Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Stills........New Snow on the Arabian Horse Farm

I learned about Sunday Stills from Gizzards and Calf Fries and Life at the Rough String I thought it would be something fun to try. The way it works is each week an assignment is posted for the following Sunday. Once you have posted your assignment you leave a comment on the Sunday Stills site that it has been done so others participating can see what you've done.

I thought a project like this would be fun on a couple of different levels. It would be a way to meet more bloggers with similar interests (No, horses are NOT my only interest.....though pretty darn can bet I'll be looking for horsey ways to interpret my assignments! LOL) Since I have this new camera and can't seem to get myself in gear to learn about the thing, I thought that committing to a project such as this might actually get me motivated.

This week's assignment was potluck which is probably a perfect place for me to start. It is simple but it puts me out there on the limb so I'll have to keep hanging in and working this camera issue out!

Mother Nature provided me the perfect subject with a light dusting of new snow over night. I was out there in my jammies shooting the pond before the weather warmed up and the snow was all gone.........that's more motivated than I've been about pics in a long time so maybe this project will do what I hope.

I already have next week's assignment. It is highs and lows so I'm already thinking about new angles to take horse pics from. Well have to see what the week brings.

And just for the record, that snow I was so sure was going to melt off is melting all right but it's still falling at the same time. I'm not sure which process is making the most progress but for now it's cold and soggy wet out there.

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  1. LOL...I replied to your comment too posted this week!!!

    I like your subject...hope you didn't get too cold out there in your PJ's!

  2. Pretty picture MiKael. Out in the freezing cold in your jammies? Don't you just love living on a horse farm and not having to get dressed up to go out!

  3. gtyyup, yes, I figured I better do it while it was still something I could figure out to shoot with my camera. Now that I have committed myself publicly, I'll stick with it much better. LOL

    Arlene, I'm not far enough out in the country to be running around in my jammies......but my normal choice in attire isn't suitable for town either. LOL

  4. Glad you participated. Great picture too. It does get you out and using the camera when you've got a project.

  5. In snow and PJs...thats dedication.
    Welcome to the Challenge, if I can answer any Q's just ask. Later...Ed

  6. Welcome to the group! Your first entry is very frosty! Good job! :)

  7. That sure is a familiar scene to me! Bles for getting out in your jammies just to get a good photo! Fun, isn't it!

  8. Welcome to the group. Nice picture. Makes me cold just looking at it.

  9. I like the starkness of your image.

  10. We got (well are still getting) the Objectionable White Stuff also.

    It's supposed to be... dare I say it... WARM tomorrow. :)

    Nice picture. Keep at it, you'll get the camera figured out soon enough.

  11. That's a lovely scene and photo. Kind of reminds me of those tele-portation ponds in the realms of Narnia.


  12. This is a lovely photo...I am always taken by the levels of white and grey in a winter scene. Great job :)

  13. Lovely photo...try to stay warm for this week's challenge :)

  14. Ha!!! Come to my blog to tell me you have something for me that isn't a virus...and what do I see? SNOW!!! And I'm thinking, "What kind of cruel joke is this woman playing on me???" rofl...

    We didn't get any up here (not that I'm throwing that in your face or anything...or maybe I am, lol!)

  15. Hi there! Thanks for the visit! I love the Sunday Stills photo! I love winter photos but do not want winter!

    I'll be coming back for another visit! Hope you do the same!


  16. prairierunner, yes, it does I find myself already looking at things with next weeks project in mind. Haven't shot anything yet but at least thinking about it is the first step. I'll master this camera yet!

    Ed, thanks, I'm sure I'll have questions at some point.....I always do. LOL

    Far Side, you're right it is defintely frosty........sure wish it was something warmer.

    Shirley, yes it is fun. I'm looking forward to this next week's project.

    Flo, thanks, it made me cold taking it. LOL

    J9, I hadn't thought of it as stark but I guess it is.

    LOC, it has warmed up here some today but we did have new snow in the morning and it's still very icy.

    As for the camera, I'm calling you to help me figure out how to change the settings, That book is making me crazy. LOL

    Lisa, I didn't know there were tele-portation ponds in Narnia. I must have missed that scene. LOL But it did remind me of the coldness in that first scene where the kids come out of the wardrobe.

    Caffienated Cowgirl, I am too. There is something so elegant about that blanket of snow drowning out all the color.

    Kelly, I would if the weather would co-operate. LOL

    Tracey, ROFL, I'm sorry about that. I guess snow isn't what you wanted to see.........well, guess what girl, ME NEITHER!!!! And you're bragging that you didn't get any!!!! What kind of a friend are least I gave you and award with my torture! so HA! yourself! LOL

  17. Great photo....winter can be so beautiful...even if it's so cold!! :)