Friday, June 25, 2010

A Little Work in the Woods

The weather here hasn't really been conducive to riding lately since I am now schooling my horses outside. However, sometimes in the rain I can still ride at the park back in the wooded section. The trees act like an umbrella, a leaky one maybe. Still I don't get nearly as soaked riding under them so that's what I do. It's better to get to ride a little damp than to not ride at all.

The arena has been so soggy many days it isn't raining it's still been to wet to ride. It's been absolutely soupy out there until Wednesday. Even I had to pick my path around the wet, deep, or slippery spots, some of them all rolled into one.

It's taken a couple of days of temperatures in the 70s to get the thing dried out. Still there are some spots that look ok but don't feel good when we ride over them. Legs grunts when he gets in those spots. Can't say as I blame him.

Riding back in the trees we're doing a lot of hill work to build up his back. I circle him around so we go up and down some steep but short grades. Don't know that he likes those much either. He's doing them enough times to know they're work.

At the flatter locations I work on collected work. He grunts at those places too. He really thinks being in the woods should be about gawking around and watching the work, not hard work.

I tried to take pictures of some of the grades but I guess I didn't get the angles right. I cut part of Legs head off too and didn't even get his cut little ears centered in my picture. I know better than that so don't know what I was thinking. After looking at the rest I realized that Legs was dodging the camera. I'd line the pic up and he'd move just as I hit the shutter........bad Legs........bad! Mommy has enough trouble taking pics from horseback.

All I can say is trying to work and stop and take pictures too does not go together well. So this will probably be it of my adventures in the woods with the camera. An extended trot, canter or lope are not good with a camera hanging around one's neck. Legs didn't seem to mind but I got beat to a pulp. Maybe he figured it was my time to get punished.


  1. I'm sorry, RR but I laughed thru this whole post!!!! Just proves all things in moderation.
    We had a 10-15 minute thundershower today and the temp fell to the low 80s! It was heaven!
    We haven't had any measurable rain in 6 weeks! My beautiful pasture is wilting before my eyes. We started w triple digit temps the first week in june. Horses just drip sweat as they graze.
    Then I flip to your blog and u are drowning! I have tried to ride in those conditions as well. Horrible!
    I admire your determination to work horses in spite of difficult conditions. Spent a week in Oregon and fell in love w the northwest. Could never get used to all the clouds and rain tho.
    Wish we could meet in the middle somewhere. Send us some rain and cooler temps, I'll send you some bright sunshine and 100 degree days! If only!!!!

  2. I am like you I can't ride and take pics . There are some gals outhere that do a great job of it

  3. Seems the whole country is having crummy weather. We're just so hot and humid it takes the heart out of you. By the time I'm done it looks like I stepped out of a shower.

    Hill work is great for working the whole horse. Even if Legs doesn't like it just tell him he'll thank you later because he'll be so fit and even more handsome. I liked your pictures and know how hard it is to capture just the right shot. I have never even tried to take a camera with me. Dusty is camera shy and every time I put the camera up to my face, I must look like an alien because she turns her butt to me. So I haven't had the nerve to try and take one from her back, she'd probably buck me and that strange thing off.

  4. Grey Horse is right--bad weather all around! When it's not raining it's hot and the bugs are frightful! Still, isn't it wonderful to be in the saddle? Yeeeeah!

  5. I love that you are finding ways to work despite the weather and your horse's opinions!