Thursday, October 17, 2013

Moving In.........Another Nightmare Begins....

 Part 1

That motor-home barely made it off of Jerry's farm before it broke down. Amanda had to have it towed to even get it here.  Hours after they should have arrived, she called to say they were stuck at a stranger's farm just down the road from Jerry's,  waiting for a tow truck. I didn't know what to say, a weak "Oh" my only response. After she hung up, I began thinking of the implications. That was my first real indicator of the condition of that RV, even though I probably should have known considering how she got it.

Sitting there after I got off the phone, thinking about this new information, I wished I had told her she couldn't tow that RV here. Now I can give you all kinds of reasons why that would have been appropriate but not then. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. All I could think of was that poor baby and how much help it needed with parents like these. If there was any way I could help get them back on track, I had to try.  I knew the odds were slim to none that coming here would change anything and that we would most likely be better off if they weren't here but I had to try.

Even now when I think about that phone call I cringe at my choice and I must remind myself what happened here is on them. They are the ones who chose to exploit my circumstances and they are the ones responsible for the way of life they are teaching their baby. What a mess!

In order to tow that motor-home, the drive line had to be disconnected so  when it arrived here it was incapable of being parked out of the way. It pretty much got left where the tow rig could maneuver it near the power pole. Dave told Amanda he wanted the drive line hooked back up ASAP. He did not want that thing sitting there with the drive shaft touching the ground and since Amanda insisted its problems were only minor and it could go short distances even without being repaired, there was no reason for her not to comply. Once it was reconnected, the RV could be moved to a more reasonable place than where it ended up. The only problem with that plan was Amanda ignored Dave's request...and his reminders.

That motor-home was a huge, broken down, moss growing hunk of junk and the first thing anyone saw coming into my farm and it stayed in that spot the entire 9 months they lived here. Its position actually blocked a portion of my driveway making it difficult to navigate the corner.  My truck and trailer and the farrier and vet rigs had to drive across part of my lawn to get to the barns due to the way the thing was parked but Amanda and Darryl didn't notice or care. They were oblivious to anyone's needs but their own.

If it wasn't bad enough the way the RV was blocking my driveway and my parking area, Amanda parked her car just as poorly. Instead of putting it out of the way, she parked it in front of the RV blocking AND across the sidewalk blocking access to Dave's parking spot and access to our front porch and the front paddock.. Depending on her car's location sometimes Dave could maneuver his way between her car and the RV to get to his parking space in front of our house but other times he was forced to park on the other side of the driveway near the front field. When it was parked so Dave could park his car in its normal spot, she parked so far out it was impossible to lead a horse through there. Amanda's need to park close to her doorway trumped my husband's desire to park near his own front door or the stallions' need for turnout.

This may seem like a petty complaint but it was very upsetting to me and it offended me just as Jessica's leaving Dave out when she fixed dinner.  There was room for 2 cars to be parked there in front of the house if they were pulled up to the log separating the flower bed from the parking spots.  When Amanda chose to disregard the parking area and leave her car out in the driveway or across the walkway, I saw her behavior as an indicator of her sense of entitlement as well as her disrespect for what was being done for them. Dave was paying the bills for the land she was parked on and she had the audacity to inconvenience him and she interfered with our ability to turnout horses. I can assure you when she was coming here working her con to get here that she never once parked in a manner that inconvenienced Dave or blocked that paddock. She even asked where she should be parking. Obviously once she was living on our farm, her fake respect flew out the door along with all of her fake promises. Her treatment of the parking indicative of how she regarded us in general.

It was bad enough that ugly monstrosity of a motor-home was left out in the middle of my yard without that equally ugly Chevette compromising the rest of my front yard. Seeing it parked there like that felt like Amanda was giving me the finger and shoving it in my face each and every day......and we were just getting started with Amanda's time on my farm.

To be continued.......

Nightmares.......and Torture.......


  1. Seriously, WTF! People suck, hopefully this is the last one.

    Is there a college that has an equine program, a vet school with an animal husbandry program or a 4-H group near you? I'm trying to think of a way for you to get qualified help. If people had supervised internships or good 4-H instructors it could be a win-win situation. They would get course credit/experience doing things the right way (with beautiful horses :) and you could get some decent help for a change. Good luck! Hope you're feeling better.

    1. This is definitely the last one. I doubt I will ever allow someone to live on my farm again. They say "never say never' but this has been my share for a lifetime so something would really have to change for me to decide someone could live here.

      No vet school on this side of the state and I am not aware of animal husbandry programs anywhere near here. I have tried to check out 4-H programs but didn't even get a call back. It seems to be very "connection" oriented, I am certainly not connected. That's been well proven over this whole thing. Considering all the volunteer time I have given, it's hard to understand.

    2. USPC Pony club?

  2. It does seem disrespectful and uncaring of what is the right thing to do. You've had your share of these con artist types to last you a lifetime. Glad this was the last one.

  3. things like that are the kind that make you want to just throw a match in and watch the fire! What an impossible b*tch