Thursday, July 2, 2009

I've Got a Secret.................the Name!

Before I begin posting about the Region 4 All Arabian Horse Championships there's one more little loose end I need to clear up. You all may remember me posting a while back about my secret. Well, I've kind of left things dangling about this colt and since part of my goal from him was the Region 4 Championships, I'm thinking I should really bring things up to speed about him first.

I'd posted in Down Time about my dilemma with this colt's name. Now it was time to do something about it.

There's a funny little quirk I have about naming horses, I like the name to say something about the horse. I don't care if it reflects the horse's personality or if it's some connection to the horse as long as it tells something that's important to me about that horse.

Scandalous Dare for example is the first daughter out of Solidare. All of the horses of my breeding have scandal or scandalous in their name somewhere. It's a tribute to Scandalous, my foundation mare, as well as distinctive. It strikes people as unique and it identifies horses as coming from my farm.

From there, the Dare line of mares is actually where Scandalous came from. To use Dare in the name of the first filly honored both Scandalous, who will always have my heart, and Solidare who found her way into my heart as well. The name has special meaning for me, as does the mare who owns that name.

The breeder had been worried in naming this colt I would use 'scandalous' which did not reflect his breeding in any way. However, that was never my plan. Although you can bet his son and daughters will have it as a part of their name because they will be horses that were bred by me. But I did want to chose a name that would open up doors in what would "work" both in chosing names for his get and still identifying my breeding program.

Knowing how important it is to me that the names I chose identify me as a breeder, I guess I figure that other breeders should be acknowledged as well. I think starting a line of horses from what I hope is a great stallion, I want those names to tell he's the sire as well as identifying the horses came from my farm. Finding a name that fit both bills as well as keeping in mind what the breeders had used for criteria in chosing a name in the first place.was important to me and going to take special thought.

Then there was the controversial actions by the stallion owner that contributed to how I ended up with this colt in the first place. I will never look at this colt and not think about that story. It seemed only right to me his name should reflect something of that history.

I'm not going to go into anymore of the thought process I went through to reach my decision than this. I think the name I selected speaks for itself. I'll let your imaginations fill it in from there. When it was all said and done the name I selected fit all of my criteria. This colt went from being a spidery newborn, right smack dab through the middle of a controversy and came out the other side..............................Secret Envy.

To be continued....................

More on the Secret Name

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  1. I have to tell you folks that to see this horse in person is to see greatness in the making. He's what I would call NICE (at the top of your lungs lol). Nice really isn't a good enough word, but in my terms it means the top. :)

    And the name, well it fits perfectly!

  2. Very nice name! Do you still need the LA? LA Secret Envy, perhaps? When does he make his showring debut?

  3. It's a great name that will lend itself well to future names, and still has the same feel as the names of your other horses. Naming horses is fun.

  4. Because you had secret envy for this colt all along, you named him Secret Envy? Well, I've got secret envy for for Secret Envy! He's a beauty!