Monday, May 24, 2010

A Mare.......A Van...........and Life

Saturday morning I put a mare on a van headed for Wyoming. You'd think I'd be doing a post about that mare and why she was leaving here. That had been my intention at some point since having her leave here sure did tug at my heart strings but sometimes life jumps up and smacks us right in the face so our story goes a different way than we intended.

I called to let the new owner know the mare safely loaded and was on her way to her new home. I ended up leaving my message with an answering machine. When I didn't get a call later, I thought it was odd. This woman was so excited to be getting this mare with her increasingly rare bloodlines this silence was uncharacteristic. Other than an occasional thought here and there about the lack of response, I spent my time wondering how my mare was doing on her trip.

Last evening the phone rang with the distinctive ring that tells me the call is long distance. I thought maybe it was this woman, Sherri Graves. She is a breeder of Arabian horses but looking down at the number it wasn't her. I answered to phone to a male voice asking for Rising Rainbow Arabians and me.

When I confirmed my identify, the voice on the other end tole me he was the brother of the woman who was to receive my mare. He said that Sherri had an accident and was was hospitalized. That's right, hospitalized! The man's voice was shaken. I could hear the worry in his voice.

The man wanted the particulars about the delivery of the horse that was coming to his sister's farm. All he knew was there was a horse arriving sometime. He had no idea any of the details and he wanted to be prepared since he is taking care of things for his sister while she is laid up.

I began asking questions. What had happened to Sherri? Yesterday she was injured by a horse. He didn't know the particulars of what happened. Nobody did.

The woman has severe head trauma and is currently in the hospital in a medically induced coma. They had to take measures to relieve the excess swelling of her brain including adding a drain.

The doctors expect to keep her in a coma for at least a week. It will depend on the swelling whether they add or subtract from that time. They also expect she will be in the hospital at least a month if not longer depending on her status. Other than that they have no idea what to expect about Sherri's recovery.

I know enough about head trauma to know what that means. There are so many variables with head trauma. When Sherri regains consciousness they'll have a starting point but there still will be lots more questions. Only time will tell what lies ahead for Sherri and her family.

I might add a few years back a trainer friend of mine had a severe head injury. His treatment was much the same as Sherri's. His recovery took months but he did get back to training horses. Even is on a video preaching the importance of wearing a helmet.

Just a few days ago I read a friend's blog post about the death of a friend's thirteen year old daughter. The girl died in an accident schooling her barrel horse. Somehow the horse fell and rolled over on the girl killing her.

As I heard about Sherri, my thoughts turned to my blogging friend, this girl and her family too. I don't know if it just feels like there are so many more tragic things happening to people involved with horses or if it's the internet making us all so much closer that we hear about them now.

What I do know is it makes me think about my own mortality and that of my family. . It's hard not to think from time to time about "what if."

Your thoughts and prayers for Sherri and her family and for my blogging friend, Linda and her friends, as well, would be appreciated.

A Sad Day


  1. It can happen so quickly ! I will keep , you, your friend and your client in my prayers

  2. What a nightmare! I sincerely hope this woman recovers completely and my heart goes out to the woman who lost her daughter in the barrell racing accident. I know you are probably worried about your mare too. Hope all goes well there as well.

  3. fernvalley, I agree. Life can change in the blink of an eye. Anotoher reminder that we need to make the most of the time we have.

    wilsonc, You're right. I am worried about the fate of my mare as well.

  4. I and my oldest son survived his traumatic brain injury. My thoughts and prayers are with Sherry and her family. It is a hard thing to work through, and the outcome so unknown.

  5. Oh man, that is scary how bad things can happen so unexpectedly. I'll send a prayer for Sherri and all the others who have had mishaps and tragedies.
    I think the internet has allowed us to become more aware and connected to other people and events all over the world rather than our own little community as it was in the past.

  6. I'm sending good thoughts for everyone concerned. My heart goes out to the poor woman who lost her child. I hope for quick healing for Sherri and the best for your beautiful mare.

  7. I am sorry to hear of this too. It does seem like there are more horse accidents as of late. I'm sure it does have to do with access and the internet like you said though.

    I truly hope that the woman has a full recovery and that she's out enjoying her horses soon. It is heart wrenching to hear of the young girl who was killed - so incredibly devastating :(.

  8. We do seem to hear more and more stories about tragic/tramatic accidents. Two summers ago, there were several in a row around my local area in SD. Most of them happened to people when they were working horses alone.

    I hate to say that age has caught up to me, but I am very conscious of the fact that I send a good portion of my day working with horses...alone. I worry about my mom, who is 68 and all alone on her place and her dealing with horses. Last summer a piece of twine she ties the gate open with jumped into the eyehole of her shoe and she face planted into the fence, right next to one of the horses. It was only by the grace of god that mare did not jump and kick mom rolling around on the ground.

    Prayers for Sherri and I hope things with your mare will be alright too.

  9. So true RR we need to make the best of while we are here...always tell those close to you I love you when parting on calls, emails or in never know if it may be the last time they hear it or you get to tell them. I was not planning on sending my horse back to a trainer so I could learn to ride sidesaddle,with the cost and all but last few weeks I kept thinking if I really want to do this at age 52 then I need to go for is fleeting and we get 1 time around... so after doing for everyone else all my life I am doing this one thing for myself and dropped the horse off at trainers Saturday. I will keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers.

  10. I pray Sherri has a full and speedy recovery and that the family of the young girl finds comfort and peace.
    Working with large animals can be dangerous but so is riding in a car. You couldn't enjoy any activity if you spent all your time worrying about "what if?" I'm sure neither of these people would have chosen injury or death, yet they were pursuing something they loved. Better than living in a protective shell.

  11. I found out that I was pregnant 2 days ago. I've been debating whether or not I should continue to ride my horse. He's usually very well behaved, but not always. Taking the next 9 months off doesn't sound like fun, but "better safe than sorry" sounds like a really good idea!

  12. I'm so sorry to hear about that. It is sad how quickly things happen and life changes. I hope she recovers and will be able to work with the mare after all.

  13. Both accidents are very sad. I don't hear about many around me personally, and I have a lot of friends who ride horses--maybe it is the internet and the quick spread of information. Makes you wonder. I'll be praying for her recovery.

  14. I have myself just arrived home from a couple of days away to take our son to the hospital to visit a few Dr's for a check up on his recovery from the removal of his brain tumor.

    I feel for all these people, I know how devestating it can be, and how everything can change so quickly. I know that our priorities have changed since our son was diagnosed with his brain tumor. Owning a home is no longer a priority for us, giving our children a childhood full of love, fun and family is now more important, not working all the time to pay the mortgage. We sold our house to help pay medical bills and are now in rented accommodation and are very happy.

    We still have many challenges ahead of us with the injuries to Matthews brain from the tumor, but the thing is, at least he is still with us, and no matter what happens we still love him and will do anything for him. I so feel for Linda's friend, my heart goes out to her to loose her daughter in such a tramatic manner would be absolutely devestating.

    Sherri and family and Linda and her friends are definately in my thoughts and prayers.

    Karren from Australia