Friday, September 30, 2011

The Journey of 2011.................... the Mystery Nurse............

Part 1

I was looking at the IV port in my left arm as I heard that voice again.

"Hi MiKael, sorry it too me so long. Sometimes it takes a while for those meetings to get done."

I immediately recognized the cadence of the words, the tone of that voice. Quickly turning to see the face that went with it, I must admit I saw someone totally unexpected.

Now, I can tell you that I really hadn't had an expectation of who that voice might belong to but I can also tell you without a doubt, even my most wild guesses would not have included anyone from the Arabian horse shows. Don't ask me why my mind didn't go that way. It makes no sense to me.

Horse related things are pretty much the only activities I leave home for but I just never run into horse people anywhere other than horse shows, clinics or Daffodil Arabian Horse Association dinners. While I will admit occasionally I might run into someone I know at a tack store or a feed store but even that hasn't happened often in my twenty some years in this business. The last place I expected to see another horse person was definitely the hospital, let alone have someone from there as my nurse. Heck! I didn't even know she was a nurse until she walked into my room that day.

This mystery nurse was not just another horse person either. She was someone who rides in my division. By division I don't just mean purebred "western, hunter or trail." I mean my age division too.

This was someone I pretty much see at every horse show. I've ridden in the warm up ring with her. I've showed against her. Somebody I've sat in the lineup with on many an occasion and we've discussed our rides. Someone who rides a horse bred by a very good friend of mine.

Not only that but for last year's Daffodil high point championships, Legs and I may have been the champions, but this woman and her horse were the reserve champions for our age division. The two of us each earned more points on our horses than any of the other winners. We'd done a little celebrating about our two home trained horses taking home the big prizes instead of horses from the BNT's barns.

By now I imagine you've gotten the picture this was a pretty big deal to me. You might even wonder what kind of problem having this much history with a person might be in having that person for a nurse .

Really there wasn't a problem. Initially I was so happy to see her. A familiar face, someone I knew and could trust to deal with all this chaos that had just hit my life. This was definitely a plus. Just the sight of her face brought my blood pressure down I'm sure.

It wasn't that we really got a chance to visit or anything. She was way too busy for that...........and it really seemed that I had a schedule that was much more intense than even hers, although I didn't realize it at the time. There was so much reassurance in knowing someone involved in this whirlwind I was on I can't even put a measure on it or describe it adequately. At the very least I can say it felt like a great relief.

There was I must admit, however, one tiny little problem. One item on that list of protocol before I even got to the really big stuff that just didn't seem to fit my perspective of our relationship.

To be continued.....................

The Procedure before Surgery........

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  1. MiKael--that's what we call "a God thing". Praying for you.

  2. A familiar face ,a dn a friend at that time would be good I think, but I do know from expreriance providing home care in my community there are some times that same familiarity might cause some discomfort . I always asked before being sent to the home of someone I knew if they were OK with it .

  3. A familar voice at such a time must have provided comfort. I can't imagine not having more family around to help with Lindsay and the horses. My mom lives right next door...She is a Godsend!

  4. It's always good to have a familiar face when you're going through a major crisis. And I would think it's always nice to feel someone has your back and will have your best interests at heart.

  5. Netherfieldmom, there were lots of "God things" in this experience.

    FV, I hadn't really thought about what procedures were to come so I doubt I would have declined if asked. To be honest I wouldn't have declined anyway. The comfort of a friendly face was worth the discomfort of the procedure.

    TTC, it was hard not having anyone there but it would have been much harder had they been there and I'd been left worrying about the horses' care.

    GHM, I was definitely counting of having a familiar face on my team. It made this whole thing not quite so scary.