Thursday, October 9, 2008

MiKael Meets.............Richard

I've known Richard for a while and Angie much longer than that. I was invited to ride in their indoor arena a couple of years ago. I went a few times with Rhythm and Legs but found it difficult to get in and out of their facility with my rig. Between my difficulties backing my rig in the dark and the landscape in the area I thought getting in and out was a bigger challenge than I was prepared to deal with so I quit riding there and made other arrangements.

Those arrangements haven't worked out and things have changed over at Angie and Richard's. Some trees were cut down. The road was paved. It looked like it might be more workable there so I asked if the invitation to use their arena was still open to me. While doing so I also made it clear up front how many horses I was wanting to work.

Since I really need to keep up working the numbers of horses I have been so that I can get some sold, where ever I go I need to keep my "numbers" up. I sure didn't want to be taking advantage of my friends by doing more than they had bargained for.....hauling in six or more horses each day can be quite a project not only to the person hauling but disruptive to the schedule of those around me.

Richard didn't seem to be phased by my request and I began hauling horses to Opus Arabians right after the Daffodil Arabian Summer Show and there in lies the tale........

As I said before, I've known Richard for a while but knowing and "meeting" can be very different things. Lots of people know other people but never "meet" when it comes to thoughts or principles, training name it. So while I "knew" Richard, I really don't know much about Richard or his training.

We've talked a few times in passing at horse shows. Angie and Richard have come to several of my open houses. But those conversations never led to my understanding of Richard's role at Angie's facility. He told me he conditioned horses and they mentored.

It's only been with this show season stabling with Angie and Richard that I have begun to even see more of those horses. Looking at those horses going around the ring it was clear that they knew their jobs. Their amateur and junior riders might not be getting the most of their rides but it wasn't because the horses weren't trained. This made me wonder what Richard's role with them might be.

The more time we spent with them at horse shows, the more chance I got to talk with Richard. Our conversations ran across the gamut of horse issues at horse shows. In that process, we began to "see" each other, I think.

We had some things in common.........a fascination with bits...........a belief that forward motion should never be sacrificed for a head set.........and, of course, there was our taste for Hot Tamales and strawberry pie, although not necessarily together.

To be continued..............

Part 2

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  1. Sounds like the beginnings of a long and interesting friendship.

  2. I'm a Hot Tamale fan too, MiKael. I remember as a teenager, laying in bed at night eating Hot Tamales and reading until I fell asleep. Fell asleep with that sticky layer of sugar on my teeth. Stupid teenage me! The fact that I'm 30 years old and have never had a cavity is a miracle!