Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Day in the Life........up jumped the devil!

Since my surgery, Richard has been coming by most days and picking up a load of my young Arabian horses to take back to his arena to work. I was hoping that by now I would be doing better so that I could resume that task myself. However, I am having difficulties managing pain and I don't even know when I will be able to be involved with working my horses again. For now, I must wait for updates from Richard when he returns the horses.

Today, Richard and Jessica were running late. It was already afternoon before they even came by to get those horses. By the time it began to get dark with still no signs of their return I began to worry. When the rig did pull into my driveway, I headed out the door to help unload the horses and get my update curious about what had kept them so late.

In the darkness behind the horse trailer I could see Angie's long blond hair. Then the scurrying forms of Jessica and Rachel working to unload horses. Richard was nowhere to be seen. Having Rachel and Angie present and no Richard wasn't a good sign.

I heard Angie explain that Richard had been dumped by one of my young horses. It had taken two people to assist him to even get him into the house. He was in a lot of pain but not wanting to go to a doctor.

Everyone was in a hurry to get the horses unloaded so they could get back to Richard. I had to settle for brief snippets of information about the accident and the horse involved as people hustled through getting horses unloaded and back into their stalls.

From what I can tell Jessica's version has Richard mounting Tag when the horse took a step or two and Richard accidentally caught him with a spur. The horse has never felt spurs before so it startled him resulting in crow hopping a step throwing Richard off balance. As he tried to save himself he inadvertently poked the horse again, this time the resulting hop took them into the wall.

Angie thought that Richard wasn't wearing spurs because he doesn't normally wear spurs on young horses. That it was some baby horse thing that had startled Tag.......just one of those things you must expect when working young horses. Either way, both seemed to think that Richard has broken some ribs and is going to be out for a while.

Later, I heard that Pam (licensed massage therapist) had worked on Richard. Her guess was at least 2 broken ribs, possibly a 3rd and that Richard will be out for at least 3 months.

Jessica says Richard has plans for how things will go with the horses while he is unable to work. I'm supposed to get updates in the morning. At this moment, all I can think about is I hope Richard isn't hurting as much as I am and wondering when I will be able to pick up where Richard left off.

Angie said that Richard was more bothered about not being able to work horses than he was about being hurt. She expects that will change tomorrow when the real soreness sets, I wonder. I know how much Richard loves what he does, he's going to appreciate being laid up about as much as I do. It's going to drive him nuts not being able to be hands on with those horses.

As proof of the man's dedication, after he fell, he pulled himself over to the corner. Propped himself up against the wall and monitored Jessica lunging the horse and then getting on and riding him. Richard wanted to make sure that the horse had no residual issues because of this wreck.

Just for the record, the horse was fine. We'll have to wait and see what tomorrow holds for MiKael and Richard.............and these Arabian horses. One thing for sure, I can tell you I'm going to chew Richard's *ss about not going to the doctor. He can't afford to be taking any chances that bone splinters might cause damage to his lungs.......and me, it just may be time I ask for some different pain meds. We really are a pair..........

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  1. Oh no! I hope you both get better soon and Richard had better get his behind to the doc. Broken ribs are nothing to mess with.

    Definitely call for different pain meds and *try* to relax.

  2. Oh.. boy.. not good. I guess your horses really are willing. No need for spurs to spur them on! just a bit of leg pressure, and they will walk.

    You should of see today. Today was funny. My horse trots to "trot". When he hears trot, he trots. So, today I my sister riding Dandy. She had me ride first, so she could see what he'd be like today (of course I knew he was going to be a good boy, but then he is my boy, and I know what to expect from my boy) and anyway, we both rode bareback today, and my sister hasn't ridden him a lot, maybe a dozen times, mostly saddle, with maybe a couple times bareback, and anyway, I was telling her, "TROT CALLIE, TROT!" and of course, he would of been happy to trot, but poor ol party pooper Callie, always putting him back in the walk, because she doesn't trot bareback yet. I of course, am cantering on him bareback now. Boy is that fun. But Callie's just not there yet. I'll make her into a horsewoman one of these days. Maybe not an all Arabian horsewoman like myself, but maybe a horsewoman. For her, any good horse will do, but for me, it's ALL about the Arabians! I have some GREAT pictures of her riding Dandy, that I wish I could show you right now. Maybe I'll send you a picture or two tomorrow. I think you'd like that.

    (((hugs))) take care, and be sure to chew on Richard for not taking care of himself. He at least needs to be eating natural herbs and remedies for healing bones if he's not going to go to the doc. And we all know, how if it's not necessary, we wont go, but I believe now may be one of those necessary times. And chew on him for putting those spurs on! they certainly aren't necessary! especially with your young horses. I cant said I'd wear them, unless I got on a horse who wouldn't go without the use of spurs, but who'd want such an unwilling horse that requires spurs? not me. Who knows what else they may not be willing to do.

  3. Oh no - poor Richard! You are right about going to the hospital for at least an xray - to make sure there aren't any other problems....

    I hope he recovers quickly and I hope you start feeling less pain as well. It must be very hard for people who try and make a living with horses (or anyone that does any physical work) to be laid up with any medical problems.

    Hope everyone is ok!

  4. That's too bad about the wreck. Richard needs to get to a doctor, this is nothing to fool around with. Men, always trying to be so tough. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Goodness Woman! I just don't know how you keep at it with all these bumps in the road. My best to you Richard and your care givers.

  6. Oh no! That is horrible. I do hope Richard takes some time to rest and get better. Most men wait a few days and then it's back to work as normal. I do hope he will get better soon!

    And you too! I know how hard it must be. To want to go out and ride and not be able to. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    I am glad the horse is okay. It's so scary sometimes. I used to ride colts all the time, and for some reason, they never scared me. Now a days, I get so nervous. It's aggrivating because I want to ride my colt, I know how to ride my colt, but my nerves get the best of me. I need to get back and ride my old trusty mare to get some conficence.

    Oh, and I am having a toffee giveaway!! I hope you can come over to my blog and get some!! It might make you feel better!!

  7. Oh NO! there is no good time for an UGGGHHH!!!
    Having had broken ribs before, I don't envy the recovery time. Richard's gonna be quite sore.
    Now, between you and me...if you want to give him a hard time (oh, maybe for being gallant about not going to the doctor)...tell him a joke or a story that will make him laugh (you might want to wait for a week or so though).
    On the other hand...oh, you'll have to decide for yourself. Oh, I couldn't decide what was laugh and be in agony or to just try...and not laugh.
    On a more serious note...I wish Richard a speedy recovery, he has so much good to accomplish for these horses!

  8. Sounds like you get to chew on him for those spurs and for not taking care of himself. No fun to get dumped but sometimes horses teach us through hard lessons.

  9. Oh dear, I am behind! Starting here, I've got a month's worth of posts to read. This may take a while...

    Damn, it's always the way that these sorts of things happen at the worst possible time.