Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's In This Pedigree

OK, I know I promised I would get started posting about the AHACO Arabian Horse Show in Salem a couple of weeks ago, but (yes there is that darn but again!) Richard's going to have to get me out of the barn before the sun goes down if I'm ever gonna have enough brain power left to write that darn post. My eyes are bleary and my brain definitely mush. The only thing I can think about is this darn pedigree thing.

So what's in this pedigree that gets Richard so excited? The Mighty Oak Quarter Horse He finally got a chance to look at this today and that's all he could talk about. Who knew the guy could get so excited about a month old half Arabian foal because of his "other half"? Poco Bueno and Doc Bar, he not only knew the big names.....he saw ALL of the connections there.

Better yet, who knew this Arabian breeder would pick out such a well bred stallion? Well, maybe that's not such a stectch, I seem to have had an instinct for finding those kinds of horses in pretty much any breed. But what were the odds I'd pick one with such emotional ties to Richard. The only problem with I'll have ONE more horse that Richard thinks we should keep! Do you have any idea how many of those we're racking up?


  1. Remind me never to tell Richard about my paint filly's bloodlines... :)

    Sell that foal quick lol... Umm good luck. :)

  2. LOL to Lady of C.
    Wow, what a pedigree.
    You have a veritable "whos-who" in AQHA lines as far as performance horses are concerned. Not to mention Foundation horses.

    As you move back through the generations you find...

  3. I bred my first horse to a son of Poco Bueno. That's right, first generation of the great sire. So, my second horse was a wonderful filly, and grand-daughter to the champion. She had shoulders and brains. That was back in the early '60's.

  4. LOL, even I know a lot of those names! Awesome pedigree!!!

  5. MiKael, it doesn't surprise me that with your skill and experience you have a knack for seeing quality and talant. When you're looking for that 'something special'...breed is not important.
    I was marveling over his pedigree when you first posted the sire of your filly :)

  6. Ooooh, Doc Bar........"Ditto" to Cheri and the who's who of QH performance~!

  7. Congrats on your future reining superstar! I have to show my mother this blog, cause she still thinks I'm nuts for breeding my arabian to a paint for a reining horse for myself. I can say, "See, I'm not the only one."

    I looked up the Mighty Oak, he's got some great horses in his pedigree, but I saw nothing about his HERDA status (seeing as he goes back to Poco Bueno, like my own half-arabian filly). I'd never heard of it until long after my mare was bred.

  8. All I can say is that I know the collecting horses thing all too well so don't feel alone!!! That's good performance stock in that bloodline.