Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More on Doc's Name

After I got done laughing (I think ROFLMAO would apply) at the comments about Doc's name from all you Quarter Horse lovers, I was going to respond in the comments but, as usual, my comment got so lengthy it looked more like a blog post so figured I'd just respond here. It was certainly obvious to me how little I know about bloodlines of Quarter horses from your comments, particularly the more current ones. I did know somewhere up in my head that there are certain bloodlines known better for certain halter, pleasure and working horses but particularly which bloodlines those are, I haven't a clue. I'm open to any help to enlighten me on this subject, I love knowing more about pedigrees.

What I know about Doc's breeding in working horse terms, I got from Richard. His aunt had a huge cattle ranch in Nevada when he was growing up and she particularly valued the breeding in Doc's pedigree for her working stock. That admiration for his aunt and her proficiency at selecting just the right horses for that work are what inspired Richard's excitement about Doc.

Now that's not to say that I don't know horses like Zippo Pine Bar. I do.......well, I recognize the name. I probably wouldn't recognize the horse if he stood right in front of me but I know it's a name to be respected. As for what he was good at, I'll need to be educated by my Quarter horse readers.

Zippo's Mr Good Bar I had never even heard of until FlyingHorse2's comment. I know nothing about this horse other than I like his name (giggle) I'll have to look him up to see how closely he's related to my guy. I just love researching pedigrees.

With that being said, I should probably clarify a bit on my take on a "ride n slide" kind of name. From what I can tell in the Arabian industry a "ride n slide" kind of name would be a name that sounds more like a Quarter horse than an Arabian type name (now if you ask me how to define that, it could get interesting.) I believe most people in the Arabian circuit probably wouldn't know anymore about what QH lines do what than I so I'm probably still good with Scandalous Mr Goodbar for the name of a colt I hope will do reining.

Like BrownEyed Cowgirls my motive behind being particular about names (besides reflecting their heritage) has to do with wanting them to be catchy so that WHEN one becomes famous it will have a suitable name for stardom. Also I want people to associate them with my breeding program

When it's all said and done, I don't know what career this horse will have. He was bred to be a reiner but it is entirely possible this colt could end up a pleasure horse. I guess it will depend on whether or not he is sold and who gets him.........or how much I learn about teaching a horse to do the reining maneuvers.

It is not uncommon for reining horses to also be pleasure horses in the Arabian breed so Doc could even end up doing both. LaRae Fletcher-Powell of Silver Aspen Ranch makes her amateur reining riders show their horses in the pleasure division as well.

Whatever Doc ends up doing, I expect he will do it well. He has a load of talent and a great mind. Probably his only drawback as a reiner will be if I get to keep him because I know nothing at this point about riding a slider...........but I'm open to learning and there's a great trainer not far from my farm so I guess we'll have to just wait and see what the future holds.


  1. I could go on and on for days about the amazing individuals that pack The Mighty Oak's pedigree. However, for me, the most amazing thing is that every single line is literally a "who's who" in QH history and that so much thought and knowledge is packed into every "nick"..generation after generation. Them there are working horses!

    If you only went as far back as his grandparents-the fact that he is is a grandson of both the immortal Colonel Freckles and Doc's Oak is impressive enough. Pretty much everyone will recognize their names. But I know you are like me and love the mare power in the bloodlines too.;)

    So you can add in the fact that TMO's sire-Right This Minnick is out of a mare that produced foals that earned over $500,000 in the NCHA(cutters). Minnicks Goldie was the dam of Taris Catalyst(his sire was Doc Tari X Doc Bar), who won over $300,000 in the NCHA.

    Tachina Peppy-the maternal granddam was no slouch either. A person might say that is simply because she is a daughter of Mr San Peppy, but there is more to her pedigree than that. If you look at the breeding on this mare-she is intensely in-bred and line-bred Old Sorrel. That mare is pure King ranch breeding. She produced 5 NCHA money earners. Her dam-Tachina Tercera is an equi stat all-time leading producer. TT's get earned over $485,000.

    Something tells me MiKael, that you have bred a 1/2 arab that the reiners/cutters are going to be drooling over. Mighty Scandalous of you!!;)

    Of course, Zippo Pine Bar and The Mighty Oak have a few names in common-Poco Bueno and Leo. But the "nicks" are completely different, so you really are looking at significantly different types of horses.

  2. IF you sell him? If I had the bucks he should bring I would be camping in your driveway to get the opportunity.
    That tail over his back shows off his Arab attitude :)

  3. Sounds like a good strong name!

    BTW, how did he get the barn name Doc?

  4. Like BrownEyed Cowgirl - I love the Colonel Freckles in him - very cool! The name is still a good one! And yeah - the reining and cowhorse lines are really strong with that baby! Very cool colt!