Monday, October 13, 2008

More on MiKael Meets..........Richard

So what is MiKael Meets............Richard all about. I think it would be a safe bet to say it is about a meeting of minds. We're discovering our like mindedness in horsemanship. I don't know about Richard but I had no idea it was there. Our techniques may be different but our goals much the same.........doing what is best for the horse.

As we work horses and talk we each learn more about the other, I think. Situations come up, sometimes we pool our resources and look for solutions, sometimes we go it alone. But in the process each learns a bit more about the other.

What's it like to throw two people together who each have strong opinions of how things "should" be done? Well, fortunately on many things so far it's turning out we have like minded opinions. I wonder what will happen when the differences pop up.

I know what I know. Richard knows what he knows. I don't know all he knows nor does he know all I know.

Does he know how much I know......maybe not. I think there are things I know that Richard doesn't understand yet.

Do I know how much he knows.........I think I have a pretty good handle on the depth of his experience.......but do I know......not at this point. Will he ever know everything I know............probably not. Will I ever know everything he knows...........not likely, it's taken him a lifetime to amass the knowledge he has. I doubt I have enough years left to take in that much.
Will we each learn from the other what we need to continue down our path pursuing our like minded but still different passions.....I think we're both working towards that.

The point is...........there is respect there.........on both sides. I think we're going to make a pretty good team..............correction...........I think we are making a pretty good team. Now time will tell where it leads us.

Watch for the tales of this journey as they unfold. It's going to be an interesting ride.

Tomorrow I'll begin posting about the Pacific Rim All Arabian Show since I'm having problems with videos uploading correctly tonight. There was certainly lots of excitement there.

In the background of this pic is Richard. In the foreground is our mystery rider and horse from yesterday's post. For those who guessed Dandy for the horse, you are right. The rider is Nana, who I will tell about in the Pacific Rim post.

The Story Begins

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  1. oh my! Dandy looks adorable with that little girl on his back. And the handsome braid in his forelock. Eager to hear the details of your latest adventures.

  2. Oh they look so cute together!

    I know what you mean about learning and teaching someone all at the same time. While you're getting to know someone, some things click, maybe differently but 'it's' still there. By the time any differences come up, it's usually another learning experience.

    Good luck with everything. I can't wait to hear more about the show and the 'getting to know...' story.

  3. Mikael ... Love the photo of Dandy!

    Sorry to say, I am so behind on reading up on all your adventures.

    I rescued a starving horse and that has taken all my time and attention. This boy has courage and he's going to make it.

    Look forward to some evenings reading your blog.

  4. Wonderful picture Mikael, I love the lens distortion effect especially in this instance!! Cant wait to hear more about the little on on top of Dandy!!

    I know exactly how you feel, I hate being out in the barn on my own, it is difficult to motivate yourself when you dont have encouragement and company, so I am elated that this is working out for you. I am very envious!!

    I will be following this "partnership" with great interest.