Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Legs and Sister A....... A Little Bonding.....

Part 1

The Arabian stallion's efforts made quite the impression on Sister A. The next time I saw her the woman came bearing gifts for the horse. She was still telling me God loved me and the like but Sister A had new purpose in her step. Her outstretched hand held a bright red apple and she was heading straight for Legs.

Sister A did look my direction to see if it was ok to feed my horse but it was more of a courtesy that a belief she should ask. Her determination to reward Legs was clear in every fibre of her being. The set in her jaw almost made me laugh, the woman was so intent.

Still I could see a wreck coming ( a small one but still a wreck) so I waved her off breaking the woman's concentration. Sister A startled for a moment not sure why I'd stopped her from offering such a delectable treat to my horse. I laughed at her intensity as I reached into my pocket and pulled out my pocket knife.

Knowing Legs like I do and his penchant for apples I could see where this was going if I didn't intervene. That apple was huge and Legs would try to grab the whole thing if he could. The apple would end up in the dirt not to mention that Sister A would have been wearing foamy sticky sweet apple juice clear up to her armpits.

Maybe that would have been ok with Sister A but I still wanted to ride this horse. I didn't want to have to hose him off first before I could even begin to touch him. Feeding him that thing whole would have been worse than giving a toddler free rein in a candy store. If Sister A wanted to feed Legs that apple she was going to have to do it my way and cut that thing up into more manageable bites.

When Sister A saw the pocket knife she looked at me with a huge question mark across her face. It was clear she didn't get why I'd cut up an apple for a horse. To me it was obvious she'd never seen a horse seriously mush up an apple in the process of consuming it or she wouldn't have needed to ask why.

Actually Sister A probably would have enjoyed the sticky mess but not me. I know I can't trust Legs not to slim me once he's gotten himself all gooped up in whatever fashion. Sticky apple all over his face would be right up the horse's alley as the perfect time to get affectionate. I wasn't taking any chances.

Luckily Legs didn't spy the apple before I got it away from Sister A. I think if he had, he'd have helped himself before I got anywhere near it. As it was, I managed to make the first cut before giving the knife and the apple to Sister A. Once that was done, Sister A was on her own squealing with delight each step of the way.

It was amusing to watch the woman try to figure out where her fingers should be as she offered a piece of apple to my horse. Legs knows better than to take fingers even when they are offered so Sister A was in good hands. She really didn't get it figured out where her fingers should be to make it easy for the horse to take the apple. Legs totally took care of her.

I don't know how many pieces she cut that apple into but by the time she was done, Sister A realized she'd have had more fun had she made those pieces smaller. The horse wouldn't have cared about tiny pieces and she could have made the whole experience last much longer.

Sister A and Legs were finally bonding in a way approved by the horse. Not one time during this exchange did Sister A change her focus from the horse to God or converting me. That did not, however, mean that Legs was done with his pranks and Sister A.

To be continued......................

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  1. Oh, I just love Arabs and their quirky sense of humor! : )

  2. Glad Legs got a treat out of Sister A. I know what you mean about them making a sticky mess out of things. I've been on the receiving end of that once in a while. Sounds like Legs is not done pranking her yet.

  3. How wonderful! Sister And leggs have made a good connection , Sounds like he has her eating right out of his "hoof"

  4. He does sound like such a cool horse

  5. SHe sounds very interesting, and Legs seems to have her right where he wants her, all attention on him.

  6. how sweet that she bought him an apple! i wonder if she thought you didn't trust her - like the halloween scare parents had not to let their kids eat the apples until they were cut up. (that must have been a long time ago cuz i don't think people give out apples to trick-or-treaters anymore.)

    or did you explain to her that he makes a mess?