Monday, May 17, 2010

Names..........Mares...........and Solidare.........

I was asked in the comments about the name for this new foal and that gets my brain going in all sorts of directions. Anyone who knows me knows I have this thing about names. It can take me months to get to the right place for a foal born here.

Each horse has a story that goes along with the name. Some are simple like Storm and some not so simple like Doc

How Rhet got his name was pretty complicated but then anyone knowing me would know there definitely was a meaning there just hearing the name. Rhet's registered name defintely tells the story of how he came to live with me. Understanding how he got his barn name must first go to the filly's story of how her name came to be Scarlet Once that name was in place it seemed like fate that the new colt's barn name would compliment the fateful pair. More on the Secret Name

The colts of my third foal crop had an assortment of names.
Then there are so many stories about names I haven't even posted yet.

Sometimes on their own the names of foals have become categorized with a particular mare. Bey Aana's foals, aside from that first red one that Dave and Lindsay named, began in a vein of the difficulty it took getting her first foal. Somehow from there we'd gone on into the P's. Chase to Pursuit always made sense and Persuasion for the smooth, suave red colt did too. Then Lindsay picked Patriot for the holiday he was born on. You can bet if Aana ever has another foal it will have a P name.

Lilly's foals after the loss of the first colt got onto a vein of their own. Hope was followed by Faith, I'm sure you can see where that was going. The second colt was a mirror of the first so he carried that first colt's registered name even though his barn name was changed but any more foals after this will certainly go back to that theme.

Since themes are the thing you might be wondering what kind of a theme might have developed with Solidare. Her first foal was named after her bloodlines since they mean so much to my breeding program. The "Dare" line of mares are found on both sides of the pedigree in foals with Legs and Solidare as their parents.

AFter that first foal we somehow managed to get off onto a musical theme. Although Rhythm got his name from his irregular markings it fit his movement as well which is fluid and easy, even melodic. Dancer was named because of her movement too and before I even realized we had Rhapsody. A musical theme was definitely taking shape even though it was unintended at first.

So what to do........what to do about Solidare's last foal. Since it is her last foal I was thinking a tribute to the mare might be in order. Instead of the usual Scandalous as the first part of the name, I have been considering using the mare's name instead.

I told my friend, Wendy, my thoughts. She thought my "creation" sounded like it should be a filly instead of a colt. What do you think of Solidares Last Dance? Colt name?? Filly name?? Or maybe there's something else that might fit for a foal from this mare.......


  1. I like that name! Or if ya want some other suggestions...

    Solidaires Finale
    Solidaires Al Fine
    Solidaires Diminuendo
    Solidaires Decrescendo


  2. I'm terrible at names. I was usually happy when they came with a name and just used that.

    I like Solidare's Last Dance. The only name I can think of that would be simple and honor her would probably be something unimaginative like Solidare's Sun (son) or Dare to Dream, Dare's Dream etc... Sorry told you I'm no good at this stuff.

  3. Hi there! New commenter - I've just been reading your blog for the last little while, but I have a suggestion.

    How about Solidares Coda? Coda being something that brings a song to a close, it would fit both the "last foal" theme and the music theme.

  4. I like the name, Dance or Dancer could be a filly or a colt . But what about Solidares Last Tango. Bear with me here the Tango is a slow style that builds in strength as it proceeds ,more subtle movments to start (sort of like your little fella ) whatever you name hinm one thing is for sure , he is lovely!

  5. I've tried to keep the names the horses came with, but they always seem to get a nick name or barn name. But it doesn't come to me right away... Windy's is also "Poo" -- I'd call her Windy the Poo... and Poo stuck. Blue's registered name is Reggie Blue. He was actually "Dewey" when he came here, but Blue sounded close enough... Our belgians name was Dutch but she was "the baby" when we got her, so Baby stuck. Butterscotch became simply Butter. Ginger is AKA Red.

    Love to name the registered ones... but like you, would have to think on it for awhile.

  6. Actually I love all the names suggested by your commenters. And the names of all the other horses you mentioned in your post. We've only bred one foal (last year) and I've also enlisted the help of my followers to think of a name for her. They came up with great suggestions. She's now named Eavanaloma. We call her Evie.

    (Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on Naloma's colic yesterday. She's fine now. *phew*)

  7. It makes me sad, the finality of the name "Last Dance." Also, you have a Dancer already. But I agree the word "Solidare" should be in his name.

    Wish I could come up with something fitting.


  8. I like Sarah's suggestion of Solidares Coda. Although it ends in an a, it sounds masculine and it's easy to remember and say.

  9. Look at that face! Adorable! Love him!

    I think that you should name him whatever you want because chances are you'll have that special name you call him that most likely won't fit how he's registered anyway! It takes me forever also to finally decide!

  10. FWIW, I'd say Solidare's Last Dance is boy or girl appropriate - I also like the first one EquineSpirit recommended: Solidares Finale.

    I usually just hang out and lurk, but I've really been enjoying Solidare's saga - thanks for sharing!

  11. Lytha made the same point that I was going to; that you already have a Dancer. I like the Coda suggestion. All kinds of nicknames can be tricked out of that.
    We once had to register a dog with a musically themed name. We settled on the kennel name followed by Ain't Misbehavin'.
    Call name was Jed.

  12. I think the name could go either way myself. Solidare's Last Dance is nice and neat and makes a statement. :)

  13. I really, really like Solidare's Last Dance! I also like Sarah's suggestion, Solidare's Coda. I rather like more obscure meanings, with a story behind them.

  14. Thank you so much Mikael for letting us know your thoughts on the new colts name. To be honest I feel Solidaires Last Dance does sound like a filly. I love the suggestion Solidairs Coda, I think it would be extremely appropriate and doesn't have such a sadness linked to it.

    Just my thoughts.

    Karren from Australia

  15. I like Solidares Last Dance too, except that it sounds as if you won't be breeding on her again...

    We just saw the arrival of a little Diva last night. I wanted the "v" sound from Arwen, and with a father named Bimbo, Diva it had to be. What the rest of her name will be (the African part...), we'll just has to see as she shows more of her character.

    Warm greetings from West Africa!