Friday, October 10, 2008

MiKael Meets.............Richard Part 2

Part 1

For those of you that know me, I am a talker. It's one of the things I do best. I can talk horses for hours and hours........actually until I'm hoarse. I'm not, however, a talker much in groups. For me it's more a one on one thing.

Sometimes I think that Richard can talk circles around me. It doesn't matter whether it's one on one or what. He has a lot to share and he doesn't mind sharing it. His cell phone rings constantly and from what I can tell, he's not the least bit intimidated by a crowd. I think Richard will talk horses to anyone who will listen.

Richard's one thing about his conversation style that is much like mine. He can get off track and take you off on a tale that looks like it has nothing to do with where he started, leaving the listener wondering what happened....or totally missing the point. And yet to Richard, and to me when I do it, there totally is a reason for that drifting thought.

Also, I think sometimes that Richard is something of a philosopher. It's that leap from the facts of a situation to the philosophy behind it where I get lost sometimes trying to follow him. However, I must admit the longer I am around him, the less often I get lost.

Through those conversations at horse shows, there were sprinklings of things that Richard knew about horses and where that knowledge came from but there either wasn't enough for me to understand or form any kind of opinion or I just didn't put it together. But there was just enough to make me wonder.

When I began working horses over at Angie and Richard's, I had hoped that I might get some input on what to do with my horses. Where they looked best in the bridle........that kind of stuff. Eyes on the ground from someone who knew would be something I hadn't had before, another perspective to get me closer to my goal.

Also I wanted to learn about the technique that Richard called boxing. Although he'd described it to me I really hadn't processed that information very well. I learn visually much better than by the spoken word. I just knew it was something he did to "help" horses go forward. Since Legs was having problems going forward in the bridle, I was interested to see if this might be helpful to me.

I don't know that I had any other expectations when I decided to ride my Arabian horses over at Angie and Richard's arena. I think I just expected it to be like it had been the last time. I would ride my horses, they would ride theres and we'd both have company. That's not exactly what happened.

To be continued...............

Part 3

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  1. DANG!! I absolutely HAVE to meet you guys someday...sounds like my way of conversing as well...LOL! One of the other boarders and myself yesterday were talking horses which frequently drifted off to other topics that paralelled the original topic of conversation...LOL!