Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Trainer's Take on AC's Visit

 Part 1

By the time Animal Control had actually made it to my farm, it had been only three days since I'd gotten out of the hospital after my third surgery. I think it was about two weeks before I began getting any kind of relief from my pain medication so I had weathered this storm with pain levels that would flatten most.

Life was pretty miserable. I slept pretty much around the clock but mostly it was fitful, broken sleep because my pain levels were so high. The only exception was the few hours after my sleeping medication kicked in and knocked me out for maybe three hours before the pain could break through the fog and once again the tossing and turning would begin.

The point of relaying my condition through this time is to show the ruthlessness of those who chose to exploit the situation. I still find it hard to understand anyone could be so heartless but I have finally given up the naivete that had me thinking no one would.  The fact is, if you have something worth having and you are vulnerable, there are plenty of people just waiting for the opportunity to pounce.

After I got out of the hospital, but before Animal Control had come to inspect the horses, Crystal Baker called to see how I was doing. I admitted to her that AC had received a report about the horses and their living conditions and that an appointment was set for the inspection of my farm. I think I also told her about my new friend and her reassurances that everything would be fine. Crystal did not volunteer an opinion one way or the other. She just listened to me talk on this subject.

I can't tell you why I shared any of this information with her. I can only say  I no longer trusted Crystal in any way so it had nothing to do with thinking she was my friend.  I suspect I wanted to see her reaction to figure out if she had anything to do with the report, or if she knew who did, but she gave me no indications one way or the other. Considering she always has something to say about everything, this in and of itself was odd.

After AC had been to my farm, I called Crystal Baker because I wanted her to know they had declared the entire complaint was unfounded. That meant everything she had said to me about my herd and my farm was also inaccurate. I wanted her to know she was caught at her game.

Whether or not she realized this, I will never know because her response is not anything I expected or could have even anticipated.  I learned I clearly don't see the world through the same lens as Crystal Baker.

This woman had the gall to say, "I knew everything would be fine because I had Dave and Lindsay totally whipped into shape."

I couldn't even comprehend this brazen claim. Where did she get off taking the credit for this? She did nothing here but cause harm and yet she was claiming responsibility for all of Dave and Lindsay's hard work, not to mention she made it sound like they wouldn't have done the work if it hadn't been for her. But, Hey! She is my savior. Just ask her!

Oh and lest I forget she must be some kind of miracle worker too since she talked with Dave maybe ten minutes max when she was here so if there had been a need for a total transformation in their work ethic as her remark implied she had managed to convince them to accomplish it with that one brief conversation. Don't  you wish you could make such an impression on a man?

This was my first real understanding of how perverse and manipulative Crystal Baker really is. Her version of the truth is so twisted it is beyond recognition just like Kelly Panowicz's. Up to this time Crystal's behavior hadn't made sense to me but this new information would be the key to understanding her motivation and it would assure I would never again call Crystal Baker.

Crystal wasn't after a horse. She was wanting to trade on my name. For whatever reason she believed she had something to gain by claiming she was showing my horses to her clients and she had helped me during the crisis caused by Panowicz. 

Over the following months I would learn these were not her only bogus claims at my expense. The trainer was looking for legitimacy in the Arabian industry and instead of earning it with hard work, she was using lies about me in an effort to keep clients and gain others.  Crystal Baker was just another vulture reeking havoc in my life and inflicting pain on a woman too weak to fight back.

To be continued.....

Another Predator Smells Blood.....


  1. Well, thank god she was able to whip everyone into shape! Without her I guess the place would have fallen down around your ears. Geez, the gaul of these people. I'd like to know how she could justify this convoluted thinking? Amazing.

  2. wow ! one 10 min conversation? Could she talk with my nephew?? LOL I have no words, well I do but none that are polite!