Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dare's Foal Finally Gets a Name!

I'm really obsessive about names for my foals. By the time I finally come up with the right name for a new foal, the foal is no longer new and those reading my blog have given up on me ever coming up with one.

That's definitely been the case this year. There were lots of suggestions from readers and friends and they were nice names.............just not what I had in mind..........even though I really had no idea what I had in mind.

With my first ever half Arabian foal, I had some definite criteria in my mind for what this horse's name should be. Although along with that criteria I really didn't have a clue as to any specifics about the name. All I was sure of was I wanted it to sound like what this horse is.............a "ride n slide" kind of horse with his Quarter horse pedigree.

Yet I still wanted this name to reflect the horse was bred by me. All the horses I have bred have either "scandalous" or "scandal" as part of their names. So that part would be easy...........I wanted the name to be "Scandalous.............something or other. It's that "something or other" that gave me fits.

Back when Richard finally got to see the "other half" of the pedigree of this foal, he had lots to say about this guy. No longer was the colt just another Legs' baby or grandbaby, now he'd moved into the ranks of Quarter horse superstars, at least in Richard's book. He finally understood my quest for the right name.

What's In This Pedigree definitely got us thinking about what kinds of names we could use to leave clues about the great horses that have contributed genetically to this colt. Many Arabian people don't know who The Mighty Oak is, even those interested in reining. But serious reiners would recognize the horses behind him. I wanted a name that reflected that while preserving that "ride n slide" feel.

Well, it happened...........it finally happened! After much talking and a lot of joking around we finally came up with a name for Dare's foal. I have to tell you, I think it's absolutely perfect.........something I never say lightly..........nor get to easily......but perfect it is. It portrays exactly what I wanted to say about this colt.

To be honest, I am not the one who came up with this name. It was Richard's doing. I think he blurted it out as a joke until he saw the look on my face. This name immediately hit the mark with me. There were no second thoughts, no doubts........just total acceptance from one of the most obsessive foal namers anyone will ever meet. Talk about a shock.........for both Richard.............and me...........the obsessive namer!

So what is it? What is the wonderful name with the "ride n slide" kind of feel that reflects this horse's heritage on both the top and bottom lines? Well, it's Scandalous Mr Goodbar!

For those of you who don't "get" it.............here's the deal. The "Mr" comes from Mr San Peppy. While the "Good" is the English for Bueno from the famous Poco Bueno who is predominate throughout this pedigree. Of course, the "bar" is the famous Doc Bar and the illustrious Bar horses behind him. So what do we call this colt for his barn name................well, Doc, of course! This from the woman who insists that barn names are recognizable from the registered name.......oh well, what can I say?....it just seemed to fit.

I have to admit I'm not only delighted with this colt. I'm equally delighted with his name. For me the two fit together just like the vision I had when I decided to breed for this horse. A spectacular colt with a super star name and dreams of super stardom off in the future...................


  1. I'm glad you explained the 'components' of the name. It doesn't hurt to insinuate a leaning towards Zippos's Mr Good Bar either! Which is the first reference I thought of when I read the name, without seeing the pedigree of course! Congratulations and cheers to a long and happy productive life for

  2. He takes my breath away. Those long black back legs are as lovely as that muscled, compact body. I'm in awe and love.
    XOXO my handsome Doc.

  3. Love the name, but I had the same reaction as Flying Horse - Zippo's Mr Goodbar, who is a very predominant pleasure horse sire. From that name I personally would think of him as a 1/2 arab pleasure horse not a slider, but it sure is a cool name! Love his looks too and he sure looks like a doc. ;D

  4. That is one beautiful colt.

    FH2 caught it too-the Zippo's Mr Good Bar horses are known pleasure horses.

    I understand your components, but I'm wondering if people with QH knowledge will be more inclined to think he is more "pleasure-y" than ride and slide?

    I only mention that because I am very particular with my registered names as well. I like them to reflect the heritage of my horses and be catchy(in the event I actually ever get one to become famous;)

    Irregardless of what you name the colt though, he is outstanding. My goodness, I like The Mighty Oak's bloodlines well enough that I might have to seach him out. Wouldn't mind having a colt with that kind of powerful heritage behind him for myself.:)

  5. ...and one of the cutest dang faces I've seen in awhile. Ever since Far and Away I've been obsessed with horses with a large snip on their nose (Nicole Kidman's little mare had the prettiest face!)... and this guy's markings (how would you define it? Interrupted blaze? Blaze and a snip?)make you want to kiss that little nose.

    He looks QUICK. I'm glad I'm not the one who gets to back him for the first time!

  6. I am with the other two...my thought went right too "ooh, He is Good Bar bred". However, I LOVE Zippo's Mr. Good Bar, but its not giving the reining feeling you were after.

    It is however a great name...

  7. Very cool name MiKael, glad that you finally got one that "clicked". He is a gorgeous colt and Ilook forward to following his progress! I dont know much about the reining bloodlines although am familiar with all of those names.

  8. WOW!!! I have been waiting for pictures of (your newly named) Doc, I wanted to see what this breeding produced. WOW and double WOW!!! That is a hip to envy, and it looks like his chest isn't puney either! His neck and face are what I have come to expect from your horses...the best of what you want in a 1/2 Arab 1/2 Quarter - Congratulations again!!!

  9. He's a beauty. Without knowing the QH lineage I immediately thought of "Looking for Mr. Goodbar."

    Best of luck with him!