Monday, January 26, 2009

Oops! I Missed Something - 2nd Year Blogging Anniversary

Somewhere in all of the weather woes and getting over my surgery, I totally overlooked the anniversary for my second year of blogging. It just doesn't seem possible that it's been two years since I started this journey. Two years and 629 posts later (to my anniversary date) and I'm still going strong. It seems with that kind of milestone, I should stop for a little reflection on this time and maybe acknowledge some of the posts and people along the way.

My first readers I am glad to say are still hanging in there Dressage Mom and ProPhoto By Lori and Cheri, who doesn't write a blog, but is one of my mare stare friends, go back to my very first days blogging. They all give me inspiration to keep plugging away when I sometimes really don't know where to start.

Since those first days, I've added some other great connections and found some wonderful blogs. So many of them in fact, I think I'm going to have to take a cue from Lisa at Laughing Orca Ranch and build a blog just for all the links. Heaven knows the search engines are going to choke on all these links and my google reader has already made a mess out of them with double entries it somehow added with my blogger favorites. LOL

Although I am starting to believe this blog thing can be something of an addiction. I think my list is well up over 100. I may need an intervention and a twelve step program soon!

I can't believe all of the different types of posts there have been over this span of time. Beginning with that first post, Trash Talking Arabian Horses way back on Jan 7, 2007. Since then I've evan managed to be the target of a little trash talking myself in a couple of times. Trash Talking Comment However, that's not been enough to stop me.......heck it didn't even slow me down.

Not being afraid to voice my opinions I've racked up a whole lot of posts on just that. I've taken on everything I could think of like What's Up with Arabian Halter? Good, Bad, Ugly? and moving on into posts like What You Don't Know Will Cost You! Of course, a bit of integrity wouldn't hurt either, now would it?
Up Jumped the Devil - Integrity & Horse Trainers and there was Selling Horses which definitely has some objectional behavior in that process. I'm sure there'll be more posts like that coming down the pike.

I began that series on A Different Sort of Rescue Story that is yet to be finished. Even though the rescue involved asked if I wanted the other side of the story, that is yet to come. I'm not going to let this drop just because they haven't finished answering my questions. I'm willing to go with what I have so far and let my readers decide. Don't you think?

Then, of course, I've never been timid about my own perspective on raising babies either,
Attack Foal - Arabian Horses or training horses Ground Work versus Riding....What to Do? As Richard and I continue in our alliance training horses, there will be lots more on training........and even some on our mishaps, I'm sure.

I've never been shy about my feelings for Arabian horses in general. More on Those Wild and Crazy Arabian Horses along with their function in my life Arabian Horses as Healers or my tributes to them Special "Thanks" for Our Horses

Life has always done it's own thing and injected it's own issues into my posts with all sorts of incidents from the horse kind like Life Dares to Interfere with My Dream to fighting stallions
Twins Saga Delayed for Life Turns with Arabian Horses and Stallions Part 2 (can you believe dear sweet Storm was behind this?) And more than our share of drama with A Day in the Life....................911 to , of course, the human kind. A Day in the Life........up jumped the devil! That post didn't disclose the real injury which turned out to be four broken transverse processors (part of the vertebrae in your back). I'm sure there'll be more on this story as well.

The Baby Boomer series not only tells how I got started in this industry but has shared some of the tragedies I've experienced as well. The Legacy Continues - The Second Foal Crop nearly stopped me in my tracks. Not a day goes by I don't think about that time. Yet, I'm really glad I already had more mares bred to keep me going. As heartbreaking as times can get raising horses, they are worth every bit of the pain.

There have also been series on individual horses that I have raised like MiKael Meets Richard...............the ghost horse and Getting Started......and then there's Percy The future will bring more posts on these horses and a maybe even a mystery horse or two.

Somewhere in all of this I've even managed A Question on Color Genetics and a series on Clipping for the Arabian Horse Show Circuit - The Face although I've yet to come through with the promised post of body clipping. Hmmmmm maybe this year I'll get to that one........

All in all it's been a pretty exciting ride. Sometimes I thought I'd never think of enough stuff to write. Yet it seems to have gone just the other way. I seem to have this list of things to finish and things I haven't even started yet. I think it's a pretty safe bet I'll be at this at least another year. What do you think?

Are there any posts left undone or things I haven't covered that you'd like to see?

Also, please keep in mind the deadline is fast approaching for the next Carnival of Horses here on Feb 1. The deadline for submission is this Friday.
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There have been a few entries trickling in, but still more are needed. The only theme is horses.....posts can be humorous, silly, educational, true stories, you name it.....

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  1. Happy Anniversary's to many more.

  2. I'm going to have to bookmark this page and get to reading some of those early posts. I only started reading your blog this past summer.
    I've really enjoyed what I've read so far.
    Keep up the great work and...


  3. Wow Mikael, two whole years of great posts! Thank you for the recognition, I didn't realize that I was one of the first.

    I hope that more updates on the young horses and of course the twins and Dandy are on the way?

    Fantastyk Voyager, the previous posts are well worth the time to go back and read.

  4. photogchic, Thanks, I sure hope you're right. It's hard to describe what this experience has meant.

    Fantastyk Voyager, sometimes when I'm going back through looking for something I've written, it's surprise to see what some of these posts are about. Funny how that can happen.....

    cheri, yes, can you believe it. I'm pretty sure you showed up here from marestare within my first week. You haven't left a lot of comments over time, but I always know you're there because you vote at blog village and rate this blog while there. I so appreciate the support you have been.

    There will be updates coming on the young horses and Dandy, even a surprise or two........

  5. I have always enjoyed looks at these horses and this one is just as nice as the others.

  6. Wow - 629 posts! Happy blogiversary! You are a great writer and I enjoy reading your posts.

  7. Happy Anniversary MiKael! In the year that I have been reading here, you have shared SO much knowledge! I have loved stopping in and checking everything out and really learning about Arabs. Keep the info coming!

    On a side note, I have really enjoyed getting to know you through our emails. You are an inspiration to me!

  8. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary. You've written so many wonderful and informative posts over the past two years, it would be hard to pick a favorite topic or series. Keep at it...

  9. You deserve a great big Congratulations. You are a wonderful story teller and are amazingly prolific.
    Thank you for sticking with it!

  10. Happy Blog Anniversary, my fellow Arabian friend. I might not always comment on your posts, but I do read them. I really hope we can meet one day at Nationals or something. I'd love for you to meet by boy! I'd love to see some of your horses too, but I have no idea when I'll be out your way again.

    Some day...

  11. Happy Anniversary! Your blog is one of the best. Just to answer your question about what readers want, I have been enjoying your info on long lines so far. More about how you start your horses would be great. I also liked the bit about horse rescues for the same reason--it's a gift for readers, to learn from an experienced horse person.

  12. Happy Anniversary! I really enjoy your blog - it's a big part of my daily online list of "to do's". I miss having a farm and enjoy hearing about yours! THANK YOU!!!

  13. Abraham, How are you? Haven't seen you here in a while....not since you were sick, I think. Sure hope you're much better now.

    Laura, thanks, I'm always surprise to see how many posts I've written. I guess it's because I'm such a talker and I post how I talk.....which is pretty much ALL the time. LOL

    Mrs Mom, have you only been here about a year. Seems lie we've been friends forever. I value your friendship too and really look forward to our emails.

    Also working on pictures for you.....sure wish I had taken pics of the twins' legs when they were born. What a mess they were.

    Arlene, thanks, I intent to keep plugging away until blogger or life shut me down. LOL

    Molly, thanks for joining me in this journey. I think you joined in pretty early in my blogging career as well.

    Also, if prolific is another way of saying I'm a windbag, I think I've got that one covered pretty well. It'll probably keep me going for quite some time.

    dressagemom, I hope we can meet one day too. It would be great to put a face with the name and voice.

    I haven't really leapt into the sport horse arena yet but definitely have a horse I should be taking that direction. I think the day will come when I make sport horse nationals.

    Horseypants, I will be getting back to the long lining posts. Sometimes they brew in my brain a bit before I get them up. That way I know I can be thorough, or at least I hope I am.

    Once I finish with that series I plan on picking back up with the young horses we are starting. It will be a consistant sequence that way I think.

    Also, there definitely is more to the rescue story. The case against the original owners goes to court in the near future.

    Jeanette, I can't even imagine what it would be like to NOT have a farm. I guess it took me so long to get to this place, I can't even imagine giving it up.

    I'm glad that my blogging about horses brings you closer to what you love. That's part of the reason I started blogging. Being able to share with others just makes it all the sweeter I think.

    Although sometimes I think the ride can get kind of wild here, so just be prepared to hang on! LOL

  14. I love you discovered my blog and now I found yours to read! I used to work the Arab circuit and miss the breed horribly since I'm in QH country - (but am breeding mostly appendixes as they have a similar temperment).

    Go you!

  15. Happy 2 year anniversary. That's great. I just hit my one year anniversary. Thanks so much for sharing and stopping by my place.

  16. Happy 2nd Anniversary! I started a year ago myself but will have to look up the date as I can't even recall now! LOL

    Your horses are gorgeous!! Wish I lived on a farm as I love all animals and would take in as many as I could house.

    I just posted a new post tonight about the Glenn Miller Concert that I attended this past Sunday. It was just so heartwarming to see so many veterans being honored during the program.

    I see you get snow where you live. We get some every couple of years but not every year. I just want Spring to get here now...I am tired of winter already, and ours are actually mild here in SC.

    ((( HUGS )))

  17. Patrice, thanks and thanks for visiting.

    Danielle, I thought everywhere was QH country. It certainly is that here. LOL I get lots of comments about my Arabians when I go to horse events that are not breed spedific. I love showing them that they are mistaken about my breed.

    I don't know much about appendix QH other than they exist. Never have heard exactly how that came about. Or if I did, I didn't retain it.

    I have a lot of respect for other breeds. To me a good horse is a good horse and that's what really counts.

    Michelle, thanks for stopping by and congrats on your anniversary as well.

    Nancy, if it wasn't for bloggers archives I wouldn't know when I started either. I had to look it up last year and this year both. LOL

    I'm afraid that my thinking aligns somewhat with yours. I seem to be collecting critters whether I have room for them or not.

    As for snow, normally it is sparse here too. This year has been an exception. I wish it would go back where it belongs. I can't believe that winter is just getting started and we still have months to go.

  18. Oh wow Mikael!!! Two years and 629 posts! What a record!! I have no idea how long I've been stopping by to peruse your always thought-provoking and interesting blog posts, but it's gotta be at least a year.
    You are my favorite blog to sit with a cup of tea and just settle back and read. You're never a short-and-sweet gal. You always have lots to say about everything, and that's great!

    I don't always leave a comment, but I truly love how you still visit my blog and leave me a comment anyway. Makes me smile, my friend :~)

    You had me giggling seeing my name here talking about my separate blogs just to keep my links to my favorite blog friends, and my awards, too! lol!

    Do we have a serious addiction, or what?
    I think we could have much worse addictions, though, don't you agree?

    Congrats on your 2 years, Mikael!
    Here's to another 2 years (and more)


  19. Lisa, I don't know exactly how long you have been reading here but I do know it's been a long time.....before my first year anniversary by months I think. You were just starting on living your dream. I don't know that you'd done much collecting of critters yet. I remember being witness to llamas. goats and the painted princess. LOL

    You're right, I am a windbag. I write like I talk and I rarely ever run out of things to say. LOL

    As for addictions, I'm pretty sure we're going to need an intervention soon. Although I usually "find" the most new blogs when I am unable to work horses due to illness or injury (that's a scary word isn't it?) The problem is keeping up with them when I do get back to work horses. I find I miss my new friends and that's when my comments cut down because I can't do it all.....although God knows I try. LOL

    Thanks for the anniversary wishes.