Sunday, October 12, 2008

How Cute Is This?

We just got back from the Pacific Rim All Arabian Horse Show and I'm too darn tired to post. However, don't you think this is just the cutest darn picture? Do you recognize the horse? The story will follow soon..........

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  1. I know, I know lol... Okay, I'll let others guess at which horse it is. I wish I could have made it down there this weekend to see the show. I'm just still too sick to do anything. I hope you had a great time!

  2. I cant see if this horse has the same cute snip that Dandy has on his nose, but it's gotta be Dandy, from what I can see looking at his socks.
    Those socks look like Dandy's socks.
    The longer white socks on the back, and shorter white socks on the front.
    I cant tell who is riding him though, I would think it would be Rachel, but it doesn't look like her to me, so I am having a harder time telling who the rider is. Maybe its an old picture of Rachel riding Dandy.. is it?

  3. Hi MiKael
    Well Ihad no idea it had been so long since my last visit here. It has taken me a while to catch up. Your blog is normally one of a few that I visit every day without fail but as with you life has been delivering curve balls and I am so behind. One good thing is that I have averted a few of your "cliffhangers" LOL by being able to read the next post right away but of course you got one in there about Richard. Can't wait to hear more about this story.

    The pic looks like Dandy, but am not sure, is it an old one of Rachel and Dandy?

    Hope you are holding the fort there, you ar always in my thoughts.



  4. Adorable.

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  5. That is a cute picture!

    How is Brittany Baker? Haven't seen you post anything for awhile about her or Rhythm. I hope that her leg is healing well and Rhythm is ok. Please give us an update on them.


  6. lady of chaos, hope you feel better soon.

    dj, yes, it's Dandy. Rachel wasn't riding him when she was that little however.

    dinkleberries, yes, Dandy for sure.

    lori, cliffhangers, me?? LOL

    kbryan, sorry I haven't posted anything about Rhythm or Brittany because I don't know anything about either of them. They have not been returning my phone calls for quite a while. Doesn't sound good but don't know anything for sure.

  7. Oops... Dinkleberries is my moms account (school childhood nickname given to her, it's a small portion, I'll have to ask for the whole nickname from her, if you want to hear the whole nickname.)

    Anyways, who was riding him in the is pic? the rider sure looks like a youngster, I am surprised it's not Rachel, but maybe her mom Colleen didn't want her riding horses at the time? anyways, I really like the recent pic you posted. It's very easy to see it is Dandy! btw, how old is he in the pics? and his ears make him look like he might be upset though.. quite the facial expression, on the recent pic of him.