Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Aidol's Story....................Wrapping Up...........

Part 1

It wasn't all that long ago I ran into Karla Moffitt at a horse show. We talked for just a bit about Aidol and his new life and the people in it. It was at that time that Karla told me she thought that Aidol was too much horse for them in the beginning.

I couldn't help but wonder how that could be when things had worked out so well. Too much horse without help, I probably would agree with that and in fact had they not agreed to go to a trainer for the transition period I would not have sold the horse to them. But too much horse under their specific circumstances still doesn't make sense to me.

Maybe too much horse in the way that Scandalous was probably too much horse for me. However, Aidol was may more broke than Scandalous was until near the end of her life. I had a lot to learn and some of it I learned the hard way but it all worked out in the end. There's not one part of it I would take back or do over if I could except for that tragic day she died.

Being a first time horse owner there is a lot to learn. There is no easy way to learn it either. Karla was not comfortable with something about the relationship between the couple (Mary and Mike) and the horse but when I told Mary of my conversation with Karla, it was clear that Mary did not feel the same way. The experience of owning Aidol as her first horse was a dream come true.

Through the years I think everyone in the family has ridden Aidol at one time or another. I have no idea how many different things the horse has been asked to do. Mary spent much of her time working on western with the horse. There was lots of trail riding and in more recent years Mary was learning how to rope cows of of him.

I can imagine what a sight that might be. I can also imagine what Aidol would think if he was ever given the opportunity to really get in and chase those cows. God help the cows is about what I think.

I suspect that Mary has moved on. She bought a Haflinger yearling pony a while back and I believe she's now starting that youngster herself. To be doing that her confidence sure has grown since we first met.

I must admit I'd hoped that when the day came when Mary wanted to start a youngster, I'd really hoped she'd be starting one of mine. I'd have done what it took to see that happen. I'd still do what it took to make it happen. They've been such a great home to Aidol.

Although I must admit a young untrained Haflinger to begin with probably would make a nice way to ease into working with an untrained Arabian horse. For me, I love the challenge of dealing with the bright mind of an Arabian youngster. They learn SO fast. They try SO hard. Just thinking about climbing on board a youngster makes me smile.

Through these years Mary and Mike have done whatever Aidol needed. I know he's been laid up a couple of times and he's needed the chiropractor some times too. They've sought help when they needed it whether it was advice from me or Karla or one of the other trainers or other equine care givers. They've been a seller's dream.

For me finding a home like this for a horse is the most important part of selling horses. Knowing you don't have to worry the horse is being taken care of or that it'll be discarded on a whim is worth more than gold.

For those of you that are wondering, I think Aidol turned twenty-three this year. If' he's anything like his brothers he's still as spry as a spring chicken.

The last time I heard from Mary about Aidol's status, I think she told me he was filling in as a lesson horse at the barn. Now instead of just one kid, Aidol's got a passel of them. Can't think of anything he'd like more than ALL that energy directed at him.

Oh, and there's one more thing, that second, buyer she still asks about Aidol every time I see her. And her friend still smiles every time we talk about her ride on the horse. Aidol made a lasting impression on them as well.

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  1. I'm so glad there was a happy ending to Aidol's story. He must love being the center of attention with all the kids at the barn. It's so nice to sell a horse and know he's found a great home.

  2. Its what we hope for when we send off one of our treasures . A good kind home. Sounds like he had a winning combo! Yay

  3. i still feel bad for the other buyer and i wonder if she'd be happy with a relative of aidol's? in that photo, i see a resemblance to legs.

  4. awww, isn't this what horses should be all about? Friends made through sales and long lasting commitments? Good for you, good for Mary and Mike and good for Aidol too.

  5. So wonderful for all concerned! I know this CAN happen
    but all too often, the situation doesn't turn out this well!
    Sounds as if you are not only a good judge of horseflesh, but of people too.
    Good job, RR!! Wish there were more horse folks like you!

  6. Ooh, a happy ending. Fantastic!

  7. I love a story with a happy ending. I also wonder why that other person didn't purchase a different horse from you. Seems like there could have been another good match for her.