Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sister A Meets a Thief

Part 1

The next day Sister A arrived with another apple in hand. However, I was just in the process of getting on Legs to ride. I was in the processing of threading my reins through the rings of the martingale when the woman arrived. Feeding Legs an apple with a snaffle in his mouth didn't seem like the fair thing to do.

It seems to be much easier for Sister A to get going on a roll of ministering to me when I'm not moving so I have never stopped my process, whatever it might be, when Sister A arrives. If I did, I would never get any work done and I don't really want to get into a religious debate with Sister A either.

I'm pretty sure she's going to change her views and I know I'm not going to change mine so there's really no point in travelling down that road. We get into little mini skirmishes from time to time when she decided I need saving but that's enough for me. I just want to ride my horse and live my life by the standards I believe.

With all of her religious persuasion, I think that Sister A is a person who needs instant gratification. If things that a while, she loses focus and that's the end of this. Not getting to feed the apple to Legs right as she was ready left Sister A not really knowing what to do.

She ended up leaving the apple at the horse trailer so that Legs could have it after his ride. But that is the last time that Sister A brought an apple for Legs. I can't help but think had she gotten the opportunity to hand feed the horse like she had the day before, that apple would have been one in a long string of treats for Legs.

Legs is not fed a lot of treats so he's not really missed any apples that Sister A might have brought. The horse has, however, decided that Sister A is some kind of new play toy. I swear he looks for her to arrive so he can figure out some kind of prank. Even on this day with little time to stand around the horse managed to pull on over on Sister A.

I was still threading the reins through the rings of my martingale when I saw Legs duck his head. I couldn't see the target of his attack but it didn't take long for the tell tale squeal from Sister A.

Next thing you know Legs is shaking his head up and down flagging something of Sister A's in the air. Whatever it was, it was not very big because I could not see it in Leg's mouth. To this day I have no idea what it was. Sister A retrieved it and tucked it safely away before I even got a glimpse.

Having had my share of things stolen from my pockets, this latest trick did not surprise me. What did surprise me was that Sister A had something exposed for the horse to grab. She's usually put together pretty well unlike me who always has something sticking out somewhere.

Watching Sister A tucking the slimy thing back into her pocket was a trip. Her fingers were spread wide in that "Oooooo icky" pose . Once it was inside her pocket she patted it as if that made it now snug and safe. All the time Sister A laughed.........and laughed. Then she was back to kissing the horse on the lips.

To be continued.................

Missing in Action

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  1. What a guy! Sounds like he would be a lovely horse to meet (as long as you bring your sense of humor)

  2. Legs sounds like he doesn't mind a little distraction before a lesson. He's a funny guy. I'll say it again you have a lot more patience than I do, by now I'd have told her to leave me alone I wasn't interested in being converted.

  3. Your posts are completely entertaining and your photos, and their subjects are gorgeous. I don't always have time to comment, but please know your writing is very interesting.

  4. Here's an interesting article on horse communication you might find interesting. I did!

    Are you showing any horses at Region 5 this weekend? I'll be there tomorrow.

  5. i think i wouldn't be able to resist spending time talking to sister a either, cuz you can see she means well. i certainly hope she doesn't abandon the idea of bringing treats though! legs deserves it!

  6. fernvalley, you are probably right. If you spent any time around Legs you'd have to have your sense of humor along otherwise he'd probably drive you crazy. LOL

    Arlene, sometimes I have more patience that others for Siste A. It's a good think I don't run into her every day. We seem to go in spurts and about the time I've had enough some kind of break happens.

    English Rider, thanks for that. Sometimes I think I must be boring everyone to death. It's good to know that's not the case.LOL

    DJ, nope, not showing anything this year at regionals of any kind. It seems really strange. Hopefully next year. I am planning on going tomorrow to watch too.Maybe I'll see you there.

    lytha, I think it is the fact that she means well that helps get me through sometimes. I don't know where we are with treats at the moment. Part of the problem is my times riding at the park fluctuate while Sister A is pretty set in her schedule.