Saturday, June 26, 2010

Meet Sister A

Riding at the park has some advantage. The outdoor air is wonderful except when the wind is so strong I can't breathe. At least we haven't had much of that lately. There are always people coming and going so there's the opportunity to meet new folks. Then there's the spook factor that's ramped up a zillion notches over there. That's good for Legs.

Sometimes the spook factor is tied right in with the people. One such example would be Sister A. She's a born again Christian on a mission. Not that that's a problem for me but Sister A's unique personality tied in with her religious zeal makes for quite a combination.

The first time I met her I heard the sound of someone screaming. I looked up to see Sister A running my direction shrieking at the top of her lungs, "Hey!.......Hey!...........Hey!...........I love you!...........God loves you!" as she came flying down the hill waving both arms in the air running straight towards one of my young horses.

Now, it's not that Sister A is an imposing figure that might scare a horse just by her size because she's not. She's a medium height, very petite (maybe 100 pounds soaking wet), black woman. She wears her hair greased back slick to her head like I've never seen up close before.

She's usually wearing some kind of running suit. She's wired for sound and I think she talks to herself when she's not screaming at other people. Still, the sight of Sister A running straight towards a Young horse tied to a horse trailer got an immediate reaction out of me.

I didn't want to scare the woman nor offend her but I didn't want to have the horse frightened either. I moved in between the approaching woman and the horse making my way quickly towards her wanting to cut the woman off.

Sister A, however, was not to be deterred. She wanted to see that horse. She was on a mission. That's for sure. I had to do a little arm waving of my own to break her concentration so she would listen to me. "You'll scare the horse. You need to approach quietly, slowly. Give him a chance to see you."

Sister A's expression immediately changed to one of questioning. I think that brief moment as she tried to shift gears to comprehend my words are the quietest I have ever heard the woman. She did listen to me and toned her actions down a lot. She even asked if it was ok for her to pet my horse.

We visited for a little while as Sister A tried to save my soul while she loved on Tag. He was a pretty good sport once he realized all that commotion was just a person but I could see the tension in his body. The horse was behaving but still not sure what was going to happen next.

I managed to convince Sister A that God and I were on pretty good terms even if I don't go to church. There are more ways to worship than on bended knee. It's what's in your heart that counts. Sister A just smiled and nodded her head saying "Maybe you're right about that." Then she grabbed herself a hug before she headed off to finish her jogging.

Only after she got out of earshot, did poor Tag really relax. I heard a deep sigh and saw a drop of his head. Those were definitely signs of relief but I had the feeling we hadn't seen the last of Sister A.

To be continued..........

Sister A........Meets Arabian horses


  1. LOl, I love your description of Sister A. I can just picture it. Poor horses, mine are trained to run away when I run at them. I'll just bet they were scared.

  2. She sounds like she's something else. I can only imagine what your horses thought of that screaming banshee coming at them.

  3. I'll see your Sister A and raise you the naked jogging guy we had on our trails a couple of years ago. And he wasn't even good to look at. Ewwww!

  4. Fantastyk Voyager, Can you just picture her? I was afraid I might offend someone but she is such a personality I couldn't resist sharing.

    The horses did remarkably well under the circumstances. I was surprised.

    smazourek, you are right. She is something else but she has a wonderful heart. I am developing a soft spot for Sister A.

    Cheryl, OMG you made me giggle big time on this. I could do without the naked guy! EWWWWW is right! I think I will fold on this hand. I would hate to see what you might through into the pot next! LOL

  5. Cute post!!!!! I can just hear Sister A (Don't we all know people like that?????) running toward that horse... She would even spook most humans!!!!

    I love it when people find the Lord ---but sometimes they don't realize that their enthusiasm is more of a turn-off than a turn-on....

    Thanks for visiting my blog... I just sent you an email. Check out Misha. You and she have alot in common.

    AND--come back to my blog anytime.

  6. Betsy, Thanks for visiting. You are right about Sister A spooking most humans. I have seen some intersting reactions to her, poor dear. She means well. That's what counts to me.

  7. You really had me chuckling on this post. She sounds like a real character all right. She probably would have spooked me right along with the horses. At least she wasn't naked like the jogger guy!

  8. Good grief ! I think my horse would have been more that tense with that little gal running at you that way ! Glad you had the wherewithall to slow her down kindly . It sounds like she is a bit of a treat to get to know

  9. Oh my goodness Makael, Sister A sounds like a hoot! I guess we all should be a little more enthusiastic about our Lord but I don't think scaring people and horses to death is the point! lol! Bless her heart though, she means well I'm sure! Yes, I'd take her any day over the naked jogger! GAG! Yes, I have been right on screech for the last month or so. Tonight I just went out to the barn and played with the horses, clipped everyone, cleaned out their ears and put stuff in to keep the flies out, brushed, rebraided Nick's mane as half wants to go on one side and half on the other, primped and trimmed and just had a lovely time. So relaxing, they just stood in their stalls and let me have fun. I'm sure my barn girl will notice in the morning how spiffy they look!! I love riding through the paths in the woods even if it is raining a bit too!

  10. OMG, you had me laughing so much with this post, I read it out loud to my husband and my 12year old son, and they were laughing as well.

    Sister A sounds like an absolute character, and so enthusiastic about everything!

    I'm so glad you weren't the one to come across the naked guy, and then described that encounter, as I can so picture Sister A, but would not like to be picturing him, I agree with Cheryl EWWWWW! LOL

    Can't wait to read more about Sister A!