Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Journey of 2011.................... the Procedure Before the Surgery ............

Part 1

After the CT scan, the next thing on that list of protocol just happened to be a tap water enema. That had to be done before I could be scoped and they needed the scope so they could see exactly what was going on below the blockage. The pictures taken would also give the surgeon a better idea of what to expect before he ever actually got in there and a better idea of what his modus operandi would be. .

The reason for the darn enema did not make it any easier. I don't know about you but for me just the word is enough for me to want to flee. Having the procedure done by someone I normally ride with did not make it any easier.

When my nurse entered the room with her supplies for the thing, I immediately began to squirm, mentally anyway. I try very hard to be a good patient and I didn't plan to mess that up because of my silly fear but I still had to brace myself. The only comfort at all was that it wasn't one of those torturous things I used to experience as a kid.

I did mention to my nurse that it was pretty awkward having her be the one giving me this thing. Then it became even more awkward as the in going water began coming back out just as quickly as it went in. The blockage in my bowel was so low there really was not much room for water. The end result was me swimming in my bed.

As I felt myself and my bed getting wetter and wetter, I told my nurse what was happening. It didn't make much sense to me to keep trying to add fluid someplace there was no room. Her comment was that she had to go by what the doctor ordered and that meant even under this type of circumstance.

Since she was probably the one that would end up dealing with the mess, I figured who was I to complain. She knew more about it than I did for sure. From what I could see the water was perfectly clear. I would dry off easy enough so I just sat there until the receptacle was empty.

We were barely finished with this step when the gurney arrived to take my for my scan. From the time I'd first arrived in that room, I think there was five minutes maximum when I was alone. The rest of the time I either had someone asking questions, I was signing consent forms or I was gone getting some kind of test or other.

I just couldn't get over how good their timing was. Even when I arrived at the lab to be scoped there was no waiting. They took plenty of time to explain to me what to expect and, of course, time for me to be adequately drugged, then it was time for the procedure.

I must admit I really have no sense of how long it took. I will say they asked me if I wanted to see what they found. When I responded in the affirmative a small screen was moved up near my face and I my glasses were returned to me. I was shocked to see what looked like healthy tissue for a very short distance. Then there was the blackest black I have ever seen.

To be continued...................


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  1. The hospital sounds like they were really on the ball and got things moving for you. The enema sounds like an ordeal. I don't know of anyone who likes that sort of invasion.

  2. Thank you for sharing this very personal story with us. I am certain it is extremely difficult.

  3. You are very brave to have wanted to see, I am afraid I would have been unable to look

  4. Scary, but you are brave and it sounds like the hospital was really working hard to ease yur discomfort both physically and mentally.

  5. What an ordeal. I think I would have wanted to see too. To me, cancer is the embodiment of evil.

  6. All of this sounds so incredibly unpleasant :(