Friday, July 3, 2009

More on the Secret Name

One of the things I forgot to mention about the name of this colt, just happens to be his barn name. Normally I'm a real stickler about barn names. I want them to reflect the registered name of the horse.

I can remember when I first got back into horses working at Feature Farm in Auburn. There were 55 head of Arabian and half-Arabian horses with their registered names on the stall doors and their barn names on the work boards. With no rhyme or reason to those barn names I had a tough time figuring out who was who. I determined at that time I would NEVER do that. Barn names would be part of the registered here I am today with a gelding called Louie whose registered name is Scandalous Image (there is a story there) and now there's the new colt.

But then Louie kinda makes sense..........there is a "lou" in Scandalous. Don't laugh........I know it's a stretch........but it's a stretch I made. And if I could make that stretch............then you might even guess from secret.........I could stretch to "ret." (spelled rhet)

Just something about that colt appealed to the romantic in me..........there was even a hint in a post way back in January.......... Don't you think this equine throwback to Gone with the Wind (speaking of MizScarlet here) should have a Rhet? What a story that would be for 2009.

That's right, pretty much since he arrived this colt hasn't been "this colt" to me, He's been Rhet. Scarlet and Rhet have been a item right from the start. I even posted a picture of the two of them on one Wordless Wednesday post long before the secret was out here.

I just couldn't help myself both at giving Scarlet at "Rhett" of her very own AND of leaving little hints in my posts along the way. Having this colt and not being able to tell anyone was really getting to me. I could hardly refrain from posting little hints every now and then.........Well.........and I must confess, I did share in private emails with a couple of my blogging friends but considering the magnitude of my secret I think I did pretty darn well.

And since I've been disclosing some of the hints I left along the way, another obvious one was back in the Twas the Night Before Christmas
There was even one comment from Kim questioning the twenty-eighth horse mentioned in that poem. Kim mistakenly surmised that horse was Storm. However, Storm was no longer a resident here. He had been sold to Angie and Richard. Rhet was the unnamed twenty-eighth horse. He was way too important to my future plans to leave him out so I mentioned him in this unnamed manner in the precise position where he had joined my herd. The cat was out of the bag........but nobody knew it..........well, mostly nobody. There were those four people who knew.

To be continued...........

The Secret Is Finally Out

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  1. Oh yes the hints lol. I had many a good giggle over the reading of those hints and there were many a times that I had to sit on my hands to refrain from making a comment...

    The name Rhet even fits this colt. He sometimes gets a "Frankly I don't give a damn..." attitude towards certain things. :)

    He's a handful, but everytime I see him, I just love him even more.

  2. I like the name you've chosen. I can't wait to hear more about this handsome guy. I have expectations that he is learning some gentlemanly manners along the way too :)

  3. I even scratched that, remembering you sold Storm to R and A, and thought, possibly the 28th horse could of been the foal inside Dare, not realizing you'd bought a new horse for your herd. Never did it cross my mind that you'd be buying a secret junior colt. Even with all the secret hints. LOL.

  4. BTW, I certainly couldn't think of a better barn name than Rhet. I think Rhet is a perfect name for him.

  5. I think I'm going to hire you to name all of my animals from now on. That is so perfect! I'm a huge Gone With the Wind fan, so I can really appreciate why Rhet is such a good barn name for Secret Envy (which is also great by the way). I can't see what you come up with for his babies years from now!