little gray mare drew lytha in nothing flat while I groaned about the condition of her badly tangled mane.

I'd spent hours making sure that all the horses manes looked good and even Dave had worked on Lilly's a second time. Still there she stood with a triple witch's knot she managed to develop in less than twenty-four hours. Personally I think creating those knots is one way this mare ensures she'll get her face time with humans. That tangled mane, along with its still black highlights, got her more than her share of attention that day.




Doc with his mother, Dare


From Lilly we went on into the hay barn to visit with Scarlet, Tag, Louie, Doc and Percy. I'm not really sure how come I ended up opening the door and inviting lytha into Percy's stall but I did. There she leaned slightly against the wall looking off to the other side with Percy standing in the back corner watching her.

Percy can be a little stand offish at time with people he does not know or if the people he does know are rushing. The horse is more comfortable with things a little slower but he likes them moving and he wants his attention too.

Lytha just stood there looking off and poor Percy did not know what to think. His expressive face clearly said "What's with her/" When lytha made no move towards the horse, Percy just stood there still looking puzzled. Finally he came to lytha and reached towards her with his muzzle. He softly breathed on her face and lytha was overcome with tears.

Percy was undaunted by the tears. He actually softened some more once they began to flow and he continued to explore lytha's face. He didn't really touch her but he was definitely breathing on her. If he hadn't been just clipped his muzzle hairs would have been tickling her for sure.

I know that lytha was uncomfortable with this eruption but it did not bother Dave nor me. There's been many a tear shed in our barns for one reason or another and it's ok with us. Owning and breeding Arabian horses is an emotional journey and we appreciate others appreciate the emotional qualities in this breed as we do. Percy and lytha definitely had one of those bonding moments that many only dream of with a horse, that much was clear.

To be continued..................

Meeting the Twins........and Some Mares........

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  1. Sometimes a connection is just there. It happened to me with my horse Erik many years ago and unfortunately not since he's been gone.

    Your horses are all just so beautiful, I love reading and learning about all their personalities.

  2. You got to meet Lytha??? How awesome is that? A transplanted Washingtonian, who lives in Germany, but visits/vacations back in WA? LOL It sounds like it went well...
    Can't wait to read more. : )

  3. mikael,

    thanks for posting these pictures i had not seen before of the horses i met.

    i started crying again just reading your description today. what a touching (overwhelming) experience, something everyone should be blessed enough to have.