Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What Does Ice and Snow Have to Do with Hamfattery?

It's funny how life works out sometimes. We got snowed out of working horses today so I found myself surfing around the internet, well, more specifically the blogosphere. In this expedition I kept coming across posts that tickled my funny bone. Some of them were not horsey at all which is my usual fare but I still found myself saving the links thinking I must really share these with my blogging buddies.

I had no idea how I was going to "tie" these posts in with my everyday posts. Then low and behold Danielle at Buried in Colorado bestowed on me the Hamfatter's Award. Since the story behind this award has to do with "being a ham," it seems the perfect time to post the links to the above two posts and bestow this lovely award on each of these two funny ladies.

This post from A Nut in a Nutshell ,as I said before, has absolutely nothing to do with horses but I have to admit it made me laugh. Oh no he Din't! A little black humor but humor none the less!

Then I located Gladys Tells All and her post, Walk of Shame tickled my funny bone as well. If you need a lift you might take a peek. I have a feeling there will be more posts like these.

In addition I'd like to give this award to other's who have tickled my fancy today. Linda over at the 7MSN Ranch hit the spot with her King of Soul rendition of Miss Eritha's hat.

From there it was on to visit Lisa over at Laughing Orca Ranch wrote about a little Goat Wrangling today. What princess wouldn't be entertained by that.

And for my final pick there is Anne at smellshorsey. She always has great wit and the post I read today Invite Us Somewhere -- We're All Smiles is a great example of Anne's humor. I've missed her regular blogging. I sure hope she's back for a while.

The story behind the award goes something like this: Andrea at Swamp Suburbia decided to contemplate on where blog awards came from. Her sister said they were made up. So Andrea decided to make one up, and well, the rest is history because this is what she found out: The word 'ham' originated in the early 1880s from a song called The Hamfat Man. It was a black minstrel song about an awkward man. After that, people would use the term hamfatter when someone was trying too hard to be funny and not succeeding. That was ultimately shortened to the word ham. So she made an award featuring her goat Joe. (Andrea, does that mean that Joe is a Ham?)

This award has it's rules:
1.Blog about the Hamfatter award, tell where the name came from (you can copy and paste, that is what I did!! me too, me too!!)
2. Post the Hamfatter Award Proudly on your blog!
3. Pick 5 blogs that just make you laugh and link to them in your post!
4. Link back to the person who gave you this hilarious Hamfatter Award!
5. Let your blogger friends know they were awarded a little something!

This was all great entertainment in place of my day working horses. Hopefully the weather will break and I'll be back on my regular schedule tomorrow. But if not, be prepared, you'll never know what I might dig up on these surfing expeditions of mine.

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  1. Wonderful choices! Those were some funny posts.

  2. Those are some great posts. I too am mostly into the horsey blogs, as that's what got me started in this blogging journey, but have been wandering out and expanding my horizons. I like to laugh, and laugh I did, especially with that walk of shame and ms. lisa's goat wrangling post.

    Congrats on your 2 year blogging anniversary :) some wild times in there I'm sure!

  3. COngrats on your award!!! Everyone needs a little laugh!! And I will have to go and check out some of those blogs!! I could use a good laugh!!

    Man, I have missed a lot of posts over here!! I will have to do some back reading! OH, and Congrats on 2 years of blogging!! How time flies!!

  4. Yes congrats on your 2nd anniversary blogging!

    My 100th post is the next one and was thinking of doing something kinda like that...still chewing on it.

    Thanks for visiting - I am assuming this is your main horsey blog?

  5. Congratulations RR! Thanks for posting on so many funny blogs as laughing is, literally, my hobby. And thanks for continuing to come back and visit. :)

  6. I visit some of those same blogs, too.
    When I get an extra minute, I love to blog hop.(not too often)
    Enjoy my visit here.
    Have a great day.

  7. Thanks for visiting. Crystal is doing good. She is healing up.