Sunday, July 5, 2009

I've Got a Secret.........It's Finally Out!

Now it was up to me to get the horse into the ring before the secret was out............only that didn't happen. Someone close to the breeder leaked the information and within a week, the word got back to me. Someone I knew had heard from an outside source that I had this colt. I immediately called the breeder to let her know the grapevine was discussing the whereabouts of my colt.

As it turned out, she knew how the story had been leaked. It had actually originated with someone looking at another horse the breeder owned. These people knew of the colt and were asking questions. Their curiosity about the colt led to a source close to the breeder who told the story........but at least I was off the hook.

Once the word was out, I was no longer obligated to keep this secret until the horse hit the ring. That's when I began posting about him here.

Up until that time I had planned on showing him at the Daffodil Spring All Arabian Show so that I could fulfill my part of the bargain. Since the colt was not ready to be shown at the time and I no longer had to show him to talk about him, I passed on that show and set my sights instead on the Region 4 All Arabian Horse Show Breeder's Sweepstakes Yearling Colts Class.

Conditioning the colt had started months before. He was beginning to get in shape but I struggled with getting weight on him. The colt is so "hot" he just burns the calories breathing...........I swear. If anything was to stop this horse from hitting the ring it was going to be his weight.

As far as teaching him to stand up, this colt was a quick learner. The only real issue I could see was going to be getting him to "Whoa!" when he was excited. So part of his schooling was setting up situations that made him not want to listen. If I could get him to stand with all kinds of distractions, he should stand in the ring with a bunch of strange colts around.

It was about this time that the breeder finally decided to come for a visit. She wanted to see how he was developing. Just because she didn't want to be saddled with a colt didn't mean she no longer cared about how he turned out.

It was during that visit she asked me about his name. We'd only discussed the possibility of me changing it once.......and that was when she'd told me she'd prefer that I didn't. In a later phone call she'd said he was mine I could do what I wanted but nothing definite had ever been said about changing his name for sure.

I had planned on telling her during this visit what I had done but she beat me to it. Asking shortly after she arrived at what I'd finally come up with for his name. When I explained to her about all of the colts named Eragon, she immediately understood why I'd made the change............and as it turns out she really like the name I'd chosen. I can tell you that was a relief. The last thing I wanted was to have her upset with my decision.

From here the story really begins...................

MizScarlet and Her Rhet

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  1. I can see what you mean, in this picture, you can see 3 little ribs. Not too bad, and other that, wow he looks gorgeous. Also, glad you've started to continue this story, I've been wanting to read it for forever!

  2. Oh, this is so much fun learning that Rhet's previous owner is watching and caring how this all turns out!
    I can't wait to hear more!!!
    Oh, BTW...he really is handsome!

  3. great.. you're off the hook.. onward and upward !