Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Getting to Enough......the Reality and Some Predictions....

 Part 1 of the Black Years

 Part One of Amanda's Wright's Story

Despite my confrontation with Amanda, things continued on as they were. Occasionally Darryl and Lindsay would work on stall mats but with 2 people cleaning stalls, the issues with the mats could have been resolved the first month they were here if Amanda had been interested in doing what she'd promised.  As it was, mats were only fixed when there was so much debris pushed up underneath, the stalls really weren't safe.

It usually took me pointing out to Lindsay that a particular stall needed work, even if it was a stall that Darryl was responsible for maintaining, for mats to be fixed. It really wasn't an issue of him not knowing. It was that Darryl wasn't doing anything he could avoid.

Without Lindsay any problem mats wouldn't have been fixed at all. As far as I know, Darryl didn't ever do this work without Lindsay's involvement and he didn't reciprocate by assisting her with mats on the stalls she cleaned.
During the 9 months they were here, only one stall had the situation fixed properly where the stall was re-leveled, gravel brought in and rolled, and the mats put back in place. There were 8 more that needed that kind of fix. The 1 that did get fixed only happened because I raised a pretty big fit over it after 8 months of nagging hadn't worked.

And just for the record this particular stall was not only the worst but it was one that Darryl cleaned so he saw the situation every day that he did stalls but still ignored it.

Amamda can't say she didn't know it was a problem either because the one thing she did do for me when I asked was worm horses. That meant she went in each stall and actually saw the irregular surface that mare was living with. If she cared for the horses like she claimed she would have made sure Darryl fixed it. Instead she turned her back on the situation and she ignored my requests to have it done.

Of course, Amanda used being pregnant and work as her excuse for not doing things here but personally I believe both were about her having a reason not to do what she'd promised, if not for me, at least for Darryl, since even he didn't understand why she was avoiding me when she'd convinced him that horses were her dream and she wanted to be mentored by me. Darryl took on stall cleaning because she convinced him he must so she could have what she dreamed.

Even though Amamda had a job, she began driving a taxi for extra money but she soon quit the Wal-Mart job because she claimed they wouldn't work with her taxi schedule. However, as I correctly predicted, that job too quickly went by the wayside. By then Amanda claimed she was feeling poorly so age did nothing until after the baby was born.

At no point do I want to suggest I expected Amanda to put her health or that of her baby at risk because that was never the case. Darryl could have easily done the job Amanda promised if he'd wanted. My observations about Amanda's status are strictly informational, pieces to the puzzle, and how I got to my opinions.

After 18 months of dealing with the way Amanda operates, I believe it was her intention all along to avoid work of any kind. Maybe she thought she could live here indefinitely, like she had at Jerry's, but by this time I had had it with being exploited and I wasn't going to let her slide. I was sure they would push Dave beyond his limits and then he would ask them to go. It was just a matter of time.

It was becoming clearer to me all  this had been about Darryl taking care of Amanda because she was doing what she could to avoid any kind of work herself. Once the baby was born she would get assistance from the state and no longer need to work but the state would require Darryl to get a real job.

I predicted if Darryl found a job that would be the end of the stall cleaning. The state wouldn't care about any arrangement with us and I figured Amanda would not step up as she'd claimed she would after the baby came. Then it would finally be enough for Dave to reach his limit.

To be continued.....

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  1. What a mess, and what kind of life to bring a child into , manipulations dishonesty and arghh!!! I have to stop, knowing how I feel about folks like that

  2. Nice lens! About 40+ years ago they never even used mats...our stable in California was next to a Rock Quarry, when they closed it, they threw away rubber weight scale mats. We retrieved them to use in the horse stall mats. They were heavy (1.5") thick and long, we cute them up and used them in our stalls. I brought them with us to Missouri and then sold the house & barn leaving the mats there. I was happy to see mats here in Wisconsin...never even knew they had them for sale. Too bad I did not think to make a business out of the mats.