Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Foaling Season 2002...........a scandalous storm

It's funny how I still remember the foaling seasons I've had here on this Arabian horse farm. I may have to run through all the foals in chronological order in my head to name all those foals but I still remember the funniest little details about each foaling.

This particular season I was waiting on two foals. Bey Aana was due to foal first. There was a big storm moving in and the mare was beginning to get milk. I remember checking the condition of that milk before making the decision that I would go ahead and keep a date with a friend for dinner.

Even though the mare's milk was coming, it was my guess she had at least another 24 hours before foaling. I gave Dave and Lindsay instructions just in case Mother Nature should decide to interfere with my plans and I went off to my dinner date not the least bit worried. I was only going to be gone a couple of hours, not much could happen in that short a time.........or so I thought.

I enjoyed a leisurely dinner at Olive Garden with my friend, Wendy. We even discussed Bey Aana's eminent foaling and the likelihood that Lindsay and Dave would have to deal with it. I was pretty smug in my belief that the mare wouldn't foal for a day or two.........when at that very hour my mare was home proving me wrong.

Now, neither Dave nor Lindsay were on top of this situation. They came out to grain horses and Dave spotted a strange moving shadow in the corner of the stall. That's how this foal made his entrance into the world. totally unobserved.

It's a good thing nothing went wrong and the mare didn't require help. Things might have turned out quite differently.

By the time I arrived home, Dave and Lindsay were all proud of themselves like they'd done something really great. They'd gotten the foal up. Cleaned the stall. Helped the foal to nurse and even remembered to dunk the stub of the foal's navel in the iodine solution.

Dave was in his mind he'd delivered this foal and it was now his baby. Lindsay was in love purely because this foal was her beloved Bey Aana's. The fact that she got to help with the essentials was only frosting on the cake.

It seemed only fair with their participation that Dave and Lindsay should be the ones to name this foal. They were in agreement that the only possible choice for this big red colt was to name him after the circumstances of that night.

Scandalous Storm was their pick. I couldn't help but remember what Shannon Armstrong always said, "Be care what you name them, they might just live up to it." Already having the red head thing going for him, I wondered if adding a name like Storm wasn't just asking for trouble. But then I couldn't disappoint Dave or Lindsay either so Scandalous Storm is what it was. I couldn't help but wonder where the happenings of one stormy night would lead.

Now with Angie and Richard buying Storm and questions being asked about this horse , it seems like a fitting time for a little of his history.

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  1. LOL I had a Storm born this year. In the middle of an afternoon wind and rain storm, my leased mare left the stall went out into the goopiest mud she could find and foaled a little black filly. Yep, we named her Storm. Wouldn't you know it, she's the brattiest foal you ever saw lol. Cute, friendly, but stubborn as all get out.

    I wonder if Storm is going to live up to his name by... Taking the show ring by storm.... :)

  2. wow what an incredible beauty... wonder if she lives up to her name

    gp in montana

  3. I think it's a great name. He sure was a cute little bugger when he was born.