Saturday, October 11, 2008

MiKael Meets.............Richard Part 3

Part 1

While two months ago may not seem like that long ago to some, to me it feels like ages ago so many things have changed since then. Not to mention I've been working such long hours I'm not sure which end is up most of the time. The point is it's been long enough I can't even remember exactly what happened back then when I began hauling my Arabian horses to Opus Arabians to work.

I started off just with Legs and Dandy I think. I figured since it had been before my open house that I'd been working 6 horses, I'd work up gradually to that number giving my old body time to adjust to the increased workload.

Because of Dandy's age I like to keep him on a regular work schedule. It's so much easier to keep him limber when I ride him consistently. Not to mention the fact that the horse thrives on the one on one attention. He's really a much happier boy when he's being worked.

I don't know how we got into a different scenario than what I had imagined.........we just did. Before I knew what was happening, Richard was helping me with my horses. Helping me in a really big way...........not just sitting back and saying "use your outside rein....or inside leg etc." I was getting hands on help.

I do remember Richard asking me about long lining. I do a lot of that so when Richard asked I ended up showing him what I do with one of my horses. I think that was the beginning of opening the door.

Richard said I was pretty good with the long lines..........."better than most" I think were his words. From there he looked at my lines and told me it was amazing I was getting anything done with such light lines. Then he showed me his and things progressed from there.

Next thing you know he was long lining Legs. The man is definitely a whiz with the long lines. I've never seen anyone get quite so much from a horse on the ground with a pair of lines and I've seen some people who are considered to be quite good with those things.

All the while Richard is talking away telling me the stories of how he learned this and how he learned that, what works for him and what hasn't. I wish I had tape recordings of some of those conversations just so I could go back for reference.

Of course, I've been telling my own stories too. The troubles I've had with Legs and with Dandy too. Then there are the regrets as well from not trusting myself and letting someone else do things with my horse. All in all, the problems are still the same, a horse whose not going forward the way he should be.

To be continued.............

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  1. Richard sounds like a great guy and an unselfish teacher. I'm happy to see things working out for you and the horses at this new place.

  2. Sounds like you are getting some really good input from Richard. Sure wish I had someone to bounce things off. Of course for what I do there's not much to talk about. Just trail ride now, try to do a little ring work each week just to keep from getting rusty but I'm just not all that disciplined any more. I think when you stop showing you lose something. I don't know how you do all that you do!

  3. I'm glad you were able to work it out and get into that arena with your horses, MiKael. Sounds like you and Richard are working well together.