Friday, October 25, 2013

The End Gets One Step Closer

 Part 1 of the Black Years

Part One of Amanda's Wright's Story
Friday came and went producing exactly what I predicted. The drive line had been reconnected on the RV but it was no closer to moving on its own than it had been the day it was towed here.  Amanda Wright (who goes by Mannuq Arabians on FB after her Native American heritage) was still trying to sell us on the idea the ugly yellow spot of dead grass underneath it would be worse to look at than the vehicle itself but we weren't buying it.  She also had the nerve to challenge our decision because there might not be WiFi at the new location like we somehow owed them that. Funny how Amanda always could find an excuse not to do something based on her needs but our needs never counted for anything with her.

On Friday Amanda Wright's sister and the sister's fiance didn't even arrive until well after 1 and they were gone about 3:30 or so. There were a couple of screws missing from Dave's chainsaw so nothing was done about the storm damage. The fiance did, however, edge most of my yard with the weed eater and an area was cleared of grass and debris for the motor-home to be parked across from the hay barn. Without the fiance the work party as Amanda called it would have been a total bust.  I think Darryl did assist with clearing the area for the RV. No horses were rinsed and no work was done on manes and tails but the yard looked good other than my overgrown flower beds. Amanda had done about a third of the little bed in the front but she hadn't finished it so I was grateful for the edging.  I definitely appreciate the hard working fiance. If Amanda or Darryl had given me the quality of work he did, there wouldn't have been a problem.

By this time Amanda knew the people from Florida weren't arriving until sometime the following week. She didn't know exactly which day though. I was still hoping to get some kind of work out of her and I knew nothing would happen over the weekend if she knew the date of their arrival. There was a lot of work to do and I certainly thought she owed me that much and she wasn't denying it.

I suppose honesty was more than I should have expected considering everything that had happened but I was still hoping some part of Amanda was sincere. I was about to find out how truly wrong I was.

Nothing was done over the weekend to ready the horses and little was done on the farm. Darryl waded up a couple of tarps that had been in the area where the RV was to be moved. Amanda had fixed a narrow walkway where the mud was bad but that had been at least a week earlier and nothing more had been done. If Amanda did anything with the horses over the weekend, it was to feed them lunch but I would not swear to that.

Then Monday when I went out to put one of the stallions out, I ran into Amanda going out to the barns.  She was smoking a cigarette, something she was told she was not to do on my property so maybe that should have been my first clue that something was up since Erin had immediately defying my request to not smoke here when she knew she was leaving. When I asked her why she claimed she was under such stress she had to smoke. I reminded her second hand smoke is dangerous for her baby and there is no way to protect him from it when it is in her clothes and hair and on her skin. She owed it to him to stop. She ignored this information and soon after  informed me they were packing up and leaving that day. She said at least a couple of different parties from Craigslist were interested in the RV.

I must admit this while thing caught me off guard. They quite literally didn't have their own pot to pee in. The thought they would up and leave abruptly hadn't occurred to me. I didn't know what to think.  As I tried to make some sense of this, I found myself asking her where they were going.  She replied they were moving in with her sister and her fiance.

I don't recall how I exited this conversation but I didn't say anything rude nor did I yell. I was polite even though I had good reason to scream. My mind was racing. I had people flying in from Florida in 4 days and Amanda Wright was leaving me high and dry. Like that wasn't bad enough, she was planning on deserting that ugly monstrosity of a motor-home right there next to my house where it not only would be the first thing anyone saw coming onto my farm but where it would remain as the fire hazard that it is so if the inevitable fire ever happened it would burn my house too.  Here I had believed she couldn't really get any lower.....and she did.

To be continued.......

More Pieces Towards Getting There....


  1. Well, since the RV was on your property and they were in effect abandoning it I would have called the junk man to come pick it up. I say good riddance to bad rubbish and don't let the gate hit you in the butt on the way out. They were never going to help you anyway.

  2. "inevitable fire" - yeah, we would have hauled that thing into the middle of a field and torched that pile of junk!

    Hope you're feeling better and getting some decent help for once!