Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pacific Rim All Arabian Horse Show

There's one thing I hate about horse shows this time of year in our neck of the woods. That would be the colder temperatures. Working and showing in more layers of clothes (you wouldn't believe how many layers I wear - I'm dressed up with so many layers I'm rounder than the Pillsbury dough boy!) is tough but nothing is as bad as giving baths when it gets cold.

It was somewhere just above 40° Fahrenheit when I turned a cold hose on poor Legs to get him bathed on Friday morning. The Arabian horse is such a good boy. He tolerated the cold water and didn't hold it against me. I'm pretty sure I'd not have been so kind had someone turned that cold hose on me.

Legs just stood there quietly and took it. The horse didn't dance around or resistant in anyway. He didn't even shake that cold water all over me when he easily could have drenched me with all the water his winter coat soaked up. For that I was grateful. I was freezing just having my sleeves rolled up past my elbows and rubbing soap into his coat with the bath mitt.

I hurried as quickly as I could to get through the bath trying to finish before the horse began shivering. Then I threw two heavy coolers on the stallion to keep him warm as he dried. It's just not a fun time of year to give a horse a bath, that's all there is too it. He still wasn't dry by the time we reached the horse show 4 hours later.

I left Dandy's bath for Rachel to do at the horse show. I was to frozen after Leg's bath to even think about bathing another horse. I was hoping we might get lucky and find warm water at the horse show for the old boy.

For this horse show, Rachel's dad worked on their motor home so we could have it at the horse show. At least that meant we weren't sleeping outside in a tent in these colder temperatures. I am such a woos about the cold, I would have never thawed out in a tent. The warm bed of the motor home was greatly appreciated.

Saturday morning I got up at 6 AM to feed horses. Then I got Dandy ready for a lesson with his walk-trot rider at 7. The only problem was the walk-trot rider and her mother didn't show because Richard had gotten distracted and forgot to tell them to be there at 7. When they did arrive just before 8, show management was already dragging the arena for classes to begin. It was too late for a lesson, the child would have to ride her class without having ridden in that arena.

To be continued.....................

Saturday Morning

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  1. Oh no! I cant imagine not getting to warm up before for a show! though I've never had to get warmed up for a show, because I have never shown, I imagine if I did show, I'd want to warm up before going into the show ring. I wonder how they knew to be there for the show at 8, and not known about the warm up before the class. Sounds like somebody for got to inform them! lol.. oh well, mistakes happen..

    I also cant imagine bathing a horse in the winter, since I only like bathing in 60 degree weather, lol.
    I'd be frozen too! I'm like a turtle, sluggish in cold weather. Not too bad, but still, hard for me to function when cold/freezing. I like my warm weather! although if it's too hot, I'm sluggish too. I remember being in Texas for a week, and don't remember doing much else than eating popsicles. I also remember not wanting to wear much much than a tank top and shorts lol.. the heat and freezing weather can unbearable when it's taken to the extreme. I love the weather when it's just right lol. And I don't care if I'd get bored with it, at least I could stand it lol.

  2. Brrr! We got in some final baths for the year here because it has been very warm, mid to upper 70's actually. But I remember getting ready for the state 4-H horse show in years past when it was practically snowing. We'd close all the barn doors tight, pull out the bullet heater to warm up the wash area, and greatly appreciate the fact that we had warm water. All followed by a nice, thick wool cooler and hours to dry. All that to say, I feel your pain! Legs is one awfully good boy.

  3. Very good boys to stand for a cold bath. I wouldn't want one in those temps. Good luck at the show and keep warm.

  4. Oops, I put a space in forgot.. maybe I forgot how to spell forgot for a minute.. or just a mistake. Anyway, what a good boy legs is. I think if I were him, or you tried to do the same to me, I'd be kicking and screaming for sure!

  5. Oops again, because when I posted my last comment, I was signed in my brothers account.. I guess I should check what account I'm signed in as..

  6. Yikes! If you were cold! Poor Legs! Nice that he's such a good boy about it. I often though about one of those portable water heater things for baths, but I'll bet they're expensive. ANd I don't show, so it wouldn't be worth it. Good luck with the show!

  7. Oooooh boy, it was just too good to be true, you got us snagged again LOL. I am hoping that Dandy was an absolute star and have no doubt that he looked after his small rider like the pro he is.

    Patience is not one of my virtues, looking forward to tomorrow's saga.

    I can just feel your cold, I never bathe a horse here if it is below 60 so that must have been dreadful.